Head Publications Production and Publishing Management Unit

International Labour Organization

Geneva, Switzerland

The position is located in the Publications Production and Publishing Management Unit (PRODOC), of the Internal Services and Administration Department (INTSERV). INTSERV is responsible for the general management of facilities, property and inventory; safety and security; printing, publishing and distribution; diplomatic privileges; travel and transport, use of public spaces and general internal services. PRODOC is responsible for all aspects of publishing, including open access, copyright, sales, design, editing/proofreading/quality control, digital production, and internal and external printing. The Unit produces and distributes ILO official documents as well as most publications issued at ILO headquarters. 
The incumbent is responsible for managing the PRODOC Unit consisting of the Publications Project Management Services (PPM), Design Services (DESIGN) and Production Management Services (PMSERV). 
The position reports to the Director of INTSERV.

Specific Duties:
  • Plan, manage and coordinate the work of the unit across the different services. Establish priorities in line with the Office publishing strategy, the publishing priorities as set in the publishing plan  and the priorities of the Department. Develop the unit workplans, assign performance parameters and monitor progress against these parameters. Provide guidance, feedback and coaching to staff.
  • Manage and monitor the effective and efficient use of resources and assets allocated to PRODOC. Determine tools, equipment and staffing requirements, including through the optimal mix of internal capacities and external assistance, for digital and print production, storage and distribution. Ensure that digital publications production development, digital publishing and its implementation is managed within the agreed budgetary framework. 
  • Prepare conceptual, policy and strategy papers and provide expert technical advice to senior management on publishing, publications production and distribution management, technological evolutions, good practices and quality standards for ILO publications. Develop and/or contribute to the development of Office policies and procedures in line with the publications policy. Provide senior management with operational statistics and cost-benefit analyses and make recommendations to improve services.
  • Ensure that PRODOC fulfils its role of focal point for all publishing, including editorial guidance, copyright, co-publications and sales to ensure timely and quality production and dissemination of ILO’s strategic publications. 
  • Provide strategic guidance for design services in line with the Office’s priorities, branding, accessibility and guide the testing and introduction of new technologies in the design services.    
  • Provide guidance to the Production Management services to ensure the timely development and update of service delivery models in line with client requirements and technological evolutions in order to ensure the optimum operation of internal printing services, the outsourced printing services and the Publishing Management platforms. 
  • Plan and oversee the drafting and updating of internal procedures and processes related to the various activities of the unit and ensure communication and guidance to the clients. Give guidance for the development and implementation of quality standards, quality control and quality assurance for all PRODOC services.
  • Establish terms of references and participate in negotiations with external suppliers and service providers to establish the appropriate contracts for services and set standards for quality control and monitoring of the operational performance of service providers, including rights and sales of ILO publications. 
  • Oversee implementation of the open access policy across the Office in collaboration with INFOTEC. 
  • Keep abreast of technological innovations in the publishing and printing industries and ensure that the most cost-effective and appropriate methods of production and distribution are being used to meet changing demands. 
  • Coordinate with the DDG cluster, DCOMM on implementing priorities and criteria for producing and distribution of impactful publications. Coordinate with the Official Meetings, Documents and Relations Department on all publications for the Governing Body and the International Labour Conference and with technical departments on publications supporting their events.   
  • Represent the ILO at inter-agency meetings, seminars and working groups on publishing, copyright and open access, documents and publications production and printing related issues. Represent the Department in internal meetings on these areas.
  • Perform other relevant duties as assigned.
These specific duties are aligned with the relevant ILO generic job description, which includes the following generic duties:

Generic Duties:
  • Provide leadership and vision for the work unit.
  • Responsible for programme development and evaluation. Establish priorities and objectives for the work unit and organise resources to achieve the objectives.
  • Formulate the Programme and Budget proposals, and implement decisions that impact upon the cost-effective management of the department, programme or sector. Develop a variety of criteria to measure programme effectiveness. Supervise administrative services for a large department or sector.
  • Contribute as a strategic member of the management team and prepare documents of a conceptual, strategic and policy nature. Conceptualise, design and develop a range of services, tools and related support activities. Plan, organise and supervise the preparation and production of technical and administrative documents and/or major publications.
  • Provide policy advice on a broad range of matters including cooperative arrangements involving work activities between programmes, departments or sectors; personnel and financial matters; and quality control. Identify, analyse and document experienced gained from delivery of services, implementation of development cooperation and other developmental activities undertaken.
  • Plan and coordinate activities with other organisations and/or institutions.
  • Assess needs, design and implement activities in coordination with the field and constituents. Evaluate activities undertaken in the field and provide feedback. Coordinate development cooperation activities for a large department or sector.
  • Represent the work unit and the office in internal and external meetings as regards policy questions.    
  • Manage and coordinate large meetings or special events.
Required qualifications:

  • Advanced university degree (Master’s or equivalent) in a publishing, digital production, communications, distribution and sales or other relevant field. A first-level university degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent) in one of the afore-mentioned fields or related field with an additional two years of relevant experience, in addition to the experience required below, will be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.   
  • At least ten years of progressively responsible experience, including at the international level, in managing publishing or digital and paper production   Experience in organisations producing internally strategic publications, in the management of copyright, sales and working with publishers. Experience in implementing digitalisation, innovation and change management in a publication production environment, preferably including the implementation of digital content management or asset management platform. 
  • Experience in team management.  Experience in professional printing and distribution will be considered an asset.
  • Excellent command of English or French and a working knowledge of the other language.