International Operations Director

MDM-B, Belgium

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
16th August, 2020

Job Description


Médecins du Monde is an international medical development NGO that is part of an international network. We provide medical assistance to vulnerable groups, in Belgium and the rest of the world.

We want universal health coverage where each person has access to care, without obstacles (financial, cultural, geographic, etc.).

In Belgium and around the world, our projects are aimed at all people who have no or no longer access to health care. In particular, they are structured around five axes: people on the margins of society (homeless, undocumented people, drug users, sex workers, etc.); children in vulnerable situations; women (supported in their fight for equality or against sexual violence, for example); migrants or displaced persons and victims of crises or conflicts.

To carry out our mission, we are based on three pillars:

 Treat :

give real access to healthcare to populations.

 Change :

more than helping, we want to change things in the long term.

Witness :

we do not remain silent. Thanks to our experience and our presence in the field, we challenge the authorities (local, regional and (inter) national) with facts, figures and realities.

Our projects follow a series of values ​​common to our entire organization: Social Justice, Empowerment, Independence, Commitment, Balance.


Under the supervision of the Managing Director, you are responsible for managing Médecins du Monde's international programs. You serve the mission through the development of programs / projects and operational partnerships internationally. You carry the general strategy of the organization through the design, development, financing, partnerships of international operations in order to implement quality projects through an efficient use of available resources while respecting the vision, of the Organization's missions and values.

You are part of the Management Committee, along with the other permanent members: General Manager, General Services Director, Health Director, Belgian Operations Director, Campaign Director.


As a Member of the Management Committee : you steer the definition and implementation of a strategy for each of your activities and take part in the strategic reflection around the activities of the Organization

Examples of tasks:

  • Participate in the weekly meetings of the Management Committee
  • Pilot the definition of a proposal to the Board of health practices strategy
  • Participate in the definition of the advocacy strategy
  • Organize project committees when new health strategies are needed
  • Participate in GA and Board meetings and report regularly on their activities and those of their teams
  • Represent the Organization in external bodies requiring health expertise
  • Collect, monitor and analyze the collection of data required in its management in order to feed the global risk analysis dashboard
  • Identify the financial challenges of tomorrow, and propose new sources of financing, in collaboration with your teams and in line with the orientations of the strategic plan
  • Identify and implement solutions to contribute to the collective effort of transformation towards an agile and learning organization
  • Represent the employer in social consultation bodies (ie CPPT)
  • As Director of International Operations : you strengthen and develop the organization's positioning in international missions in order to improve access to health for people in situations of international exclusion (in particular through universal care coverage).

Examples of tasks:

  •  Build the operational strategy internationally and roll it out into programs / projects with teams, beneficiaries and partners
  •  Coordinate the project cycle of international missions: oversee the development of institutional country strategies, a funding strategy and donor relations, action plans and annual budgets, project committees, '' analysis of risks and budgetary controls
  • In collaboration with the Desks, identify new financing opportunities in order to guarantee the financial coverage of activities
  •  Negotiate with the other transversal strategic departments (Health, General Services) the conditions of feasibility of the operational strategy
  •  Stimulate, with the Campaign Department, the timely development of communications actions around the missions
  •  Guarantee and organize the collaboration of the members of its Direction in the work of the other directions which require the contribution / support of the operations
  •  Ensure that mission management tools exist, are up to date and made available to teams
  • Actively contribute to meetings of other MdM delegations (i.e. monitoring of operational strategy) and maintain relations with counterparts from partner and non-partner organizations
  •  Organize, with the CEO and the President, the representation of MdM-BE vis-à-vis humanitarian, institutional, private and civilian partners and the networks in which MdM is a member / involved
  •  Feed the internal and external communication of the organization
  • Develop a global vision of the evolution of risks in the implementation of projects, in particular by developing a network of external resource partners
  •  Participate as needed in the management of security incidents
  •  Ensure that procedures, tools and security managers exist, are adequate and perform their daily duties
  • Support the CEO in its role of positioning with partners and developing new partnerships
  • Provide concrete elements and data for advocacy in favor of access to care and the fight against gender and social inequalities, participate in advocacy actions as needed
  • As Manager of the International Operations teams , at headquarters and in the missions: you coordinate the work of the various employees with whom you are in permanent communication.

Examples of tasks:

  • Plan, organize, lead team meetings
  • Set the objectives to be achieved by direct collaborators, develop individual action plans, distribute activities and ensure the coordination of these
  • Accompany, support and stimulate each employee in their progress through regular feedback, and increase their understanding of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify and solve operational and technical problems encountered by the different members of the team
  • Ensure, through coaching or the use of training, the optimization of the level of health skills of the members of each department
  •  Ensure the well-being of employees by defining and guaranteeing a safe, respectful, benevolent and collaborative working environment.
  •  Mobilize the teams, animate them, coach them, promote them, evaluate them ..., monitor results and correct them, organize service meetings and deliver monthly feedback to each employee, and solicit it for yourself.


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