Management Assistant

World Food Program, Mauritania

Skill Required:, HR and Admin
Preferred Experience: 
1 to 3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
14th August, 2021

Job Description

  • The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) is the largest humanitarian agency fighting against hunger in the world.
  • WFP's mission is to help the world reach the Zero Hunger goal by 2030. Every day, WFP works to ensure that the most vulnerable populations, especially women and children, can access the nutritious foods they need to lead productive and healthy lives.
  • Do you have experience in the field of administrative management? Would you like to develop your professional experience while helping to end world hunger?
  • Would you like to join WFP, an organization that works to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable populations? Do you want to join a global organization that invests in the development of its people?
  • If your answer is yes, then this position is for you. An excellent opportunity to become a full member of a diverse and passionate team.


  • The World Food Program (WFP) supports the efforts of the Mauritanian Government to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 2 “Zero Hunger” by 2030. In line with its mandate, WFP focuses on a dual objective of save lives and preserve livelihoods while promoting resilience capacities, both at national and local levels.
  • The incumbent will be expected to take responsibility for the successful implementation of a full range of human resource management activities requiring that he / she interpret to some extent the standard guidelines and practices available to them.
  • She / he should be able to recommend courses of action in their area of ​​competence and can provide guidance to other staff.
  • The incumbent will report directly to the HR Officer.


  • Help answer general human resources questions and follow up on actions that have been taken to ensure that the human resources services provided are consistent and effective.
  • Liaise with other units or sub-offices regarding human resource matters, such as payroll and contracts, and communicate information to enable timely human resource services to be provided.
  • Collect and collate data on the recruitment and selection of staff members, contractual conditions, performance rights and performance and training obligations to facilitate analyzes and meet information needs.
  • Provide administrative support in the context of various human resources management activities carried out in the areas of work assigned by the competent administrator, in particular with regard to the integration of new staff members, respecting the applicable processes and procedures .
  • Manage confidential personnel files as well as human resources databases and archives to ensure that data and files are stored and maintained correctly in accordance with established standards.
  • Write various documents relating to human resources, which are essential to the field of activity considered (employment contracts, transfer letters, documents concerning training, etc.), ensuring their accuracy and compliance with the deadlines.
  • Use human resource management systems to enter and update various data, especially to help track various deadlines (contract expiration, staff appraisal and rating dates, etc.), ensuring deadlines are met and the accuracy of the information.
  • Assist in the deployment of staff and the application of related administrative measures, such as simple reporting, in order to contribute to the efficiency of the human resource management services and thus enable WFP to intervene quickly in the event of a problem. crisis.


  • Managed and applied human resource management policies and procedures in accordance with WFP operating standards;
  • Carried out specific human resources management activities, such as payroll management, certain aspects of recruitment and interview management;
  • Communicated instructions appropriate to the circumstances to less experienced staff;
  • Has experience of working in different contexts of intervention of international organizations such as WFP respecting various strategic priorities;


  • Master's level in human resources, human / social sciences or related fields with at least one (01) year of relevant professional experience in the field of human resources;
  • or Bachelor, DUT or any other equivalent diploma with at least two (02) years of relevant professional experience in the field of human resources;
  • or Baccalaureate, BEP or any other equivalent diploma with at least four (04) years of relevant professional experience in the field of human resources.


  • Excellent level (spoken and written) in French.
  • A good level of English is a competitive advantage.


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