National Consultant, Community coordinators

UNICEF, Kinshasa, Congo

Skill Required:, Media and Communication
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
21st January, 2021

Job Description


The main objective of the UNICEF DRC office is to promote children's rights and provide essential information to their parents throughout the DRC. The aim of this consultation is to provide children and their parents with essential services via social networks and via FM radio.


The community leaders-managers lead a network of child reporters and young reporters, supporting them, in close association with the supervisors. They ensure the proper functioning of the overall system to encourage children and young people to participate and contribute to the production of content (articles, images, and audio notes). They are the guarantors of the quality of productions and exchanges on all platforms. They coordinate and facilitate the flow of information between UNICEF, Okapi Child and children / young reporters.

They will report to the communications manager and will work closely with UNICEF staff in the field.

Description of tasks

Regularly ensure the capacity building of children / young reporters in the production of lived stories (articles, short videos and photos)
Adapt and update training modules on the production of real life stories (articles, short videos and photos)
Boost the dynamic so that children / young reporters get involved in the production of multimedia elements;
Maintain a permanent link with Okapi's editorial secretary to deliver the sound elements to him, and to know the forecasts of upcoming programs;
Ensure a permanent link with the supervisors and the children / young reporters, via Facebook and WhatsApp, to invite them to contribute on the UNICEF social media platforms.


  • Adapted and revised training modules available
  • Real life stories available (articles, short videos and photos)
  • Monthly forecasts of available digital programs and content

Qualifications and professional experience required

  • University degree in journalism, communications, external relations, public affairs, public relations or corporate communications, or an undergraduate degree.
  • 3 years of proven professional experience in journalism, communication, external relations, public affairs, public relations or corporate communication.
  • 3 years of professional experience in the field of external communication and the production of professional video footage and video reports.


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