ICT Technical Support Consultant

United Nations Children's Fund

Brasilia, Brazil

Experience: 3 to 5 Years

Skill Required: IT and ICT

Under the overall guidance of the UNICEF Seal Initiative Coordinator, the consultant will provide support to the management of technical and functional aspects of UNICEF’s online learning platform (based on the Moodle system). The consultant will be responsible for their maintenance of the courses in the platform, and considering that professionals from 2,023 municipalities will daily access the platform, the consultant will also be in charge of the platform stability so as to ensure a consistent navigation experience for the user, allowing the courses to be concluded in due time. 

The consultant will provide technical assistance to each professional from the 2,023 of the UNICEF Seal who may need support with the platform such as difficulties with registering in a course or issuing a certificate of completion. In addition, the consultant will frequently monitor and report the number of professionals taking and completing the course of each systemic output result and social indicator per municipality and area of occupation.

Technical support for the maintenance of UNICEF’s online learning platform, guaranteeing and providing a good and solid user experience for each course available.

  • Keep the plugins and module updated; 
  • Ensure that data is being correctly saved in the database and in the Moodle repository;
  • Solve any problem that might happen at the server and application levels;
  • Ensure that e-mails and messages are being sent correctly;
  • Create customed reports according to demands;
  • Ensure that the online learning courses will run accordingly;
  • Ensure that the grade and the certificate of each online course are being generated accordingly;
  • Configure the correct mimetype of all available formats of files;
  • Cope with the creation and update of courses, categories, and users;
  • Implement improvements in the platform's functionalities;
  • Fix bugs on a weekly basis.
  • Frequently monitor and report the access and conclusion of the courses per user of all the 2,023 municipalities, as per the UNICEF Seal methodology;
  • Monitor and report the access and conclusion of the courses, detailed by user and profession per municipality.

Minimum Qualifications Requirement:

  • University Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or other relevant disciplines;
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of relevant work experience with computer science, computer engineering, information technology, and programming;
  • Fluency in Portuguese;
  • Solid knowledge of Moodle;
  • Solid knowledge of front-end technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Experience with Linux server (CentOS);
  • Understanding of web servers Apache and Nginx and SSL certificate;
  • Experience with Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP);
  • Firewall
  • Knowledge of PHP language
  • Understanding of network protocol;
  • Understanding and implementing information security and data protection (firewall).
  • Prior work experience with the United Nations system is desirable.


  • Portuguese – Fluen

Source:  https://jobs.unicef.org/cw/en-us/job/571159