Infra, EMEA Analyst

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Casablanca, Morocco

The principal responsibility of the Analyst will be to help ensure that projects are prepared and implemented in line with the Bank’s mandate and donor requirements. In particular, ensure that TCs and capital grants are monitored and managed in line with the Bank’s mandate, the requirements of donors, and the aims of the underlying investments. The Analyst will work closely with more senior bankers to support effective preparation, implementation and monitoring of the Team’s donor-funded technical cooperation (TC) and capital grant activity and guarantee instruments in Morocco, as well as other project implementation-related tasks.

Given that EBRD infrastructure loans typically include post-signing TCs, capital grants and guarantee instruments, the Analyst will also support implementation and monitoring of loans to the extent these loans benefit from donor-funded finance. To the extent any new business includes grant the Analyst will also provide contribution into structuring and design of those elements.

Accountabilities & Responsibilities
  • Work as a project team member on transactions where donor funding is involved, contributing to all aspects of project structuring and implementation. In some instances, the Analyst may be asked to act as operation leader under the guidance of a more senior banker.
  • Assist with the designing and processing of TC assignments, including preparation of Terms of Reference and internal approval of documentation, and supporting the client through the tendering process, to support the related donor supported investment project or policy dialogue initiative.
  • Assist with the effective implementation and monitoring of the grant funded components of projects including communication with the Client, monitoring of grant usage ensuring that activities are implemented in full compliance with donor requirements; preparation and filing of relevant reports to meet donor reporting requirements and operational objectives. The analyst will also assist for donor visibility and communication activities and assist with local outreach and stakeholder engagement if required, support donor monitoring, evaluation and audits as required.
  • Support implementation monitoring including physical implementation as well as the institutional reform and development components by ensuring that arrangements are in place to ensure efficient and successful project implementation by observing, assessing and reporting on:
  • the overall performance of the Project Implementation Units (PIUs) and site staff, including consultants, contractors, suppliers and other parties involved in the implementation of the investments – and comment on compliance with their respective obligations and duties; and
  • the implementation arrangements including the PIU organisation, staffing, project management systems, arrangements for construction, and contract management.
  • Help coordinate the activities of all the international and local consulting firms involved under project related TCs for implementation, capacity building and policy dialogue.  The Analyst will maintain continuous dialogue with these consultants and will, inter alia:
  • Ensure that all consultants are provided with necessary documentation and other assistance, in order that they may meet the objectives of their assignments;
  • Ensure appropriate timings for the components of the TC assignments in relation to each other to support effective implementation of the Project;
  • Assist relevant PIUs to review and respond to consultants’ reports.
  • Facilitate the timely submission of various reports and data from borrowers to meet the Bank’s reporting covenants in the loan and grant documentation.
  • Ensure that EBRD’s Environmental and Social Policy and its Performance Requirements as well as relevant gender initiatives as required by the Bank (through the Bank’s related Policies) and donors are being adhered to and that the PIUs are duly informed about these policies and rules. Assist the Bank’s Environmental and Social department to support the Companies and PIUs on implementation of the agreed project Environmental and Social Action Plans (ESAPs), Stakeholder Engagement Plans (SEPs) and preparation of annual E&S reporting to the Bank.
  • Be alert to any emerging problems, be they of a contractual, technical, or financial nature, which have the potential to jeopardise the achievement of the project objectives and advise on timely appropriate corrective action.  In particular, advise on any proposed waivers or amendments to legal agreements and interpret any other matters of material interest to the EBRD. If necessary, assist in negotiations to achieve the required corrective action.
Knowledge, Skills, Experience & Qualifications:
  • Experience of work related to infrastructure and environmental technical cooperation and investment project implementation in Morocco.
  • Professional and personal capacity to deal with entities in emerging markets where legal and regulatory framework are often weak and financial information scarce.
  • Thorough understanding of the general technical cooperation and project cycle, credit and financial analysis and their application in the context of infrastructure  projects.
  • Understanding of the strategic objectives of the international and bilateral funding agencies, active in the concerned regions, especially related to poverty reduction, environmental sustainability and gender equality.
  • Bachelor’s degree; Master’s degree preferred or equivalent experience in the areas of expertise. Professional qualification such as ACA, CFA, ACCA, or CIMA desirable.
  • Relevant work experience in a merchant/investment, commercial, public institution or development bank or in a corporation closely associated with and/or exposed to the operations of the EBRD, or equivalent.
  • Exposure to infrastructure is desirable, including inter alia understanding of the sector specifics and regulation.
  • Understanding and experience of working with international donor institutions is desirable.
  • Credit analysis skills, with the ability to interpret accounts, understanding local and international accounting principles and practice of credit analysis. Quantitative/numerical skills are critical with the ability to interpret financial information and to design and use financial models.
  • Experience of working in Morocco and / or Infrastructure sector.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with senior government officials.
  • Ability to work effectively as a team member and to deadlines and under time pressure.
  • Willingness and ability to extensively travel in particular within Morocco.
  • Very good written and oral communication skills in English, French and Arabic.