International Consulting: Coordinator of the Multiple Indicator

United Nations Children's Fund, Managua, Nicaragua

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
12th October, 2020

Job Description

About the Organization:

UNICEF works in Across 190 countries and territories to protect the rights of every child, everywhere, every day, to build a better world for everyone. UNICEF has spent 70 years working to improve the lives of children and their families. Defending children's rights throughout their lives requires a global presence, aiming to produce results and understand their effects. UNICEF believes all children have a right to survive, thrive and fulfil their potential - to the benefit of a better world.


Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS) is an international household survey program developed and supported by UNICEF. MICS are designed to collect estimates of key indicators used to assess the situation of children and women.

As part of the objective of strengthening national capacities for the generation, systematization and integration of statistics and indicators on childhood and adolescence, establishing a baseline for the monitoring of some key objectives of the current Country Program 2019-2023, the UNICEF Office in Nicaragua will support a MICS as part of the sixth round of the survey program in 2020/2021. To ensure that the implementation of the MICS survey runs smoothly, that established deadlines are met, and that the executing partner - National Institute of Development Information (INIDE) - will also receive the necessary technical assistance from the MICS Coordinating Consultant to produce statistically reliable and robust data,

Consultancy objective:

Under the general supervision of the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist of the Country Office of Nicaragua, the MICS Coordinating Consultant (MICS Coordinating Consultant) will support and provide guidance to UNICEF Nicaragua, INIDE / BCN for the preparation, implementation and completion of the survey MICS in Nicaragua. The MICS Coordinating Consultant will advise INIDE, especially the Survey Coordinator and the experts in sampling and data processing, during the planning of the survey, the design of the questionnaire, the sampling, the training, the field work, the processing of data, data analysis, dissemination and archiving, ensuring that MICS protocols and recommendations are followed at all times.

The MICS Coordinating Consultant will be responsible for coordinating and supporting the work of other specialists hired by UNICEF to provide technical assistance to the MICS process. The consultant will work closely with the survey team, stakeholders, and Steering and Technical Committees, and will represent UNICEF at meetings and workshops related to the survey, as required. The MICS Coordinating Consultant will also work closely with the MICS Coordinator from the UNICEF Regional Office and the MICS Global Team at UNICEF headquarters in NY.

Main Job Related Tasks

  • Provide technical and managerial support to the MICS survey;
  • Present the MICS methodology, tools and guidelines to allies / stakeholders (eg ministries, UN agencies, etc.);
  • Finalize, in collaboration with national partners and the UNICEF Country Office (hereinafter CO), the Plan and Budget for the Survey, including the calendar, and share it with the UNICEF Regional Office (hereinafter RO);
  • Ensure that the Ethical Protocol and other ethical recommendations are addressed in the survey implementation process and that all MICS-related documents are shared with the National Ethics Committee in time for approval;
  • Supervise each stage of the survey process and ensure that MICS protocols and standards are followed by INIDE, more specifically during training and field supervision visits;
  • Communicate periodically with the CO, RO and / or UNICEF Headquarters (hereinafter HQ) responding to all MICS-related issues in a timely manner;
  • Provide monthly updates on MICS activities to UNICEF CO / RO / HQs;
  • Coordinate the work of INIDE specialists and UNICEF Regional Consultants and other specialists assigned by UNICEF's CO and / or RO to support the different stages of the survey;
  • Ensure that external technical reviews by experts (eg, Regional Sampling Consultant, Regional Data Processing Consultant, and Regional Household Survey Consultant) are carried out at key survey stages and coordinate return and the response between CO / RO / HQ and INIDE;
  • Ensure that all documents and deliverables related to the survey are properly archived throughout the entire survey process (for example: Memorandum of Understanding, Survey Plan and Budget, questionnaires, manuals, sample design, Training / pre-test reports, expert reports, CAPI application, production plan tables and tabulation, syntax, data sets, Survey Results Report (and Final Report), dissemination materials, etc.);
  • Participate in all meetings of the MICS Steering and Technical Committee;
  • Participate and contribute to the MICS Regional Workshops;
  • Ensure that lessons learned, issues, and good practices are documented throughout the MICS process and quickly shared with the MICS community (other MICS implementing countries, RO and HQ) through all available means.

Specific activities

  • In consultation and collaboration with UNICEF CO and INIDE, the MICS Coordinating Consultant will be responsible for ensuring the specific activities. See ToR in annex with all the details.

Expected Products:

Each month a report will be issued regarding the progress in the four work areas described below. The monthly payment will be issued after approval by the Specialist in Monitoring and Evaluation of the UNICEF Country Office and its Deputy Representative. In addition, the Report will obtain the validation of the institution that manages the MICS Survey, the National Institute of Development Information, INIDE.

