Information Management Consultant

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Panama City, Panama

Experience: 3 to 5 Years

Skill Required: IT and ICT

Strategy for standardization of data collection through red data and visualization at humanitarian service points (HSP). The IM consultant will design working alongside National Societies on standardizing migrant flows and NS actions taken at HSP, including georeferencing their locations and other migrant services and resources along migration routes. The consultant will support NS to install the Red Data platform at the HSP. The consultant will also be responsible for producing IM products for visualizing this data through dashboards, infographics, resource guides for migrants, and others for supporting decision-making and migrant service provision.

Coordinate with the Information Technology (IT) team recommendations on enabling a data network for HSPs. The IM consultant will revise alongside the regional IT team current needs on technology, software licensing and necessary workflows to ensure connectivity for data collection and reporting at HSPs.

Coordinate with RLU (Regional Logistics Unit) the procurement of the IT equipment that is needed to set up the Red Data platforms in each HSP. This task entails the assessment in terms of equipment and software licenses, the procurement plan, and maintenance.

Conduct Humanitarian Information Analysis and Scenario Planning. The IM consultant will be expected to conduct humanitarian information analysis and scenario planning based on the fluctuating migration waves and to gain insights on the complex and evolving humanitarian context of the countries involved as to inform decision-making and possible adaptations to ongoing activities.

Federation wide reporting (FDRS). The IM consultant is expected to coordinate with technical lines on the data collection and reporting for a Federation Wide Approach including response activities and indicators, and movement partners.

GO Emergency Page. The IM consultant will ensure that all relevant documents and IM products related to the Emergency Appeal are uploaded, updated, and made accessible through the GO Platform.

Strengthen National Society IM Capacity. The IM consultant is expected to coordinate all IM activities related to defining data collection methods, processing, analysis, and visualization with National Societies focal points. All IM products must be transferred to National Societies and personnel at cluster level to maintain periodically and for the entire duration of the operation. This transfer includes data repository, required software licensing for data collection, processing, analysis, and visualization.

Support inter-agency efforts leaded by IFRC for data collection, analysis and visualization linked to migration.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Key objectives:

Provide IM support related to Migration emergency operations with information products to be used for decision-making and reporting:

  • Develop and maintain IM products to support Operations Manager, technical sectors lead, and National Societies decision-making and reporting.
  • Data-collection strategy for Humanitarian Service Points to be implemented by National Societies throughout the duration of the operation to report on migrant flows and monitoring of services provided.
  • Mapping of migrant routes and existing migrant resources and services for all countries involved (government, NGOs, other)
  • Follow standards on IM Surge guidelines, ensuring high quality products and their sustainability.

Coordinate with Information Technology (IT) regional team on recommendations to establish a data network for HSPs:

  • Make recommendations based on the data-collection strategy for Humanitarian Service points to ensure connectivity and data workflows.
  • Support of the procurement plan of the IT equipment and licenses

Humanitarian Information Analysis and Scenario Planning:

  • When required support on the analysis of evolving information on migration flows, routes, services, and resources to inform decision-making, including appeal revisions, operational strategies, or adaptations on response activities.
  • Implement scenario planning exercises at country level to describe the local context and complexities.
  • Support the communications team on relevant information required for media dissemination, donor presentation, and/or other relevant actions.

Federation wide reporting (FDRS):

  • Support the design of data-collection strategies, forms, and required workflows to ensure the reporting on indicators for response actions and movement partners.
  • Develop dashboards in PowerBI or Tableau to monitor and visualize these indicators as part of the GO Emergency Page actions.
  • Coordinate with technical lines at the level of cluster, regional level, and current FDRS data systems guidelines.

GO Emergency Page:

  • Update all reports/documents related to the appeal as part of the operations emergency page in the GO platform.
  • Upload, update and maintain all IM products developed including infographics, dashboards, maps, and others developed for the purpose of reporting on emergency operation.

Strengthen National Society IM Capacity:

  • Support data-collection development of forms, tools, and visualization for all National Societies and at Humanitarian Service Points.
  • Facilitate required trainings for personnel at National Societies for the ongoing data collection and reporting.
  • Develop how-to-guides on ongoing IM products to be maintained throughout the duration of the operation.
  • Guarantee the sustainability of IM systems at Humanitarian Service Points through recommendations on software licensing, network data requirements, roles and responsibilities, how-to-guides, and knowledge transfer.


  • Bachelor’s degree relevant to the position
  • Masters degree relevant to the position, preferred 


  • 3+ year(s) experience with graphic design and data visualisation with the ability to translate complex digital information into clear and attractive graphic representations (Microsoft Power Bi, Kobo, Adobe Illustrator, other similar)
  • Strong background in data and information management and informatics
  • Strong computer literacy skills with advanced skills in MS Excel
  • Strong background in developing xls forms and mobile data collection tools (Kobo, ODK, other similar)
  • 2+ year(s) experience with GIS tools and ability to produce basic maps in order to visualise geographic information (QGIS, other similar), preferred
  • Experience within the humanitarian field, preferred on disaster response and project management, preferred
  • Knowledge, Skills and Language
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills are essential, with the ability to craft an analytical narrative from data findings
  • Strong interpersonal skills and diplomacy in order to manage relationships with many stakeholders and in a complex situational environment
  • Analytical and problem solving skills, including the ability to synthesize, order, process and prioritize large amounts of information
  • Strong attention to detail in both listening and visualisation design
  • Ability to take initiative to create new processes from scratch and act to fill identified gaps
  • Skills in database management, managing complex datasets and data visualization
  • Good domain of information technology is an advantage


  • Fluently spoken and written English
  • Fluently spoken and written Spanish
  • Good command of another IFRC official language (i.e., French), preferred