ICT Officer

United Nations Children's Fund

dakar, Senegal

Purpose for the job

Based on the established policies, guidelines and service level agreements (SLAs), the purpose of the incumbent role is to carry out broad ICT functions, contribute in the implementation of the digital transformation operating model and enable the provision of ICT solutions and services and assist in the delivery of results in a regional size office.

Key functions, accountabilities and related duties/tasks

  • Summary of the key functions, accountabilities and related duties or tasks include:
  • Enable continuous operation of ICT infrastructure and accessibility to ICT solutions and services.
  • Provide help, support and assist with capacity building and knowledge management.
  • Contribute in the digital transformation agenda of the organization.
  • Support operational and administrative tasks.

Assist in the delivery of results

  •  Enable continuous operation of ICT infrastructure and accessibility to ICT services and solutions:
  • Ensure physical and logical security and safety of ICT environment and infrastructure.
  • Operate ICT infrastructure –environment, hardware, network and telecommunications.
  • Assist in the management of contracts for ICT for services and products.
  • Implement corporate solutions, services and keep systems and applications up and running.
  • Manage changes and apply upgrades, security updates and patches.
  • Conduct or supervise the provision of preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Manage emergency telecommunication operations and equipment.
  • Manage ICT disaster recovery plans.
  • Monitor, assess and verify the use of ICT resources to ensure compliance.
  • Escalate compliance exceptions (proactive) and deviations (reactive).
  • Provide help, support and assist with capacity building and knowledge management:
  • Provide technical and operational support to end-users.
  • Manage escalated ICT incidents or problems to GSSC/ITSS.
  • Distribute ICT-related communication materials from NYHQ, GSSC or regional office.
  • Prepare and circulate internal ICT-related communications –emails, manuals, newsletters, flyers, best practices, FAQs…
  • Offer or coordinate training workshops or clinics to build end-users capacity or to introduce new solutions and services.
  • Share local experience and lessons learned with regional office, GSSC or ITSS for the collective benefit.
  • Support the planning, organization and implementation of capacity building and knowledge management initiatives to enhance staff competencies.
  • Support opportunities to improve productively, efficiency, effectiveness and foster innovation.
  • Participate in-person or remotely in country, regional or global events, discussions setting the future of ICT evolution to achieve UNICEF mission.
  • Stay abreast of ICT trends, developments and best practices through professional development –journals, training, certification, etc….
  • Support operational and administrative tasks:
  • Manage and supervise ICT Staff.
  • Support the office business continuity plans development and ensure the inclusion of ICT inputs and perspective.
  • Monitor risks and threats to ICT environment or infrastructure. Take appropriate action and inform management.
  • Confirm the compliance with the host government regulatory requirements vis-à-vis the Basic Cooperation Agreement (BCA), i.e., data collection of sensitive information or personally identifiable information (PII), telecommunications licenses, use of specialized equipment, such as HF/VHF radios, high-gain antennae, satellite phones, VSATs, VOIP, etc…
  • Participate in inter-agency events, meetings or discussions to present UNICEF ICT interests, priorities and position.
  • Act as ICT focal point for Emergency preparedness, Delivering as One, One UN or other initiatives.
  • Work closely with Administration and Finance on budget, billing certification, inventory and asset management.
  • Assist in providing information for reports, reviews or audits.
  • Prepare documentations for programme, planning and budgeting exercises – CPD, CPAP, IBR, MTR, AWP, etc…
  • Liaise with GSSC and ITSS to keep abreast of new initiatives and opportunities to innovate and modernize office operations and to contribute to the collective ICT evolution.

Assist in the delivery of results:

  • Spearhead approved innovation initiatives and work closely with programme staff to facilitate proper implementation.
  • Support technical and operational knowledge transfer to programme staff, implementing partners and beneficiaries.
  • Study and understand the business requirements, i.e., PPP, RBM, HACT, etc… to improve the delivery of results.
  • Advise programme staff to build an expert team to build better relationships with counterparts and implementing partners.
  • Support counterparts and implementing partners to build capacity and nurture independence.
  • Assist in the selection of training providers and the development of training materials.
  • Collaborate with C4D and use their advocacy, outreach and dissemination tools for better utilization of technology to advance the delivery of results.
  • Support Supply and programme staff to establish local LTAs for ICT-related programme contracts for services and products.
  • Provide oversight of providers and third-parties of ICT-related services and products to programme.
  • Assist in the facilitation of project management methodologies trainings and support the application by staff, counterparts and implementing partners.
  • Contribute to the efforts of the Technology for Development team (T4D)
  • Collaborate with T4D team in elaboration of digital transformation projects.
  • Participate to the joint-activity ICT and T4D.
  • Provide support to the Network of Excellence in Digital innovation (NEDI)
  • Contribute to the efforts of capacity building and training program related to digital transformation.
  • Contribute to the creation of dashboard and business analysis using PowerBi or equivalent tools.
  • Contribute to the design, implementation, development and testing of business applications using PowerApps or equivalent tools.
  • Support implementation of the ICT and Digital Innovation Operating Model (IDIOM).
  • Provide technical support to WCAR’s Countries offices in digital transformation and technologies.

qualify as an advocate for every child you will have…

The following minimum requirements:

  • Education: A university degree in computer science, software engineering, information technology management, business administration or related social science field is required.

Work Experience: 

  • A minimum of two years of professional experience in information technology management and business operations in a large international organization and/or corporation is required. Experience in a UN organization is an asset.
  • Certification and/or proven experience in one of these several ICT technical competencies: ICT Project Management, Business Analytics, Information Security, ICT Audit and Risk Management, Telecommunications, Networks Information Security and Software Engineering and Programming. An expertise in the following technologies will be appreciated: PowerBI, PowerApps, Meraki infrastructure, Cisco network and firewalling.
  • Language Requirements: Fluency in French and English is required.

Source: https://jobs.unicef.org/en-us/job/571324/ict-officer-no2-wcaro-dakar-senegal-99232