Information System Officer

World Health Organization

Luanda, Angola

The objective of the post is to strengthen the data management team of the National Immunization Program at the National Directorate of Public Health and in the 5 provinces and 22 municipalities supported by the MICS-Zero Dose Project, for the development of autonomous and sustainable management skills of the improvement of the quality, reliability, opportunity and integrity of routine vaccination data and its monthly system analysis.

Objectives of the Programme and of the immediate unit or field activity (Overview of the programme):

The incumbent role will be the transfer of theoretical and practical knowledge, the development of competencies of public health teams and EPI for the autonomous and sustainable management of the vaccination program, in accordance with the guidelines of the National Immunization Program.

Organizational Context (Describe the work environment, the role of the individual within the team – team member, specialist, adviser, facilitator, coordinator/manager, representative, expert, authority in the field, etc.; available guidelines and degree of independence in decision making, and nature and purpose of contact within and outside the Organization):

The Incumbent will be based on DNSP/EPI under technical and administrative supervision of WHO and will provide consulting services under the guidance of the Head of the DNSP Immunization Section. Incumbent will support activities nationwide, prioritizing planned activities and follow-up of implementation in the 5 provinces and 22 municipalities of the MICS-Zero-dose Project.

Summary of Assigned Duties (Describe what the incumbent has to do to achieve main objectives; include main achievements expected):

Human resource development:

  • Develop a personalized annual mentoring plan, setting out the objectives of knowledge transfer and experience within the EPI information subsystem and submit quarterly progress reports.
  • Support Development of  continuous training activities of the EPI national information team, national EPI supervisors, and provincial and municipal EPI information and supervision teams;
  • Technical support to Develop standard operating procedures for each level and function to ensure quality, opportunity, and integrity of information, verifying its compliance in a sustained, consistent and reliable manner.

Introduction of the Digital Registry of Routine Immunization:

  • Actively participate in the implementation of the individual digital registry of routine vaccination, in coordination with the entities that will develop the digital platform.
  • Support with/ Carry out supervision at the jointly sub-national information technicians of the National EPI team.
  • trengthening information system planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Contribute/Organize and coordinate with WHO Data Manager the harmonization of the information of immunization services in the health units of the 22 selected municipalities, provincial and national level.
  • Support to Develop a plan to improve the quality of routine immunization data, for the provincial and municipal level and carry out the monthly monitoring of its compliance.
  • Provide support/Plan and support to train the municipal staff for the periodic realization of the evaluation of the quality of vaccination data.
  • Plan and monitor the implementation of immunization coverage surveys according to WHO protocol in selected municipalities.
  • Assist with Design and implement ad-hoc surveys, looking for zero dose children or to evaluate the quality of care of vaccination users.
  • Schedule standard automatic EPI reports for central level, provincial and municipal.
  • Technical support to prepare analysis of the routine immunization indicators.
  • Participate in the monthly meetings of analysis of public health indicators organized by the DNSP Monitoring and Evaluation Unit.
  • Provide Feedback to provinces on immunization indicators and the performance of provincial technicians in supervising the use of ODK or similar.
  • Support dhis2 for routine immunization at municipal level in 5 provinces Zaire, Uíge, Malanje, Lunda Norte and Cuanza Norte.

Preparation of documents, reports and guidelines:

  • Prepare a summary monthly report on the degree of compliance with the terms of reference and support activities implemented.
  • Prepare quarterly progress report on the mentoring plan for EPI technicians.
  • Support the national Immunization Program  and DNSP in the preparation of periodic technical reports and in the implementation of other activities within the Information System.

Education (Qualifications):

  • Essential: First university degree in Computer Science, Statistics or an area related to information system.
  • Desirable: Master degree in health sciences.


  • Essential: At least one year of progressively responsible professional experience in Immunization.
  • Desirable: Considerable experience in programme planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and supervision at national, state or local government area; Relevant work experience with WHO and/or UN agencies, health cluster partners; experience working in relevant nongovernmental or humanitarian organizations.


  • Essential: Excellent knowledge of Portuguese.
  • Desirable: Knowledge UN language.