Legal Consultant

World Health Organization, Copenhagen, Denmark

Skill Required:, Policy/ Advocacy and Campaign
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
24th December, 2019

Job Description


The Legal Unit (LEG) under the Division of Administration and Finance provides legal advice, services and support, including during planning, decision and implementation of the Organization’s policies and activities. LEG assists senior management, technical and administrative units, as well as country offices, field offices, geographically dispersed offices and hosted partnerships in all legal aspects of their activities. In light of the constantly increasing influx of requests to LEG and in order to maintain a high level of legal services with an overall objective to reduce the response time, LEG is looking for a short-term consultant who will work independently on the deliverables established for this vacancy, under the supervision of the Head of the Legal Unit.


  • Review of all publications and reports with politically sensitive content, as well as nomination letters for EURO meetings
  • Deliverables: Provide comments and revisions to such publications and reports as well as nomination letters to ensure that content and procedure are in accordance with the EURO policies.
  • Review of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on data protection and privacy.
  • Deliverables: Prepare a legal opinion and report on the GDPR and how it will affect EURO Regional Office. Follow-up throughout the assignment on all requests received from EU entities (commercial and non-commercial) to enter into a Data Processing Agreement or similar arrangements to allow them to comply with the GDPR. Mapping of all commercial and non-commercial contracts in the EURO Regional Office with EU entities through which personal data is transferred as all such contracts will, in principle, need to be revised in the light of the GDPR. Preparing a WHO proposal taking into account its privileges and immunities.
  • Review requests related to emergency operations in identified EURO countries; in particular the contract modalities and advise on the appropriate template as well as on any legal issues arising from the Terms of References (e.g. data protection, confidentiality, warranties, use of WHO name/logo, health services to patients).
  • Deliverables: Review and prepare letters of amendment or addendum, as required, to the Project Agreements according to the nature of the activity.
  • Review all pending and incoming new requests throughout the assignment in relation to the use of third party photos (stock agencies, web libraries and any other sources) in light of the new WHO policy on the use of photographic and video materials.
  • Deliverables: prepare legal opinions and reports and negotiate a legal framework with selected stock agencies so that the Organization can use selected photos under acceptable legal terms and conditions.
  • Review all pending and incoming new requests throughout the assignment in relation to (a) co-sponsorship of meetings by WHO; (b) jointly organized meetings with Member States, United Nations or Non-State Actors; and (c) WHO participation in external meetings.
  • Deliverables: prepare legal opinions and reports, including proposed course of action, as well as the formal LEG response
  • Review all pending and incoming new requests throughout the assignment related to a variety of commercial contracts, including IT, lease contracts, security services, internet services, mobile telephony, banking services, hotels, etc.
  • Deliverables: Prepare relevant letters of amendment to third party contracts as well as legal explanations on the proposed course of action.
  • Review of all pending and incoming requests throughout the assignment related to the use of the WHO logo in relation to meetings, publications, communication materials, donor requirements, etc.
  • Deliverables: prepare legal opinions and reports, including proposed course of action, as well as the formal LEG response.
  • Do legal research and analysis, including preparing legal opinions and briefs on privileges and immunities at country level.
  • Deliverables: mapping in the WHO European Region of the status of the privileges and immunities afforded to Country Offices and GDOs for further action as necessary.
  • Further development of the LEG Intranet page and Good to Know series on the Organization’s intranet
  • Deliverables: Development and upload of modules on WHO policies and practices, including legal resources and information.
  • Initiate the preparation of LEG clinics with regard to the use of WHO logo, WHO standard contracts, commercial contracts, and any other matters of interest to Country Offices/Geographically Dispersed Offices/Technical Units.
  • Deliverables: Development of training programme on modules of WHO policies and practices, including legal resources and information, such as inter alia privileges and immunities, WHO standard contracts, commercial contracts and logos.
  • Review all cases of misuse of the WHO emblem that have been and will be reported to the Legal Unit throughout the assignment.
  • Deliverables: prepare legal opinions and reports as well as cease and desist letters and follow-up on compliance.



  • Essential: Advance university degree in law, specialized in public international law, international organizations law and international administrative law.
  • Desirable: Post graduate degree (Master’s degree or equivalent) in international relations.


  • Essential: 5 years’ experience working within the legal department of a government, an international institution or company or with a law firm.
  • Desirable: of which 2 years’ experience working within the UN system.

Use of language skills

  • Essential: Excellent knowledge of English.
  • Desirable: Working knowledge of Russian, French or German will be an asset.


  • Knowledge of the general principals of law and the law of international organizations. Knowledge of WHO policies, rules, regulations and practice is desirable;
  • Knowledge of private law and of international law as well as an understanding of public international law, international administrative law and international civil service law;
  • In-depth understanding of theoretical knowledge and the application thereof to the analysis of legal documents, research on legal practices and precedents.
  • Ability to present sound and well-reasoned legal arguments, both verbally and in writing;
  • Ability to draft agreements in a wide range of areas
  • Strong analytical and writing skills with emphasis on details
  • Ability to work independently
  • Communication skills.


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