Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

FHI 360, Kathmandu, Nepal

Skill Required:, Monitoring and Evaluation
Closing Date for Applications: 
25th June, 2019

Job Description

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Specialist is responsible for managing strategic information (SI) system and web-based Mero Data- of LINKAGES Nepal Project. M&E Specialist is also responsible for providing support to LINKAGES Nepal SI Unit for monitoring of the project activities, data collection, analysis and reporting, data quality assessment (DQA), development of tools, mapping and training. M&E Specialist will support the SI Unit to provide technical assistance (TA) for strengthening strategic information to the national HIV/AIDS program under the National Center for AIDS and STD Control (NCASC), the LINKAGES Nepal Project Country Office and implementing partner agencies (IAs); Health Management Information Systems (HMIS), province and local government.

Key Responsibilities :

  • Maintain and update sound off-line and on-line Mero Data and manage Mero Data system for LINKAGES Nepal Project
  • Upgrade data collection and reporting tools and systems including emerging needs of the project to ensure data are regularly collected, collated and analyzed for local and global reporting requirements and the internal monitoring and reporting systems
  • Generate data and reports for LINKAGES Nepal quarterly progress report and as per requirement
  • Generate data and report in High Frequency Reporting, Early Warning Review System, DATIM, INFOLINK, PPR and TraiNet
  • Develop dashboard in Mero Data according to core, custom and operational indicators of LINKAGES Nepal project at facility and community level and share the monthly cumulative achievement to program and technical staff
  • Update the annual and cumulative achievement template of LINKAGES Nepal project
  • Support SI Specialist to develop and implement one National HIV information system and to train health personnel of ART and HTC centers
  • Ensure clean data are reported in Mero Data from health facility and community by partners every month
  • Update weekly performance review sheet of partners with latest requirement
  • Maintain, upgrade and use Geographical Information System (GIS) within the M&E system and effectively create various types of maps to communicate and facilitate the use of M&E data
  • Build capacity of program and technical staff in efficient use of Mero Data including GIS application for better and focused targeting of the interventions
  • Provide support to the overall technical assistance provided to NCASC, and HMIS on national, provincial and local level M&E activities
  • Ensure regular review, analyze the program related data and inform program staff gaps/issues and for program improvement
  • Support to provide M&E TA as requested by USAID collaborating partners, UN agencies and other organizations
  • Support to develop, implement and update the M&E plan, systems and framework for LINKAGES Nepal Project and its IAs that qualitatively and quantitatively measures long-term accomplishments, subproject progress, monitoring needs and all reporting requirements of LINKAGES Nepal, donors and Government of Nepal (GON) as well as the methods of data collection and data quality issues
  • Lead M&E training for IAs and provide field support to IAs for M&E training follow up
  • Support M&E related capacity-building with IAs through trainings and workshops such as carry out M&E and MIS training for IAs
  • Support the development of M&E framework including targets for each implementing partners sub-agreement
  • Assist M&E unit to develop data analysis of LINKAGES Nepal Project activities for sharing with program and technical team on a regular basis based on national and regional perspectives
  • Make key program achievement related presentations jointly with supervisor and Team Leader during reporting out and other key program meetings
  • Develop analysis of accomplishments and progress of implementing agencies
  • Support the DQA process by carrying out field visits and by helping prepare initial reports in partnership with Program Officers
  • Lead the DQA process at LINKAGES Nepal Project Country Office for training related indicators.
  • Provide support to IAs and program staff in collection. compilation and analysis of rural/municipality/VDC level data
  • Document LINKAGES Nepal Project M&E tools, resources, approaches and lessons learned to disseminate with IAs, other HIV/AIDS projects, donors, GON and LINKAGES Nepal Project

Minimum Requirements :

  • Master’s degree in public health, social science or behavioral science or epidemiology or statistics and at least 3 years related experience or a bachelor’s degree with 5 years of related experience in development programming, especially, planning, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Experience in online and offline reporting system/DHIS2, GIS, data analysis and monitoring.
  • Demonstrated flexibility and openness in responding to PEPFAR and USAID work priorities and deadlines
  • Experience with USAID rules and regulations
  • Ability to work in teams and create collaborative team building environment


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