Information Management Coordinator

World Vision, Amman, Jordan

Skill Required:, IT and ICT
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
3rd February, 2019

Job Description


The purpose of this position is to ensure that WVI Syria Office as a whole has functioning Information management systems that would consist of skills, knowledge, tools and processes to capture, process, disseminate and archive data at all levels of the organization, as well as to ensure that meaningful program information from internal and external sources are collected and centralized in a timely manner within WVI Syria Office to support decision making, evidence generation and stronger positioning of the office.

The Information Management Coordinator would capture all World Vision Syria program information, works in coordination with the Programmes unit and all other operational and support units to map the information flows, the reporting requirements and the existing information archives. As well, s/he would liaise internally and externally to exchange vital programmatic information.

The Information Coordinator holds a key role within WVI Syria Office to collate and provide standards and processes, tools, information and analysis to support the decision making by the Senior Management Team


Management of Data System

  • Works with IMMAP on the establishment of the information management system.
  • Ensures the efficient and optimal management of WV Syria’s information and data flows through an appropriate, coherent and high-performance management system.
  • Plans IM activities and oversees their implementation; manages and supervises related resources.
  • Coordinates activities in accordance with practices and rules applicable to other actors involved in information management (state structures, humanitarian coordination, etc.).
  • Ensures ethical principles related to M&E and IM are respected, especially those concerning gender equality, fairness and “do no harm”.
  • In alignment with World Vision data protection SoP, protects confidential data, applies the principles of informed consent, and protects children during the collection, processing, analysis and use of all programmatic data.

Management of data and tools

  • Takes responsibility for centralising and organising programme data collected in the field, and in particular:
  • Analysing the IM needs of project, programme, MEAL and IM teams, and defining and selecting appropriate IM tools and software
  • Ensuring that the information collection and management systems used by partners and project, programme and MEAL teams are integrated and consistent
  • Designing digital tools for entering, compiling and analysing data using appropriate software and platforms, and configuring data processing software as required
  • Designing, writing and sharing IM procedures, ensuring that these documents are adapted to users
  • Designs and establishes the master beneficiary database, and is primarily responsible for the security, updating and processing of data
  • Designs survey forms on mobile terminals and manages related platforms
  • When requested to do so by programme or MEAL teams, produces maps to explain the context or monitoring of activities, support decision-making, illustrate reports, etc.
  • Manages any existing professional tools (for example, Health Case Management, distribution tools, including EWARN, etc.)
  • Coordinating data entry and updates to tables, databases and software (with any IM operators, M&E staff, and project/programme team members involved in entering data)
  • Launching specific data cleaning and analysis operations as requested by MEAL Manager
  • Manages the security and archiving of all programmatic data generated by the projects, MEAL, programs and the other technical units. Ensures compliance to the data protection policy and that confidential data is protected in accordance with established rules
  • Managing relationships with external actors involved in IM (data sharing protocols, etc.)
  • Managing relationships with any external service providers involved in IM (contracting, monitoring service providers, evaluating, etc.)
  • Provides training to field teams so they can use the tools developed and advises programme and MEAL teams on data processing and analysis activities.
  • Reports any data quality issues to MEAL Manager and MEAL/QA Coordinators.
  • Informs the Project Manager and/or Programme Coordinator of any unmet targets, contextual changes (risks and opportunities) and negative effects on beneficiaries.


  • Helps build the skills of teams and partners in the IM field
  • Ensures IM tools and procedures are capitalized on
  • Helps develop a dynamic approach to IM inside and outside World Vision (by creating connections between World Vision projects and delegations and as part of regional partnerships, networks, centres of expertise, working groups, etc.)

Reporting, Security and child safety

  • Provides the analysis and indicator tracking required by MEAL Manager
  • Ensures reporting to external humanitarian for a is completed on time
  • Updates and keeps the master beneficiary database alive.
  • Reports on the whole of Syria beneficiary reach.
  • Understands and applies security policies, the Child Safeguarding Policy and fraud prevention policies.


  • Bachelor degree in Software Engineer, Data Analysis or any relevant field of study
  • Thorough knowledge in quantitative and qualitative data collection methods, and analysis is essential, especially the use of SPSS / “R” software’s for quantitative analysis
  • Thorough knowledge of excel, Microsoft and coding.
  • Command of IT and file management tools in general
  • Minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience in the field of information management in humanitarian context.
  • Proven experience in establishing a fully functional IM system for an organization that’s supported by bilateral & multilateral international donors serving more than 50,000 beneficiaries within a period of 24 months.
  • Experience in designing and managing tools for entering, compiling and pre-analysing data, and an understanding of database issues
  • Experience with Data types and data collection methods, as well as data collection and processing in the field
  • Fluency in written and spoken English is required.
  • Fluency in the local language (Arabic) is required.
  • Previous working experience in Syria and local Syrian NGO can be an advantage.
  • Previous engagement with the Syria Crisis response in Turkey, inside Syria, Lebanon, Jordan & Iraq can be an advantage.
  • Good understanding on database management and data structures.


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