Monitoring & Evaluation Manager

World Vision, Laos

Skill Required:, Monitoring and Evaluation
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
31st March, 2020

Job Description


The Monitoring and Evaluation Manager will work within the Strategy and Evidenceunit to support WV Lao PDR’s strategic goal by collecting, validating and reporting the impact made in the lives of children, especially the Most Vulnerable in Laos. They will have a direct link to the Program Quality and Design Unit, supporting reporting of impact and application of evidence based learning. The M&E Manager will formulate and implement the national M&E system to ensure the quality of the implementation of the activities across all program areas. This position will be responsible to

  • Ensure integrity of data by ensuring that data collection is high quality and standard.
  • Maintain the monitoring management system and make needful changes based on the selected indicators and processes.
  • To perform evidence meta-analysis function and ensure themes and trends across the full national portfolio are statistically analyzed and presented to key stakeholders for decision making.
  • Key responsibilities of the M&E Manager are;
  • Leading collection of evidence of impact, including overseeing project assessments and research, ensuring high quality data collection, analysis and reporting,
  • Establishing a robust monitoring and evaluation system and overseeing data integrity by ensuring the data collection process is of high quality and standard for all Technical Programs across the organization,
  • Performing statistical data analysis for all Technical Programs in order to report significant change, areas of impact and low performance, and
  • Presentation of data in various ways to the technical and implementation teams for interpretation, evidence based learning and to inform decision making.
  • Provide capacity building and coaching to technical and staff to ensure collection of quality data

Major Responsibilities of Job:

Ensure data quality:

  • Statistical data analysis of TECHNICAL PROGRAMME baseline and monitoring across every TECHNICAL PROGRAMME (Grants and other Projects) to ensure the data is accurate and quality.
  • Create and extract data from electronic data collection systems such asKobo and ODK.
  • Manage TECHNICAL PROGRAMME data from baseline, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Visualize and present the information of TECHNICAL PROGRAMME baseline and monitoring data to all relevant stakeholders for interpretation.
  • Conduct TECHNICAL PROGRAMME meta-analysis of all available data lead resulting in the generation of evidence of change at the national level.
  • Produce an evidence-based summary report for the attention from all WVI-L senior leadership and management team.
  • Guide the Technical Program team to align with WVI M&E guideline and provide required capacity building and coaching to WV staff, to ensure collection, analysis and reporting of quality data.
  • Develop and practice the operational guidance well including statistical sampling methodology, database, data management, and data processing for each TECHNICAL PROGRAMME.
  • Conduct data quality check.
  • Develop and review Technical Programs / Projects reporting to ensure the quality.

Lead research/study:

  • Lead the process of all baseline, mid-term and end-line assessments, including design of tools, staff training and data collection, analysis and verification of results.
  • Lead the process of any innovation research/study required by providing appropriate technical process including sampling, tool, and data collection technology.
  • Document research/study report for future learning and improvement.
  • Co-lead the process of research with external consultant or WVI research team.

Programs/Projects Planning:

  • Guide AP/project staff to understand the results of data from national level for annual review project planning, analysis of lessons learnt and review of impact of interventions.
  • Recommend to TECHNICAL PROGRAMME/AP/Project team for decision making during project planning or annual review planning process based on statistical analysis results.


  • Have a bachelor or master degree in integrated development management, business intelligence or related field of research and analysis.
  • Degree or certificate in M&E, or program/project management or research study
  • In absence of the degree, it is required to have at least 5 years’ experience in an M&E role in community development, particularly in participatory project management.
  • Minimum of five years in demonstrated competency in providing management level support to monitoring and evaluation
  • Knowledge of development work, including program logic, theory of change, and community empowerment,Programme Information Management Systems
  • Strong understanding of evidence based programming and a commitment to excellence
  • Demonstrated experience of setting up and extracting data from electronic data collection systems such as Kobo and ODK.
  • Demonstrated experience in statistical analysis.
  • Demonstrated experience in Baseline, Mid-term and Endline assessments and development and use of both quantitative and qualitative tools.
  • Ability to train others, ability to provide technical guidance and support to others, including zone and project staff. Good presentation skills. Strong team work and support
  • Ability to identify and plan work strategically and to work to deadlines.
  • Willingness to continually improve and upgrade technical and computer knowledge.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Lao
  • Willingness to travel to the provinces and districts on a frequent basis.
  • Good analytical skills
  • Good knowledge about research study methodology/baseline study
  • Good knowledge in complex data analysis, information presentation, technique and interpreting data
  • Statistical data analysis software (SPSS, STATA, EpiInfo….)
  • Experience supporting development activities in NGO context


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