UCLBP, Port-au-prince, Haiti

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
Above 10 Years
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Closing Date for Applications: 
24th April, 2015

Job Description



In the framework of the reconstruction Port-au-Prince, a city severely affected by the earthquake of January 12, 2010, the Comité Interministériel d’Aménagement du Territoire (CIAT) [Interministerial Committee of Land Management] has recommended the onsite urban renovation of the destroyed neighborhoods.  The scale of the neighborhood became by the force of matters a reference for relevant actions to improve the residents’ access to services, equipment and public areas, thus reinforcing the participation of residents and community organizations.  Thus, this approach meets the need for access to essential services and decent and sustainable housing for displaced persons and residents of the original neighborhoods.

In this view, the Haitian Government wished to implement a pilot program of integrated development for the neighborhoods of Martissant and Baillergeau requiring development schemes for both neighborhoods.  The Programme d’Aménagement Intégré des Quartiers Informels de Port-au-Prince: Martissant and Baillergeau (AIQIP) [Program for the Integrated Development of the Informal Neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince: Martissant and Baillergeau], financed by the European Union and the French Development Agency (Agence Française de Développement) includes numerous engineering, road construction, networked infrastructures, development of public areas and equipment operations.  It also comprises a major aspect of housing and support for self-reconstruction, including land purchasing activities, support to the sectors of artisanal construction and the development of new industrial sectors.  Finally, it includes civic actions in the areas of health, education, information, communications and cooperation.

The AIQIP Program was designed and implemented in partnership with the Groupe d’Echanges et des Recherches Technologiques (GRET) [Exchanges and Technological Research Group], at Baillergeau, and  Fondation Connaissance et Liberté (FOKAL) [Foundation for Knowledge and Freedom], at Martissant, that have long been established in these neighborhoods.

The Unité de Construction de Logements et de Bâtiments Publics (UCLBP), is the steering entity and coordinator of the program.  Its mission is to encourage the reconstruction of the agglomerations destroyed by the earthquake of January 12, 2010.  As such, it guarantees compliance with short, mid and long-term objectives and is responsible for implementation   respectful   of the prerogatives of each institution.  In the framework of this program, the implementation tools of the Politique Nationale du Logement et de l’Habitat (PNLH) [National Policy for Housing and Habitat] will be developed.

The coordination unit of the AIQIP Program, integrated to the Housing Division of UCLBP, for more than a year now has been constituted of eight (8) executive officials in charge of road development activities and monitoring the operations of partners in the spirit of reinforcing the actions of public institutions.  In regard to the structuring road works, to networks and improvement of the future habitat, UCLBP wishes to recruit an Operations Manager to carry out the execution of the recommendations of the development schemes for Baillergeau and Martissant.


The purpose of the position is to contribute to the actions of UCLBP in the different activities of integrated development in the context of the program for implementing the recommendations of the development schemes for Martissant and Baillergeau.

Under the hierarchical authority of the Program’s Operations Manager, the housing Project Manager shall have the following tasks:

·         To contribute to the development and reconstruction of  the habitat  at  Baillergeau and Martissant;

·         To ensure the execution of allotment or redistribution of parcel plans  defined with the eventual beneficiaries and/or the  partners concerned;

·         To contribute to provide housing for  the population;

·         To identify the risks related to construction  in the areas of interests, and to propose actions facilitating the construction of housing compliant with  anti-seismic standards  with basic services, sanitary facilities and accessibility;

·         To contribute to the restructuring  and to  land value of the neighborhoods based on cadastral studies underway, if need be;

·         To propose solutions on space organization to ensure the development of a scalable  habitat, equipment and services;

·         To ensure the skill of the labor force trained in construction- site schools in anti-seismic construction techniques;

·         To facilitate access to quality materials and equipment;

·         To define the operational, legal and financial conditions so as to execute  the housing activities foreseen in the development schemes;

·         To contribute to building  the capacity of the institutions in charge of housing;

·         To ensure monitoring of the  projects related to housing as a whole and implemented in the areas  of intervention;

·         To develop the documents on feedback and lessons learned;

·         To take part in recruiting companies for the preliminary works under the authority of the coordinator, in collaboration with the Procurement Unit of UCLBP.

The Housing Project Manager shall participate in activities and events of the AIQIP Program and UCLBP inasmuch as required.  He shall attend the regular meetings of the project’s Technical Monitoring Committee and contribute to the development of reports and the monitoring of the projects.  He shall also contribute to the transversal integration of thematic approaches on land management, housing, restructuring of the targeted neighborhoods and re-housing of the population.  He shall produce regular reports on his activity.


·         To be the holder of a degree in the areas of land management, urban planning, architecture and engineering sciences;

·         To have a minimum of ten (10) years experience in the area of construction or of urban planning;

·         To substantiate experience in project management or planning would be a plus;

·         To master the issues of informal neighborhoods and  re-housing;

·         To demonstrate the ability to understand the various phases of a real-estate transaction;

·         To demonstrate good  knowledge of the construction and public works sector;

·         To have procurement skills;

·         To demonstrate know-how in land management;

·         To demonstrate good facilitation and negotiation skills;

·         To be familiar with the procedures of Haitian public administration and international institutions;

·         To demonstrate the ability to  work in partnership with public entities;

·         To show a capacity for  team work ;

·         To have organizational capacity  and  show  communication skills  for oral and written presentations;

·         To master written and spoken Creole and French, English is an asset.


The term of the contract is of one (1) year renewable, and the place of work is Port-au-Prince.

The parties concerned have to submit their application file to the attention of : “Cellule Administrative et Financière”  UCLBP, 32 Rue Faubert, Pétion-Ville, or via E-mail : information.uclbp@gmail.com, by mentioning the reference of this notice.

The application file – in three (3) copies in a single envelope – must contain : curriculum vitae, letter of interest (1 page), copies of diplomas and reference letters of previous jobs during the last ten (10) years.  An acknowledgement of receipt will be only sent to the pre-selected candidates.  Applications received after the deadline, will not be considered.

Reference  :  AR/AIQIP260315002

Deadline date for submission  : 23 AVRIL 2015
Issuing date  : 31 mars 2015 

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