Internship Opportunity With The Strategy Unit

Global Green Growth Institute - GGGI

Incheon, South Korea

Experience: 0 to 3 Years

Skill Required: Media and Communication

The Office of the Director General– ODG – Division has five units: Governance, Partnerships, Strategy, Korea Liaison, and Communication & Knowledge Sharing Units. The ODG Division supports the Director General (DG) with partnerships, strategies, results, change management, communications, governance, and advisory services. The ODG Division is both internal facing, in that it supports GGGI as whole to fulfil its strategic vision, and external facing in that it supports the DG in developing and maintaining relationships with partners and mobilize resources. The ODG Division ensures the DG is effectively supported to play his role as the 'global voice' for green growth.
Current Opportunity:
  • Provide support on coordinating, designing, and preparing sessions for 2024 All Staff Meetings (March and August 2024) as well as provide logistical support
  • Provide support on elaboration of GGGI"s WPB 2025-2026 Work Program and Budget
  • Provide support on drafting communication messages, powerpoint slides, word and excel document
  • Provide support on coordination tasks where required, such as organizing meetings and providing summary after meetings for the Strategy Unit.
  • Develop a single data base of historic projects for easy retrieval and compliance with IATI and OECD DAC reporting under the guidance of the Senior Results Reporting Officer.
  • Support data compilation for GGGI's Results Dashboard update
  • Support development of country and regional country score cards. 
  • Perform other tasks assigned from time to time by GGGI.
  • Recent graduate in a Bachelor’s or Master’s- or enrolled in a PhD-level program in economics, development economics, Information Technology, international development/science or related field preferred.
  • Proven computer literate in standard office software applications skills, ability to quickly master other software
  • Strong analytical skills, with a drive for data analysis, modelling and interpretation
  • Excellent English communication skills, particularly writing and/or editing experience in the field of financial modeling or economic statistics 
  • Ability to work/deliver under time pressure.
  • Good interpersonal skills, ability to work collaboratively with colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds.