Internship Programme

United Nations Children's Fund

sudan, Sudan

Sudan, surrounded by the Central African Republic, Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Libya and South Sudan, positioned next to East, West, South and North Africa, is surrounded by complex conflicts in an unpredictable, volatile and rapidly evolving region. Sudan is by size the third biggest country in Africa, with a diverse population of around 42 million people. Sudan’s children make up half of the total population, and the past two decades have seen their lives significantly improve: fewer girls and boys are dying before their fifth birthday, primary school attendance is increasing, immunization coverage is high and the country remains polio free. Still, millions of children continue to suffer from protracted conflict in Darfur, the Kordofans, and Blue Nile, from seasonal natural disasters, malnutrition and disease outbreaks, and from under-investment in basic social services. More than three million of Sudan’s school aged children are not in the classroom. UNICEF has been in Sudan since 1952 and continues with a presence in 12 of Sudan’s 18 states.

Purpose of the internship:

The purpose of the UNICEF internship programme is:

  • To provide a framework by which current eligible undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students from diverse academic backgrounds may be assessed and assigned to UNICEF offices in Sudan, where their educational experience can be enhanced through practical work assignments;
  • To expose the interns to the work of UNICEF in Sudan;
  • To provide UNICEF offices with the assistance of qualified students and recent university graduates in various professional fields; and
  • The internship could be in any one of the following functions: general management; executive management; programs support (education, child protection, WASH, health and nutrition, social policy, monitoring and evaluation); communication and partnership management  and other related domains.  
  • To be considered for an internship assignment with UNICEF, applicants must meet the following requirements:
  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or Ph.D. degree programme or have graduated within the past two years in the discipline relevant to the functional areas in UNICEF 
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be proficient in English and fluent in Arabic
  • Have excellent academic performance as demonstrated by recent university or institution records.
  • Have no immediate relatives (e.g. father, mother, brother, sister) working in any UNICEF office; and
  • Have no other relatives in the line of authority which the intern will report to.
  • Individuals must demonstrate excellent academic performance through recent university or institution records.
  • Additional consideration will be given for any relevant past career experience.