Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe , Kyiv, Ukraine

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
7 to 10 Year
Closing Date for Applications: 
10th December, 2020

Job Description

The OSCE has a comprehensive approach to security that encompasses politico-military, economic and environmental, and human aspects. It therefore addresses a wide range of security-related concerns, including arms control, confidence- and security-building measures, human rights, combating human trafficking, national minorities, democratization, policing strategies, counter-terrorism and economic and environmental activities. All 57 participating States enjoy equal status, and decisions are taken by consensus on a politically, but not legally binding basis.

The objective of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM) is to contribute, in close co-operation with OSCE institutions and other actors of the international community, to reducing tensions and fostering peace and stability in Ukraine, and ensuring the observance of OSCE principles and commitments, thus establishing conditions for inclusive political dialogue aimed at achieving a sustainable transition respecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

  • The Mission is composed of about 1500 mission members, from more than 40 participating States and has a budget over EUR 100 million.
  • The Head of Mission Office comprises the following Units: Chief Monitor's Office, Interpretation/Translation Cell, Legal Section, Records Management Cell, Policy and Planning Cell and Press and Public Information Unit.
  • The Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM), in line with the OSCE Action Plan for the Promotion of Gender Equality, is committed to further improving gender balance among staff in all areas and levels within the SMM. We encourage qualified applicants, in particular female candidates, to apply for this position. If applicable, deployment is subject to attendance to and successful completion of pre-deployment training and assessment.
  • Applicants are hereby notified that the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM) is designated by the OSCE as a nonfamily duty station. This designation is based on the fluid and dynamic working environment in the SMM. The currently prevailing working conditions in the duty station may include working in a hazardous location with extended hours of service, and possibly curtailed freedom of movement. Successful candidates who are appointed to locations deemed by the OSCE as hazardous will receive hazard pay. In addition, all successful candidates will be required to participate in the OSCE accident and life insurance scheme in accordance with the OSCE Staff Regulations and Staff Rules.

Tasks and Responsibilities 

  • The Investigator serves as an extension of the Office of Internal Oversight (OIO) with the addition of working on Code of Conduct violations and solely focused on investigation activities as they relate to the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM). As Investigator, you will be under the administrative supervision of the Senior Investigator of OIO and under the day-to-day supervision of the SMM Chief Monitor (CM). In other words, OIO will be the first-level supervisor while the SMM CM will be the second-level supervisor.
  • Before initiating an investigation, you shall be required to obtain the approval of the SMM CM or the Director of the OIO and inform both of the fact and date the approval was obtained. You shall not take instruction from any member of the OSCE other than the SMM CM or the Director of the OIO, as specified. Specific tasks involve carrying out diligences aiming at assessing whether allegations are substantiated. In line with the current approved policy framework, although these tasks does not include managing investigations under Staff Instruction 21/Rev.1 - OSCE Policy on Professional Working Environment (SI 21), you are expected to provide support and guidance to fact-finders who have been appointed to undertake such investigations as necessary, in consultation with the OIO.
  • Working together with OIO, you will prepare reports on such situations for the attention of the SMM CM and/or the Secretary General, which may be used as a basis for evidence-based accountability mechanisms.

More specifically, as Investigator, you will be responsible for:

  • Planning, organizing, conducting and/or managing investigations of cases of alleged financial misconduct or alleged fraud, malfeasance, mismanagement, waste of resources, abuse of authority or other violations of the CRMS where instructed by the SMM CM or Director of OIO, including providing support and guidance in investigations concerning allegations of harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation;
  • Where the intended investigation is of a matter that falls under the exclusive mandate of the OIO, the above will be commenced only with the instruction of the Director of OIO;
  • Where the intended assignment or investigation is of a matter related to alleged breaches of the OSCE CoC, SI 21 or administrative issuances under the authority of the SMM CM, the intended assessment or investigation will only be commenced with the instruction of the SMM CM;
  • Where an issue that may require investigation falls under both the OIO mandate and the authority of the SMM Chief Monitor, the Investigator shall seek the instructions of both and legal advice prior to proceeding;
  • Interviewing witnesses and subjects, taking statements, obtaining and reviewing pertinent documentation; analyzing facts, determining findings and preparing evidence for disciplinary bodies; formulating and recommending corrective measures and tracking their implementation together with OIO;
  • Implementing and maintaining established procedures to ensure professional competency and completeness throughout the investigation process;
  • Developing or contributing to the development of processes to meet the investigation needs;
  • Preparing complete and concise investigation reports and conducting post-investigation tasks;
  • Providing advice and conducting training to other staff members performing SI21 investigations;
  • Where instructed by the CM, overseeing the effective operation of an investigation commissioned or conducted by the SMM;
  • Performing other related duties as assigned.

Necessary Qualifications 

  • Citizenship of an OSCE participating State, excluding the citizenship of Ukraine;
  • First-level university degree in law, applied criminal justice, business administration, accounting, information technologies or another relevant discipline; a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) or similar investigatory qualification would be an advantage;
  • Minimum of six years of progressively responsible professional experience in investigative activities (including into such contexts as judicial procedures and internal audit work); preferably at the international level; such experience should include investigations into complex and serious cases of fraud, corruption and other misconduct;
  • Experience of Human Resources-related investigations (such as alleged harassment or other violations of a professional working environment) would be an asset;
  • Demonstrated research, analytical and problem-solving skills including ability to identify and participate in the resolution of issues/problems; ability to apply good judgment in the context of assignments;
  • Proven working knowledge and experience with gender sensitive interviewing methodology, and proven experience integrating practical protection measures for engaging with alleged victim(s) and witness(es);
  • Demonstrated report writing skills and the ability to convey complex information in a clear and concise manner;
  • Gender awareness and sensitivity, and ability to integrate a gender perspective into tasks and activities;
  • Familiarity with and experience in the use of various research methodologies and sources, including electronic sources on the internet and use of database tools to extract and process relevant data would be highly desirable;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English; working knowledge of Ukrainian and/or Russian language(s) will be an asset;
  • Demonstrated ability and willingness to work as a member of a team, with people of different cultural and religious backgrounds, different gender, and diverse political views, while maintaining impartiality and objectivity;
  • Computer literate with practical experience with Microsoft applications.


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