Manager, Finance & Administration

Islamic Development Bank

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Experience: 5 to 10 Years

Skill Required: Accounts and Finance

  • Serve as the focal point and ‘resource centre’ for all legal matters related to the activities of the Finance & CFO Complex, the Directorate of Corporate Services and the Islamic Development Bank Institute.
  •  Manage the provision of legal advice in connection with all investments and treasury operations activities of the bank.
  •  Manage the provision of legal advice in connection with all administrative matters, human resources management, institutional procurement, and corporate legal issues of the bank.
  •  Manage the provision of legal services to the Islamic Development Bank Institute in all its activities and facilitate responsive action to changing circumstances.
  •  Manage the provision of legal services to the management of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Projects for Utilization of Hadi and ADAHI (and similar programs) in all its activities and facilitate responsive action to changing circumstances.

Key Responsibilities:

Investment and Finance Legal Responsibilities:

  • Clear legal documents required for the implementation of the bank’s Investment policy and investment policies of the funds under the management/administration of the bank.
  •  Manage the legal advice on the bank’s Asset and Liability Management, financial regulations, policies, and rules.
  •  Manage the legal advice of the bank’s Treasury and Investments to affect the Bank’s resource mobilization.
  •  Manage the legal aspects of cash management, bank account agreements, and contracts for the custody or investment of the bank’s financial resources, and management of the Bank’s financial assets.
  •  Manage the legal support in the negotiation and implementation of investments, and treasury activities of the bank.
  •  Participate in the review, negotiation and clearance of major legal documents and agreements related to the bank’s investment and resource mobilization activities.
  •  Advise on the establishment and functioning of investment management funds of the bank.

Corporate Transactions Legal Responsibilities:

Clear legal documentation of diverse institutional matters (agreements, contracts, and instruments).

  •  Manage the legal service in all institutional procurement activities of the bank, including real state property, procurement of various services necessary for the administration of the bank, procurement of IT hardware and software, and other capital investment activities.
  •  Manage the legal support in all human resource matters including recruitment, administration of staff benefits, and contract negotiations.
  •  Clear the legal documentation related to the activities of the Islamic Development Bank Institute.
  •  Clear the legal documentation related to the activities of the management of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Projects for Utilization of Hadi and ADAHI, and similar programs.
  •  Advise on the implementation and/or interpretation of administrative/corporate instruments, including among others financial regulations, Presidential instructions, staff pension policies, Staff Regulations, Rules, etc.

Strategic and Operational Responsibilities:

  •  Contribute to the formulation and development of Legal Department’s strategy and business plans, covering all areas of finance and administration, and aligned to the IsDB strategy.
  •  Approve the proposals for process improvements and monitor their implementation to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance of the related operations in the division.
  •  Manage the development and implementation of appropriate systems, frameworks, approaches, processes, and guidelines to enable the division to provide efficient services.
  •  Ensure the provision of legal expertise, research, and knowledge services to advance the bank’s Islamic Finance agenda and developmental mandate.
  •  Manage the development and dissemination of the knowledge base and inventory of best practices applicable to the division’s functions.
  •  Develop key results targets and performance indicators (KPIs) related to the strategy and operational plans of the division.
  •  Measure and monitor results related to the work of the division and undertake evaluations as well as inventories of lessons learned for further input into the management of legal risk and legal service delivery.
  •  Ensure the bank’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations and keep abreast of legislative changes that may affect the bank and its affiliates.
  •  Manage the preparation of the divisions’ budget and monitor actual expenditure against the approved budget.
  •  Oversee the delivery of the division’s services and their compliance with internal systems, business processes, and policies.
  •  Manage the conceptualization and development of relevant policies, procedures and programs and provide counsel and guidance on all related legal matters and on legal implications of all related matters.

Leadership & People Management:

  •   Provide motivational and inspirational leadership to the team members and communicates clear performance expectations.
  •  Coach, mentor and provide regular feedback to the team members on results at a function level, promptly addressing areas of improvement.
  •  Manage the preparation of development plan according to career growth and areas of improvement.
  •  Promote knowledge sharing, best practices, and innovations in critical aspects of the division’s functions.
  •  Ensure fairness and equality in the task assignments among team members and provide equal opportunities for staff to acquire new skills.

Reporting and Communication:

  •  Manage the preparation of periodic reports as per the Director, Legal Department and senior management requirements.
  •  Participate in the approval process for internal approving bodies e.g., Senior management, and the board of executive directors.
  •  Interact with the heads of business units and entities on legal related matters that require Legal opinion, actions, and inputs, for taking measures to ensure the effective implementation of the legal advice.
  •  Respond efficiently to business-related demands that require strategic legal advice.

Job Requirements:

Academic and professional qualifications:

  •  Master’s degree in Law or related discipline and admission / membership in a Bar Admission.
  •  Minimum 10 years of relevant experience in international / Islamic banking and Finance, Project Finance, Trade Finance, International Finance, Corporate Law, Development, and Public International Law.
  •  Minimum 5 years of managerial/supervisory experience.


  • English Mandatory
  • Arabic Preferred 
  • French Preferred