Humanitarian Access and Security Advisor

Danish Refugee Council, Bangui, Central African Republic

Skill Required:, Policy/ Advocacy and Campaign
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
21st May, 2021

Job Description


The Security and Access Advisor will be responsible for the development and implementation of the Security Risk Management System (SRMS) for DRC, in close collaboration with the Country Director and the DRC Regional Security Manager. The Security and Access Advisor will focus on challenges related to humanitarian access, dialogue with belligerents while supporting management and Base Chiefs in improving access and acceptance in all areas. intervention.


The main responsibilities and expectations for this position are:

Oversee the development and implementation of the SRM process

  • Ensure a strategic watch of developments throughout the country of intervention;
  • Oversee the assessment of security levels and provide recommendations to the Country Director for approval;
  • Advise base leaders and other internal stakeholders on security management strategies;
  • Help develop and update security plans specific to DRC intervention areas and carry out this update for Bangui, including local security rules (LSR), standard operating procedures (SOPs) ), contingency plans (CP), risk mitigation measures and minimum operating safety standards (MOSS); Definition of red lines;
  • Support the implementation of security management plans and other related functions at the base level and implement it in Bangui;
  • Help / propose the implementation of personnel training plans in humanitarian access and security, including the provision and prioritization of training modules.

Facilitate access to programs and ensure their continuity by providing reliable advice

  • Provide regular analyzes, statistics and reports on the main developments in the country;
  • Produce analyzes and evaluations adapted to the presence of the DRC in CAR on a regular basis and on request, on areas, themes, problems or scenarios specific to the DRC;
  • Build a network with all stakeholders and develop a strategy to maintain or improve acceptance of DRC in the field;
  • Keep a record of negotiations and developments related to humanitarian access and space;
  • Work in collaboration with the Programs teams to ensure that the actions undertaken in the field promote acceptance of the DRC, while determining very specific limits to negative behavior;
  • Establish and maintain a network of contacts throughout the country;
  • Maintain and update the incident tracking system and provide trend / pattern analysis;
  • Provide evaluation and safety advice on program development and implementation, including program evaluations;
  • Identify potential scenarios, indicators of change and key decision points.

Represent the DRC in CAR in inter-agency forums regarding humanitarian access, safety and security issues

  • Act as a focal point for the coordination of security between the actors concerned in the country;
  • Attend security coordination meetings of international NGOs, CIMCOORD, the UN and other relevant external fora;
  • Establish a network of contacts and represent the DRC at safety meetings.

Safety awareness raising for all staff (consultants and implementing partners) and capacity building of team staff

  • Organize operational safety information and awareness sessions and orientation to all new employees and visitors;
  • Carry out safety and security briefings for new employees, particularly sensitizing new international staff on specific risks in CAR, as well as on specific cultural norms and behaviors;
  • Train staff Humanitarian access and national security in the delivery of training modules;
  • Train field staff in the behavior to adopt in difficult security situations;
  • Organize and coordinate the conduct of Personal Safety Training (PST) as required.

Incident and crisis management and responses

  • Support the establishment of the crisis incident management group (IMT);
  • Support management and coordinate the practical management of critical incidents or crises;
  • Develop / strengthen the critical incident management plan at the country level;
  • Assist in the management of security incidents and provide timely and accurate incident reports and action reflection reports, once the incident is over.

Quality assurance of security policies, protocols, procedures and regulations

  • Quarterly audit the MOSS of all program areas (monthly if applicable);
  • Manage and train guards and radio operators;
  • Evaluate the implementation of physical and asset protection protocols and regulations;
  • Ensure that appropriate access controls are in place for all DRC facilities;
  • Carry out regular site assessments and advise on mitigation measures.

Act as a focal point for the purchase and installation of equipment and other security related resources

  • Maintain a list of suppliers and prices of safety-related equipment;
  • Assist logisticians and administrators in the procurement, delivery and control of security equipment;

Act as focal point for DRC telecommunications systems including radios and satellite phones.

Qualifications required

  • At least 5 years of previous professional experience in a position with responsibility for security, safety and humanitarian access at the national or international level and at least 5 years of experience in the humanitarian field;
  • Experience in INGO security management with a proven ability to develop and implement effective and contextualized protocols and systems;
  • Previous experience as a trainer / instructor / teacher and proven experience in providing safety related training is an asset;
  • Demonstrated experience in information gathering, analysis and report writing;
  • Proven experience and ability to conduct and produce high quality Security Risk Assessments (SRAs);
  • Proven experience in analysis and management of critical incidents;
  • Ability to be flexible and innovative in the management of security risks;
  • Experience working in multicultural environments;
  • Excellent knowledge of the Microsoft Office Pack (Word, Excel and PowerPoint);
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to work under pressure and under stressful conditions;
  • Level of fluent French ( perfect mastery of the French language, both written and oral, is essential );
  • Very good level of English required (written and spoken).
  • Previous experience and knowledge of the local context in Central Africa is an asset.


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