International Consultant to Support Preparation of National Hotline for Victims of Domestic Violence Service Standards

United Nations Development Programme(UNDP), Tirana, Albania

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
17th September, 2015

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Pursuant to Article 24 of the Istanbul Convention: “Parties shall take the necessary legislative or other measures to set up state-wide round-the-clock (24/7) telephone helplines free of charge to provide advice to callers, confidentially or with due regard for their anonymity, in relation to all forms of violence covered by the scope of this Convention”.
  • Furthermore, according to the Explanatory Report accompanying Convention, paragraph 136: “Telephone helplines should have a widely advertised public number and provide support, crisis counselling and referral to face to face services, such as shelters, counselling centres or the police. Helplines should be state-wide, available around the clock and free of charge”.
  • In view of the above, Albania still lacks a National Hotline for victims of Domestic Violence which will increase safety of victims of domestic violence and their children and  improve accessibility to information and support to women endangered by domestic violence and their supporters in a way they need it and at the time they need it. In 2011 a study was undertaken with the support of UNFPA to evaluate feasibility of establishment of a national domestic violence hotline in Albania.
  • Its purpose was to conduct mapping of available national and local-level helplines for victims of domestic violence and based on the results of this mapping part of the study and international experience with national helplines for victims of domestic violence to propose model of National Domestic Violence Hotline in Albania.
  • To assist the MSWY and the SSS in the process of the establishment and functioning of the National Hotline for victims of Domestic Violence, UNDP will prepare a draft regulatory framework defining the standards of services of the national hotline.
  • The international consultant teamed with one national consultant, in close consultation with representatives of MSWY and SSS, will develop terms of reference for the personnel, internal regulation for the personnel including the ethical norms, procedures and criteria for receiving calls, forms and instructions for councilors, normative act for the standards of service to domestic violence victims through the national hotline.
  • In preparing the regulatory framework the consultant shall make use of international best practices and models ( as well as take into account the requirements of the international and domestic violence legislation.
  • The ultimate goal is to provide the whole regulatory framework and necessary model paperwork for the national hotline to be ready to extend services to its intended beneficiaries, in a manner that is both secure and according to quality standards.
  • This intervention is intended to create the necessary framework that will allow the personnel to operate professionally and immediately, based on procedures, regulations and standards developed beforehand.

In this activity the international consultant teamed with the national consultant will focus on the following:

  • In consultation with the MSWY and SSS representatives, based on the feasibility study done in this area make an assessment as to the needs of the national domestic violence hotline, regarding normative acts, regulations, protocols, procedures, criteria, standards and model forms;
  • Compile the necessary documentation that will result from the assessment under point 1 above;
  • Conduct one or two consultative round tables to consult and validate the draft package of materials to the MSWY and SSS representatives and all other relevant actors;
  • Finalise the package of regulatory framework.


  • List of required documents that need to be prepared to complete the regulatory framework of the national domestic violence hotline, following the assessment of point 1 above;
  • Finalised package of regulatory framework, containing normative acts, regulations, protocols, procedures, criteria, standards and model forms, as specified in the list mentioned above;
  • Presentation and handouts of the regulatory framework to the relevant professionals of SSS and MSWY and other relevant actors if necessary;
  • A final report highlighting the expert’s work, outputs, achievements, lessons learned and the proceeding of the training session, including recommendations for future similar interventions.

Education/Academic Qualifications:

  •  Advanced degree in law, public administration, social sciences, psychology, counseling or gender equality and/or development disciplines.
  • A combination of any of these areas is highly preferred.

Work Experience:

  • At least 10 years of practicing experience in managing domestic violence victims’ cases or senior expert of public social services.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience on issues of gender equality;
  • Demonstrated experience in developing regulatory frameworks for domestic violence victims’ services or social service centres;

Language skills:

  • Excellent writing, editing, and oral communication skills in English.
  • The consultant shall report to the Gender Programme Manager responsible for the respective contract at UNDP.

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