Multimedia Officer

International Labour Organization

Geneva, Switzerland

Experience: 0 to 3 Years

Skill Required: Media and Communication

This position is located in the News and Media Unit (NEWS) within the Department of Communication and Public Information (DCOMM).  DCOMM works in collaboration with ILO headquarters departments in Geneva and with ILO field offices to advise, plan and coordinate ILO communication and knowledge-sharing activities. DCOMM establishes and implements communication-related activities, products and events to communicate the work of the ILO to its constituents, partner institutions and the general public.
The position will be responsible primarily for delivering high quality photographs, as well as other multimedia content when required for the unit and the Office, including field offices, and contributes to the overall output of DCOMM and the Organization. 
The position will report to the head of NEWS.

Specific Duties:

  • Take high quality photographs of the ILO Director-General and high-level officials and government representatives at the request of the DG’s Cabinet and Protocol service, being responsive to last minute requests and schedule changes.  
  • Respond to other photographic requests from DCOMM, various units and services of the ILO and its regional offices, including the taking of portraits, group photos, ratifications, objects, visitors and internal events for web, social media and other platforms.  
  • Under the supervision of the head of NEWS, cover the photographic needs of official meetings, including the International Labour Conference and the Governing Body.
  • Provide ILO photographs to media on request.
  • Optimize, index, tag, caption and upload photos to the ILO photo database, including those taken by national and regional ILO offices. 
  • Keep DCOMM’s guidelines on photography up to date.  Provide guidance and ad-hoc training to officials at ILO headquarters and in the field on photography.
  • Record and edit a variety of audio-visual outputs such as promotional videos, video news releases, social media videos, podcasts, including language versions.
  • Propose and prepare short scripts and storylines for audiovisual content to be disseminated on the ILO website and social media channels.
  • Contribute to multimedia and other promotional campaigns and special events.
  • Support video/audio recordings at the ILO headquarters and in the DCOMM studio.
  • Ensure quality of outputs in all content products, alignment with ILO branding and engagement objectives.
  • Perform other relevant duties as assigned.
  • These specific duties are aligned with the relevant ILO generic job description, which includes the following generic duties:

Generic Duties:

  • Research and develop materials for specific information topics and/or outputs such as audio/video productions. Collect and compile information for dissemination.
  • Draft news releases, correspondence or other information publications, and assist with the distribution of information materials.
  • Prepare briefing materials for senior communication and public information specialists prior to their appearance at interviews, conferences and briefings. Participate in the organization of seminars, conferences and meetings.
  • Maintain lines of communication and working relationships with representatives of the media, NGOs and/or other groups to develop an understanding of information requirements.
  • Edit, write or rewrite articles, newsletters or other information materials as required.
  • Assist with the production of audio/video projects by conducting research, acquiring copyright and other clearances, and arranging for editing and audio mixing. Participate in the development and maintenance of web-sites. 

Required qualifications:

  • First-level university degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent) in communications, journalism, international relations, liberal arts or other relevant field.


  • At least three years of professional experience in public information or related fields of work. Experience in photography and videography, including archiving, filming, editing and basic motion graphic design. 


  • Excellent command of one working language (English, French, Spanish) of the Organization.  Working knowledge of a second working language would be an advantage.