IT Coordinator

World Vision, Velingara, Senegal

Skill Required:, IT and ICT
Preferred Experience: 
1 to 3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
15th December, 2019

Job Description

Purpose of the positionFAIRO (Food Assistance Reporting and Reporting) is responsible for the main field IT operations related to Last Mile Mobile Solutions technology and product tracking system. This includes providing technical support to field staff of product distribution during field recordings / distributions, in addition to running the LMMS web application to assist staff in setting up new projects. distribution, manage shipments of products / cash using LMMS and assist with the consolidation and reporting of LMMS, including shipping. claims records and claims records. This position will also require the maintenance of the systems,

Qualifications: education / knowledge / technical skills and experience

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • The incumbent of this position must have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Computer Science or any related course from a recognized university. Solid background in the Windows operating system - XP in particular. You can easily call, stop, or restart system services, install and uninstall software, create user groups, and set user privileges.
  • Strong network skills - ability to configure, secure and administer ad hoc wireless peer networks. Ability to isolate and resolve network connectivity issues accordingly and by running IP configuration tools, resetting wireless connections. Includes the TCP / IP protocol.
  • Knowledge of relational database management systems - exposure to MySQL is highly desirable, including the use of database management tools (such as the MySQL query browser and the administrator).
  • Ability to solve computer problems, both hardware and to identify software failures. Aware of the logging, tracking and systematic troubleshooting of computer problems.
  • Very comfortable to help end users.
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Have a good level in English
  • Must have strong analytical, problem-solving and organizational skills, with particular attention to detail.
  • Requires the ability to effectively present concepts to lay users in a variety of contexts and by various means (verbal and written).
  • Requires strong communication skills to interact with all levels of staff and management.
  • Must be able to work effectively with a diverse team.
  • Requires the ability to work under pressure and perform multiple tasks.
  • Must have a service orientation.

Technical skills:

  • Defend child protection organizational practices, including not recruiting children for WV projects, reporting cases of abuse by staff members or others, etc.
  • Monitors wireless connectivity issues between mobile devices, routers, and roaming servers during field operations, and troubleshoots if necessary.
  • Ensure the smooth operation of the LMMS when registering beneficiaries, registrations, household updates and product distribution activities. Resolve technical issues as they arise (including forcing the transfer of archived data to permanent data repositories).
  • Ensure backups of field data collection and ensure the security of data collected during field operations by monitoring database password and encrypting data on laptops, if necessary
  • Assist in administering LMMS users within the project in coordination with the Commodity Officer / Manager.
  • Serve as a point of contact / technical support for Food Monitors and report to the main system delivery team on the status of field deployments.
  • Work with software developers and software partners to develop new systems.
  • Install LMMS on roaming servers and mobile devices and perform system data updates as needed for field use.
  • Report technical failures, help reproduce problems, and direct field installations with upgrades / new system releases.
  • Document technical gaps in the existing mobile product offering and new releases
  • Prepare the LMMS reports and send them to the relevant WVK and LMMS Global IT departments.
  • Oversees wireless connectivity issues between mobile devices, helps consolidate monthly reports produced in the field in the CTS database to produce important reports (CSS, CSR, RSR, LSR) for donors and other stakeholders.
  • Ensure timely submission of replication and backups including field reports, warehouse reports, etc. the 5th of each month for timely consolidation at the NO level.
  • Update of the progress reports of the FGDB project
  • Liaise with country offices to ensure timely submission of beneficiary lists and backup copies no later than the 10th of each month,
  • Maintain an orderly, organized and chronological filing system, by ensuring that hard copies of the recommended reports are available and easily accessible at all times.
  • Update shipment logs and shipment summaries to ensure electronic copy and files are up to date for easy access every month.
  • Update claims records and claims files to ensure electronic copy and files are up to date for easy access every month.
  • Make frequent field visits to assist with CTS documentation and accountability.
  • Collect all receipts and shipping summaries, truck inspection reports, claims reports, physical inventory, warehouse inspection reports, distribution summaries, and distribution center visit reports.
  • Responsible for checking the physical inventory of all warehouses to ensure that merchandise book balances correspond to the actual stock in the warehouses and explanations provided for any discrepancies.

Examine invoices and other reports from cooperating partners

  • Works closely with field observers and commodity managers / field coordinators on all issues related to the supply chain management system.
  • Work closely with global LMMS support personnel on all aspects of technology readiness and deployment, provide feedback and receive technical instructions from system support agents and developers Field-based LMMS for upgrades, maintenance and new IT developments.
  • Administration of LMMS asset control procedures.
  • Join a LMMS IT Support Staff Forum to share common experiences and solve technical problems.
  • Leads capacity development with field staff to ensure adequate coverage of the supply chain management system.
  • Work with CARO to supervise and train all other PRRO staff, particularly
  • Represent NO in food assistance forums as advised by NO management
  • Perform other duties at the request of the Product Officer or his representative

Work environment / Conditions:

Based in Kolda with:

  • Travel: National and international travel is required.
  • Call: during normal working hours, except in emergencies

Other skills / attributes:

  • An understanding of the Windows Mobile platform is desirable.
  • Previous exposure to mobile hardware technologies (Intermec or similar products such as Motorola / Symbol) is desirable.
  • Be comfortable learning new software systems and running rudimentary system upgrades, including compiling new software versions.
  • Recruitment process
  • Written tests
  • an individual interview in front of a panel.


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