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Democracy Reporting International, Pakistan

Skill Required:, HR and AdminTraining and Capacity Building
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
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Closing Date for Applications: 
17th September, 2017

Job Description


Democracy Reporting International (DRI) is a non-partisan, independent, not-for-profit organisation registered in Berlin. DRI promotes political participation of citizens, accountability of state bodies and the development of democratic institutions world-wide. With support from the German Federal Foreign Office, DRI Pakistan is currently implementing a project entitled “Supporting Advocacy for Human Rights and Good Governance in Pakistan”. The project aims to support Pakistan’s state institutions, public bodies and civil society to formulate, implement and advocate for priority human rights reforms and advance democratic governance.

The Assignment

Established in 2015, Pakistan’s National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) is an independent statutory body which is mandated to protect and promote human rights in accordance with Pakistan’s Constitution and international human rights obligations. The National Commission for Human Rights Act 2012 (NCHR Act) empowers the Commission to investigate human rights violations, review legal frameworks, report on human rights compliance, create awareness on human rights and to carry out research on various aspects of human rights.

DRI has provided technical assistance to the NCHR since its establishment in 2015, accompanying and supporting the Commission’s initial setup and the drafting of its first strategic plan. At present, DRI is supporting the NCHR to implement its strategic plan, including capacity development of the Commission’s staff on approaches to human rights research and facilitation in producing a research-based briefing paper on ‘Bonded Labour’. Therefore, DRI seeks the services of Pakistan-based Human Rights Research Experts to 1.) design and conduct one two-day capacity building workshop and follow-up coaching sessions (exact number to be defined based on needs) for NCHR staff on planning and conducting human rights research; and 2.) support the finalisation of a briefing paper on ‘Bonded Labour’.

Tasks and Deliverables: Given the breadth of the assignment, multiple experts may be recruited according to the fit of their expertise to specific tasks and deliverables. DRI is also considering organisations/firms that can help deliver all or some of the tasks mentioned below. Concretely, the tasks and deliverables will encompass:

Expert(s) to conduct research trainings and coaching:

  • Develop a comprehensive training methodology and plan on approaches to human rights research. Key contents of the two-day workshop may include research methodology, preparing a research plan, conducting fieldwork, collecting and analysing data, statistical analysis and data visualisation, ethics in human rights research, and writing research reports;
  • Develop presentations and handouts to share with participants during the workshop;
  • Identify and suggest relevant information sources, reference/reading materials on human rights research, useful for participants in enhancing their understanding on approaches to human rights research;
  • Develop pre-and post-workshop evaluation questionnaire and provide analysis/write-up of results;
  • Conduct a two-day training workshop for relevant NCHR staff;
  • Conduct follow-up coaching sessions (exact number to be defined) to support relevant NCHR staff to develop and consolidate their knowledge of research methods and approaches and capacities to conduct human rights research;
  • Support DRI and NCHR teams in finalising research plan and submit a brief reflection report (maximum three pages) at the end of the assignment with lessons learned and possible next steps to further develop research direction and capacities;
  • Perform any other tasks relevant to the assignment.

Expert(s) to conduct training and coaching session on quantitative research

  • Design and conduct training & coaching sessions on quantitative research approaches & statistical analysis
  • Train participants in data cleaning, labelling and analysis
  • Train participants in using statistical analysist tools such SPSS or STATA.
  • Train participants in data visualisation i.e. generating reader friendly infographics including charts and graphs.

Expert(s) to support the finalisation of the Briefing Paper:

  • Support in analysing data and information collect;
  • Review and finalise briefing paper written by the NCHR;
  • Coordinate with concerned DRI staff members on assignment;
  • Perform any other tasks relevant to the assignment.

Qualifications and Experience

All Experts:

  • A university degree in Human Rights/Political Science, law, or equivalent;
  • Excellent understanding of international human rights framework in comparison with Pakistan’s relevant policies, laws and systems;
  • Excellent communications skills and demonstrated experience/expertise in conducting human rights research

Expert(s) for conducting research trainings and coaching:

  • Significant experience in providing training on research techniques and methodologies;
  • Knowledge and demonstrable experience in applying human rights research techniques and methodologies (advanced knowledge and experience considered a distinct advantage);

Expert(s) to conduct training and coaching session on quantitative research:

  • Substantive hands-on knowledge of relevant statistical packages and data visualisation techniques
  • Experience in providing training on the use of SPSS, STATA, R or other statistical and data visualisation tools

Expert(s) to support the finalisation of the Briefing Paper:

  • Extensive experience of working on bonded labour and related issues is required
  • Excellent writing skills with demonstrated experience producing similar written outputs


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