Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Officer

International Union for Conservation of Nature

dakar, Senegal

Experience: 3 to 5 Years

Skill Required: Monitoring and Evaluation

The monitoring and evaluation officer will be responsible for monitoring and evaluating the project "Mangrove forest management from Senegal to Benin" of the PAPBio program. In collaboration with implementing partners, it will develop a monitoring and evaluation system that takes into account the specificities of their interventions.

The scope covered by the M&E system relates to the management and use of data and information relating to the progress of the project. This data management is organized to support management decisions and project steering towards the achievement of these objectives. He/she will be responsible for the overall coordination of the project's periodic reporting system, the project's contributions to IUCN's internal and external periodic reporting. The intervention of the M/E officer is at 3 levels: 1) coordination with the partners implementing the activities and the M/E framework 2) integration of the project's M/E framework into the M/E system E du PACO 3) Development of M/E tool for the activities implemented by IUCN in the intervention landscape.

In close collaboration with the project coordinator, the head of unit, and the regional M&E officer, he will be responsible for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of project implementation, identifying obstacles and to formulate solutions. The M&E officer will collaborate with the communication officer on the identification, capitalisation, promotion and dissemination of all the learning and all the changes generated by the projects concerned.

In the landscape under IUCN's responsibilities, in collaboration with the project coordinator, the M/E officer will prepare and carry out field monitoring missions for the monitoring of activities implemented directly by IUCN and by grant beneficiaries. .

Specific Tasks:

  • Coordinate the implementation and operationalization of monitoring-evaluation and learning within the framework of the PAPBio C1-Mangroves project managed by IUCN;
  • Ensure consistency between the monitoring-evaluation system and the baseline situation established;
  • Coordinate the establishment and facilitation of a mechanism to facilitate results and performance-based management and monitoring of project and grant projects, with a view to strengthening accountability, learning, transparency and coordination;
  • Support building the capacity of grant project beneficiaries to collect, classify, analyze, disseminate, use and share data and information related to project implementation;
  • Organize the regular collection and processing of data in relation to the project monitoring indicators;
  • Work with partners and grantees and participate in the planning, implementation and reporting of identified studies and field activities.
  • Support the coordinator, the MACO coordination team, implementing partners and beneficiaries to mobilize communities in the landscapes of the IUCN project.
  • Organize the planning and implementation of follow-up field visits for the supervision of partners' activities and provide logistical and technical support to partners.

Expected accomplishments:

Establish, animate and manage the information system of the project:

  • with the implementation partners,
  • with the coordination of M&E at the PACO level and
  • with the colleagues of the project for the landscape of intervention,
  • Develop dashboards and periodic summary reports;
  • Propose harmonized models of programming documents and activity and progress reports for the project;
  • These progress report templates should show the level of achievement of the planned activities;
  • Prepare the internal and external evaluations at the end of the project phase.
  • Participate in the preparation of the technical documents necessary for the smooth running of the meetings of the various project bodies;
  • Participate in the realization of the project execution plan;
  • Ensure the production/consolidation of project monitoring and evaluation reports;
  • Consolidate annual and quarterly project activity reports;
  • Participate in the implementation of communication activities to raise awareness of the program and the progress made in its implementation.

Qualifications And Skills Required:

  • Higher diploma (Bac + 3 minimum) in the following fields: sociology, project management, natural resources, economics, socio-economics, agro-economics, statistics, or equivalent
  • 3 years professional experience desired in a post of monitoring and evaluation manager in a project funded by multilateral partners or in international organizations
  • Good knowledge of planning tools and principles;
  • Good capacity for analysis, synthesis and writing;
  • Proficiency in IT tools and monitoring-evaluation software, as well as traditional database and office software;
  • Have experience in teamwork in a multicultural and/or multilingual context;
  • Excellent command of written and spoken French and English;
  • Be willing to travel regularly in the countries of intervention of the project;
  • Flexibility and good interpersonal skills: courtesy, patience, sense of negotiation.