Local Security Associate

United Nations Development Programme(UNDP), Peshawar, Pakistan

Skill Required:, HR and Admin
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
2nd August, 2016

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities
Assists in the implementation of the Country Office Security Plan

  • Provide assistance to the CO in the implementation of the Country Security Plan, Contingency Plans and the UN Security Framework, including ensuring that all UNDP personnel in KPK and FATA are covered by relevant security plans;
  • In conjunction with the HR Unit, ensure Staff Lists are maintained and regularly provided to UNDSS (in conjunction with the HR Unit);
  • Maintain and test UNDP Sub office Communications Plan;
  • Maintain Entrance/Exit Check Lists;
  • Administer and test the UNDP Sub office Warden Plan; 
  • Facilitate security clearances for staff in all UNDP presences in country;
  • In coordination with UNDSS, ensure availability of updated and adequate procedures for dealing with emergencies involving UNDP staff in all KPK and FATA project locations/offices;
  • In coordination with UNDSS be prepared for 24­hour response to all security and safety related incidents involving UNDP staff.

MOSS/MORSS Compliance

  • Ensure that UNDP personnel, offices, residences and equipment in KP and FATA are MOSS/MORSS complaint;
  • Ensure that all staff members posted to UNDP KP and FATA offices have completed the Basic and Advanced Security in The Field and SSAFE Training and that records of certificates are maintained with the HR Unit; 
  • Provide advice on the selection and procurement of appropriate equipment for security (vehicles, telecommunications equipment, etc.) Monitors the procurement, deployment and functionality of the same;
  • Coordinate with the LSA/NSO and UNDSS to conduct periodic appropriate security assessments of UNDP KP/FATA premises and equipment and provides advice on shortfalls in security preparedness with recommended improvements and solutions;
  • Coordinate with LSA/NSO, UNDSS and building occupants in implementing UNDP Sub office security measures and procedures (access control of visitors and vehicles).

Threat & Risk Assessment 

  • As requested, provide inputs to UNDSS to assist in the preparation of comprehensive Security Risk assessments(Inter provincial, Site, Project or Individual specific);
  • Under the direction of LSA, NSO and in close cooperation with UNDSS, assists in the conduction of UNDP security risk assessments, evaluations and surveys and advises the UNDP Security Unit on security measures for UNDP Sub office and projects within KPK and FATA.


  • In close coordination with UNDSS, ensure appropriate professional liaison with host government agencies, local authorities responsible for security, law and order, counterparts in UN and diplomatic missions and municipal/traditional leaders;
  • Effectively Process No Object Certificates for UNDP staff members and missions.


  • Provides advice on relevant security policies and regulations(e.g. the MOSS, the Accountability Framework, SOP’s and safe and secure practices) to assist decision makers in determining potential effects on UN activities;
  • Under the direction of the LSA/NSO and in close coordination with UNDSS and the UNDP Sub office management, review the impact of security factors on UNDP Programme design and delivery, as well as the potential impact that programmes might have on stability and security(both positive and negative), and makes preliminary recommendations regarding possible security needs and improvements;
  • Contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice.

Sharing Information:

  • Provide timely and accurate security advice to all staff;
  • Immediately report all security and safety related incidents involving UNDP staff to the LSA, NSO,FSS, Head of Sub Office and UNDSS;
  • Ensures that UNDP Programme staff members are provided with situation reports and other appropriate security related information generated by UNDSS; 
  • Encourage an exchange of security related information with UNDP project staff;
  • Assist in the preparation of UNDP security reports such as the Incident Reports and Weekly Reports;
  • Provides substantive support to the UNDP Security Unit in collecting and updating information with regards to security issues and communicating them to key interlocutors.

General assistance to the CO SFP

  • Maintain routine and confidential correspondence files/documents related to security issues;
  • Takes minutes and/or notes at UNDP Security meetings;
  • Process MCR, NOC and arrange Police escorts for mission and personnel movement where required. 
  • Assist in the implementation of Business Continuity Management, as required.

Other Tasks:

  • Provide assistance in the conduct and follow-up of information gathering and incidents affecting UNDP staff and offices;
  • In close cooperation with UNDSS, provides support in organizing and conducting training briefings and courses on security issues/awareness and preparedness and giving orientation to newly assigned members
  • Represent UNDP at security meetings, as appropriate, in the absence of LSA;
  • Perform UNDP SURGE duties in the sub-region under the direction of the FSS/NSO as required;
  • Perform other security-related tasks assigned by the LSA, NSO or FSS.

Other Skills and Requirements:

  • Knowledge of HF and VHF radio operation
  • Knowledge of host country safety codes
  • Solid computer skills (MS word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Ability to travel
  • Physically Fit
  • Able to work additional hours, when required. 
  • Recruitment Qualifications & Experience:


  • Matriculation/O­Level
  • Advanced University Degree in Political Science, Military Studies, Security Management, Management or a relevant field is highly desirable, but is not a requirement


  • 6 Years (Minimum 6 years relevant experience in security, preferably in the military or police context or related field of work. 
  • Prior experience with the UN system or an international NGO is desirable.

Language Requirements: 

  • Fluency in English and Urdu is required. 
  • Knowledge of language of the duty station is desirable. 
  • Knowledge of another UN language is an asset.

How To Apply:

  • If you are Interested kindly use the following link to apply: https://jobs.partneragencies.net/erecruitjobs.html?JobOpeningId=4890

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