National Consultant on Development Finance Assessment

United Nations Development Programme, Juba, South Sudan

Skill Required:, Finance and Accounts
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
16th March, 2021

Job Description

The Development Finance Assessment (DFA) is a tool to help countries shape the inception phase in the process of operationalising an Integrated National Financing Framework (INFF) which will support financing for building back better. The DFA offers a comprehensive analysis of the public and private financing outlook, financing policies and institutional structures, and opportunities to build a more integrated approach to financing. It is a tool designed to aggregate analysis and build collaboration among actors. Alongside the new analysis that it undertakes, the DFA draws together information from a wide range of sources and assessments that focus on particular finance flows or policy areas, including quantitative and qualitative data and other proxy indicators, as available.

A series of financing dialogues form the backbone of the DFA process. Under the guidance of a government-led national oversight committee, the DFA brings together government officials, private sector and other stakeholders to facilitate discussion on how to operationalise a more integrated approach to financing development priorities through an INFF. The DFA facilitates discussions on the challenges and opportunities across public and private financing and aims to build consensus on ways forward.

The outcome of the DFA is an INFF Roadmap which lays out the steps that will be taken subsequently to operationalise an INFF. The INFF Roadmap will be developed under the leadership of the oversight committee and capture the steps agreed through the DFA process about how each of the INFF building blocks will be brought together and operationalized within the context of South Sudan.

In this way the DFA can shape the inception phase of the process of operationalising an INFF in South Sudan to support sustainable socio-economic recovery and development. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Scope of work:

Under the supervision of the Lead INFF expert, and working with the UNDP South Sudan country office, the national expert will support the Development Finance Assessment process, analysis and dialogue leading to the articulation and agreement of an INFF Roadmap for South Sudan.

The National expert is responsible for collecting data, policy documents and analysis and for liaising with government officials and other national stakeholders. They will support the Lead expert in completing the process of analysis, consultation, and dialogue throughout the DFA in accordance with the approach outlined in the DFA Guidebook.

This INFF process shall be in two parts – one that identifies the financing needs of costs the NDS and the other driving the financing needs and strategy for the SDGs in the country. Both parts will be included as a chapter in the NDS. The second part will tackle the financing constraints identified in the DFA process.

A costing exercise that would provide the overall picture of financing needs of the NDS;

A DFA process which analyses the INFF building blocks for the country;

Undertaking financing strategy, including financing needs and policies for the NDS and for implementation of the SDGs.

In detail, this would involve the roll-out of a DFA process, which will provide an overarching direction for the INFF roadmap encompassing and providing basis for the SDG Financing Strategy. Thus, the DFA process would lead to an INFF roadmap including key areas of work such as budgeting, taxation, etc. and the development of the financing strategy to include both public and private financing policies such as debt, development cooperation, PPP, investment, etc.

In parallel to costing the NDS and to undertaking a DFA, the financing for the SDGs in South Sudan will also include supporting capacity building issues especially targeted work on budgeting, which would be the entry point where planning and financing process could be integrated into. Therefore, the overall SDG Budgeting process shall include the development of manuals, trainings connected with citizen budget, SDG coding through budget, etc., and Gender Responsive Budgeting. All these are part of the INFF Roadmap and shall take some cascading approach to the subnational level to include State level planning.

The responsibilities of the National expert will include but is not limited to the following activities through each phase of the DFA:

Costing exercise;

  • Work jointly with sector experts, researchers, data analysts and statistical staff to identify and validate costing estimates of the SDG Mainstreamed NDS using the selected costing methodologies and approaches.

DFA initial analysis and consultation phase

  • Engage with government officials and other national stakeholders to collect relevant data, policy documentation and analysis to inform the DFA analysis;
  • Support the Lead expert to undertake analysis of the financing context and outlook, and of existing structures, ongoing reforms, and opportunities to strengthen financing policies and institutional structures in relation to the building blocks of an INFF;
  • Support the Lead expert and country office to plan missions, consultations and Financing Dialogues as needed, including arranging logistics and reaching out to stakeholders;
  • Support, and lead where necessary, consultations with stakeholders across the financing landscape to; collect data, information; and analysis; engage stakeholders in the DFA process and share; socialize and refine initial emerging findings and ideas for recommendations to be developed;
  • Support technical discussions in the initial Financing Dialogue.

Facilitating Financing Dialogue toward the INFF Roadmap

  • Support ongoing analysis as priorities are identified and potential recommendations identified;
  • Support Lead expert to prepare first draft DFA report;
  • Support Lead expert to conduct technical discussions through a series of Financing Dialogues;
  • Support dedicated working groups as needed.

Articulating and agreeing the INFF Roadmap

  • Support Lead expert to draft the INFF Roadmap;
  • Support Lead expert working with relevant stakeholders to refine and develop actionable recommendations;
  • Support process of finalizing the INFF Roadmap as needed.

Expected deliverables:

  • This INFF process shall be in two parts – one that identifies the financing needs of costs the NDS and the other driving the financing needs and strategy for the SDGs in the country. The first part will not go beyond May 2021 so that it can be incorporated into the NDS document. The other part shall not go beyond October 2021.


Initial data collection and analysis, bilateral consultations and first financing dialogue

  • Series of financing dialogues
  • First draft INFF Roadmap and DFA report
  • INFF Roadmap and DFA report approved

Required Skills and Experience

Academic Qualification:

  • Master’s degree in economics, public finance, or other relevant area.

Professional Experience:

  • At least 5-7 years of experience in the fields of finance, public financial management, private sector development or budgeting and planning. Previous experience with a development partner or government is a very strong advantage;
  • Research experience in areas of public or private financing policy for sustainable development is required;
  • Good knowledge of data collection and analysis is essential;
  • Good knowledge of sustainable development financing issues in South Sudan;
  • Good knowledge of South Sudan government systems and processes, particularly in relation to the budget, private finance policies, planning processes and their integration;
  • Ability to conduct interviews with government and key stakeholders.

Language requirement:

Proficiency in English (written and spoken) is required.


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