IT support services Consultant

Global Green Growth Institute

Kampala, Uganda

Experience: 3 to 5 Years

Skill Required: IT and ICT

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) was established as an intergovernmental organization with the objective of promoting sustainable development of developing and emerging countries including the least developed countries.  GGGI is dedicated to supporting the creation and diffusion of the model of economic growth known as “green growth”. The green growth model integrates economic growth, environmental sustainability, poverty reduction and social inclusion.

The consultant’s work progress will be monitored primarily through periodic review meetings, the precise schedule of which is to be determined based on consultation with the Consultant. The Consultant is also expected to submit a formal timesheet and upon request a progress report that includes activities and recommendation for IT solution. GGGI will provide a template timesheet.

Suggested Methodology:

To facilitate a comparative analysis of the bids, we request bidders to submit a proposal with three different components:

  • A detailed description of the proposed services and processes - In complying with this, it is recommended to present the services to be offered in accordance with the sequence and description listed in II. Statement of Work. Presenting a comparative matrix between what GGGI has listed as a requirement and what the IT consultant would be able to provide, will significantly facilitate the review and evaluation process.
  • Other concessions offered - This should consist of valued-added products and services that may not have been mentioned/required in the Terms of Reference, but the tenderer is offering to GGGI and will add value to its services. This is optional but will be given credit if proven to indeed add value to GGGI’s activities.
  • Competence of the IT personnel - This would require submission of the comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the IT consultant to serve the GGGI. The CV should only highlight the relevant work experiences, training and skills and educational background and should not be more than 4 pages.
  • It is GGGI’s preference to deal with trusted experts, in which a relationship can be built between the GGGI team and the service provider.


  • An advanced degree in Information Technology or Computer Sciences, computer Engineering or any other related fields


  • In case of a Masters at least 3 years’ experience / In case a Bachelor degree is the highest obtained degree, at least 8 years’ experience in trouble shooting, networking, hardware and software maintenance, good command of English both written and oral.
  • Hands on experience in trouble shooting, networking, basic programming and relevant software applications
  • Ability to provide consulting services on the complex range of issues related to the network and IT operational for GGGI Uganda and all GGGI Uganda staff remotely or directly in the User Level and System Level.
  • Willing and able to guarantee the delivery of products and services in accordance with the performance standards required.
  • Previous track record of handling services for diplomatic missions, embassies, or international organizations will be a strong asset.