Manager- Communications

Swasti Health Catalyst, Bengaluru, India

Skill Required:, Media and CommunicationProject Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
10th October, 2020

Job Description

About the Organization:

Swasti Health Catalyst was envisioned as an organization to transform the lives of the marginalized communities by ensuring their access to quality healthcare. Swasti was registered as a not-for-profit society on 15 May, 2004.The vision is to envision a world of healthy people and mission is to empower people and communities, particularly poor and marginalized, to make the right choices to lead healthy lives.

TERMS OF REFERENCE - Manager, Communications

Swasti ( is looking to hire a Communications Manager. As Manager, Communications of Swasti, the primary role is to influence Swasti’s strategic outcome, by aligning the external and internal communication products, systems and processes to the overall Strategic Plan. The role will implement and contribute to the Communications policy and operations, and ensure process and systems compliance, under the guidance of the Communications Lead.

The Job

Role: As Manager, Communications of Swasti, the primary role is to influence Swasti’s strategic outcome, by aligning the external and internal communication products, systems and processes to the overall Strategic Plan. The role will implement and contribute to the Communications policy and operations, and ensure process and systems compliance, under the guidance of the Communications Lead. The core responsibilities are -


  • Translate the strategic plan to action in all communication processes and policies
  • Design, develop and implement various communication processes related to positioning of Swasti’s work, eminence building for its leaders, resource mobilisation and networking.
  • Ensure all communication products are backed by evidence and showcase Swasti’s knowledge and skill in its area.
  • Analyze industry (communication, marketing and development) trends and metrics to develop solutions, programs and policies

Delivers on:

  • Managing a steady flow of external communication aimed at positioning and resource mobilisation through digital, print and audio/visual media
  • Managing communication needs as raised by different teams (programme, thematic and enabler)
  • Managing ongoing communication product development - print, digital and audio/visual
  • Anchoring the Media Clearing Desk and any other such initiatives that vett or decide on positioning of the organisation
  • Supporting documentation and maintenance of capacity statements, work narratives and impact stories, with programme, thematic and M&E teams.
  • Supporting a positive work environment and relationships, with effective internal communication and maintaining effective communication processes through- 1. Capacity building initiatives; 2. Cross learning in between teams, projects and Catalyst Group organizations

Reports to: Associate Director, Strategic Communications, Swasti

  • Interacts with and is influenced by the Directors,Chief Mentor, CEOs (Swasti and other Group organisations), members of the Governing Body, Strategy2Results (S2R) team, Thematic and other Enabler leads, and their respective teams
  • Influences the Reporting Officers and all the employees of the organization.

Age and Gender: No restrictions


They don’t care about your qualifications but they do care about your ambition and experience

Desired Experience:

Minimum of 5 years experience of -

  • Partnering with Management and Thematic Experts in design and effective delivery of communication products, systems and ideas at - SBCC and Last mile (to communities); Internally (to teams); Externally (to networks)
  • Content writing, editing and design
  • Social Media Management


  • (In-depth) Of media and communication processes for the development sector and for resource mobilisation and marketing.
  • Of communication theory, technique and practice in the marketing, SBCC and design space.
  • Of product, workflow and process design tools and techniques, and application to the specific needs of the organization
  • Of communication for development best practices, and application to the organization
  • In-depth knowledge of IP laws to ensure statutory compliance.


  • Relationship building which will help to work with thematic experts, stakeholders, experts etc, and managing expectations at all levels
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Proficiency in the use of writing and design tools and familiarity with project management tools. Working knowledge of using Dedoose/SPSS tools is an added advantage
  • Application of Media, Communication & Marketing knowledge in a Social Development and Public Health sector context and vice versa.
  • Analytical skills to gather and analyse raw information related to communication metrics, stories and research data.
  • Self- motivated, and ability to partner effectively for the execution of management of communication.
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively (Written and verbal) in English

Work Ethics

  • Timely delivery of tasks with focus on quality and consistency.
  • Must work with a sense of urgency.
  • Is expected to brief, shadow and deliver on high value communication products and support on all other communication products.
  • Will ensure all external products are quality assured.
  • Will ensure adequate coverage of all of Swasti’s work and credits given where due.
  • Will be personally disciplined and show respect to organization values and traditions.
  • Will invest in self development and demonstrate that investment in work norms and outputs.
  • Will work in a focused manner in nurturing and building talent in the Communications vertical.


The role is seen by the organization as being critical to achieving its strategic plan. The ideal incumbent:

  • Demonstrates a strong sense of community at the centre, and champion the cause of the development of and support to the Communications team within the organization.
  • Enjoys managing all the communication process verticals as demanded by the role
  • Passionate and committed to handle teams in multiple locations and ensure that the organizational policies related to communication processes are met without any deviations.
  • Competent at managing pressure and to assess and absorb information quickly
  • Demonstrates qualities of empathy and ability to go in depth of any internal communication related issue and where required flag to the People Process Partner for intervention.
  • Open to new ideas and ways of doing work and achieving results
  • Demonstrate a high degree of creativity
  • Open to flexibility in working hours
  • Able to build and sustain relationships and communication threads both within the organization, and the Catalyst Group organizations, and outside
  • Demonstrates passion towards the organization’s cause

Geography: Delhi / Bangalore

Travel: Is expected to travel on need basis.


  • The incumbent will be assessed by the reporting officer on the accomplishment and delivery of all components described.
  • The measurement will also include demonstrated elements of commitment, passion, accountability, ideation, flexibility, accessibility, and system and process management as well as the expected work ethics.

Growth Opportunities

  • The organization has an open policy of growth based on opportunity, demonstrated personal growth, and personal aspirations. It is not a norm that growth will take place vertically only.
  • Growth is also seen as the organization being more inclusive in the incumbent’s involvement in strategic organization growth. This position can
  • Be part of the Synergy Excellence Assurance and Leveraging (SEAL) unit, which operates at the Group level
  • Grow horizontally, in terms of providing support to the communication teams of the other Group organizations as they exist today or may come up in the future, or have an external facing role, in terms of developing communications as a practice area for other organizations in the development sector
  • Grow vertically, in terms of being absorbed to the Governing Body

Authority/Delegation: Level 3 based on expertise

Compensation: As per organisation policy on cadre and grade


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