  • Monthly Activity Progress Report, which describes the activities undertaken during the month and highlights the problems encountered and the solutions adopted to mitigate them;
  • Field trip reports;
  • Travel reports from regional workshops;
  • Presentations and training materials used in trainings, workshops, and other meetings.

The MICS Coordinating Consultant will report directly to the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist of the UNICEF Office in Nicaragua.
The duration of the MICS survey implementation is 12 months and a maximum of 24 months, depending on the time it takes to complete the entire process. This contract is established for the first three months of work. Only candidates who can commit for the entire duration of the MICS survey implementation will be considered.

Special Instructions:

  • To develop this contract it is essential to reside in Nicaragua during the execution of the consultancy. However, in view of the situation caused by Covid19 and the closure of the Managua airport, the start of the functions may be carried out remotely until the air flow is restored.

Visits to the field:

  • For the proper performance of this contract, visits to the interior of the country are foreseen to control and monitor the information gathering work.
  • It is expected that the consultant will remain in Nicaragua for three months initially, but the total duration of the services is expected to extend until the last phase of implementation of the survey is concluded, and it is considered that the services of the consultant.
  • During the contract period, the MICS Coordinating Consultant is expected to travel within the country and to MICS regional workshops in other countries and to the UNICEF Regional Office. These types of travel expenses will be borne by the UNICEF Country Office.
  • The offeror must include in his economic offer a reasonable budget related to the expenses of airfare from his country of residence to Nicaragua, including travel taxes, travel insurance, transportation cost of the air terminal, visa payment. Your offer must also include accommodation, food, private transportation, for the duration of the contract.
  • UNICEF bases its travel payments to international consultants on economy class.
  • The consultant must be in charge of organizing their own trip (passport, visa, etc.) and carry out all the necessary steps to guarantee their stay in the country.
  • If the consultant considers traveling to Nicaragua on more than one occasion during the duration of the consultancy, they must reflect the cost of each trip separately in the economic offer.
  • Office space and equipment: The consultant will be provided with a space in the INIDE Offices in Managua, which will provide space, adequate working conditions with Internet access and equipment as necessary.
  • Insurance: The consultant will acquire his own insurance policies to support medical expenses and personal accidents that cover these eventualities for the duration of this contract and valid in Nicaragua. UNICEF does not assume responsibility for any accident that the consultant may suffer, since this contract does not imply an employer relationship of any kind.
  • Delivery of products and / or reports: The consultant will deliver the agreed products and reports, electronically and in universally acceptable language, with a clear statement. The issuance and delivery expenses of these products / reports will be borne by the consultant.
  • Reservation of property rights: All documents, materials or products of this consultancy are the property of UNICEF and may not be used by third parties without authorization. The MICS Coordinating Consultant must respect the complete confidentiality of the MICS data, as well as any specific MICS documents that will be produced throughout the MICS process. The MICS Coordinating Consultant may only use the documents and data sets for tasks related to these Terms of Reference.
  • Penalty for non-compliance: The Contractor undertakes to deliver all the products indicated in the terms of reference within the agreed term. In the event that the Contractor does not comply with the expected products on the dates defined in the contract, a penalty clause will be complied with.

Qualification and Professional Experience Required:


  • University degree in Demography, Statistics, Social Sciences, Epidemiology or any other related technical field is required.
  • Specialty in implementing quantitative studies, specifically in the MICS survey
  • Postgraduate degree in quantitative social studies and surveys, or related
  • Master's degree in quantitative social studies and surveys, or related


  • Spanish: Complete (Excellent writing, reading and speaking).
  • English: Easy to read and understand

Proven experience in:

  • Minimum 5 years in the coordination and / or management of quantitative household surveys (before MICS or Demographic and Health Survey (DHS)
  • At least 10 years developing quantitative studies and surveys in the social field, in the Latin American region
  • CAPI data collection;
  • Training and ability to organize and facilitate training and presentations;
  • Data analysis and survey report writing
  • It is an advantage to have specific prior experience in conducting MICS surveys , preferably in the Central America area.

Functional Competences in:

  • Management of data management programs and specific survey instruments.
  • Strong computer skills and strong experience in statistical analysis (familiarity with data processing and data analysis software, in particular SPSS);
  • Advice to interdisciplinary teams for the development of large-scale surveys.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a multicultural environment and establish harmonious and effective relationships within and outside the organization, more specifically with INIDE
  • Ability and willingness to travel extensively in the country and attend regional workshops


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