MEAL Officer

Handicap International - Humanity & Inclusion, Bogota, Colombia

Skill Required:, Monitoring and Evaluation
Preferred Experience: 
2 years of relevant work experience
Email for CV Submission: 
Closing Date for Applications: 
4th June, 2020

Job Description



Contributes to the definition of the MEAL and Information Management (GI) action plans and puts them into practice in the areas to which it is assigned.

  • In close collaboration with the MEAL Manager of the Latin America region and project managers, guarantees the implementation of monitoring systems, data collection, information management, evaluation, and accountability to populations of interest and knowledge management adapted to the context and allowing compliance with HI standards.
  •  Transmits to the MEAL Manager any information or difficulties that may contribute to the improvement of the systems.
  •  Contributes to the performance and management of the MEAL department.


Supports project managers in the implementation of the minimum project management processes described in the PME policy and guidelines (Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation)

  •  Under the supervision of the regional MEAL Manager, trains and supports project managers in the PME practical guide and its application to the program.
  •  Ensures proper planning and execution of essential evaluation monitoring processes in project management.


It is responsible for establishing systems for monitoring results and complying with methodological standards for conducting surveys.

  •  Under the supervision of the regional MEAL Manager, ensures the systematic creation of monitoring plans and regular follow-up of project indicators.
  •  Provides technical support to project managers and trains project teams and interviewers in monitoring and survey methods. In particular, it supports the design of questionnaires and survey protocols applied in the areas to which it is assigned.
  •  Contributes, as required and as part of the monitoring plans, to design and implement specific surveys or monitoring activities through its direct supervision or execution.


It is in charge of establishing the data and information management systems defined at the program level for the assigned intervention areas

  •  Develops databases as necessary and ensures the registration and processing of data as part of the studies carried out.
  •  Contributes to the collection of data analysis needs and the creation of dashboards.
  •  Ensures access to relevant internal and external information to all personnel in the area (s) to which it is assigned.


It is responsible for compliance with HI standards regarding the evaluation of projects in the area (s) to which it is assigned.

  •  Responsible for respecting HI's commitments in relation to project evaluation activities, including annual self-evaluations and monitoring of internal or external evaluations carried out in the assigned intervention areas.
  •  Ensure that feedback sessions on evaluation results are held with beneficiaries, partners and other stakeholders in the project in the areas assigned.


It is responsible for the implementation of the mechanisms of accountability to the populations, defined by the regional MEAL Manager in the assigned intervention areas.

  •  Contributes to the definition of accountability mechanisms for the populations of interest and is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of those mechanisms in the areas to which it is assigned.
  •  Provides regular analysis of the accountability mechanisms established for continuous improvement of interventions to the regional MEAL Manager


Contributes to learning and continuous improvement of HI interventions

  •  It is responsible for establishing processes and methods to collect, analyze, model and appropriate the knowledge produced, in accordance with the frameworks defined by the regional MEAL Manager.
  •  Contributes to the analysis of the information collected and the knowledge produced to strengthen collective learning.
  •  Shares the knowledge produced in the areas to which it is internally assigned to the program and more broadly at the organizational level through the use of the HI Library.


Contributes to the external representation and promotion of the HI experience.

  • It represents HI's experience in the MEAL and IM field in all the relevant networks in its area of ​​intervention.


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