United Nations Development Programme(UNDP), Colombo, Sri Lanka

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme ManagementResearch and Analysis
Preferred Experience: 
Above 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
15th March, 2015

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

Study available data and documented information

  • Engage with stakeholders (e.g. local government, private sector, industries, the public, civil society organizations and school children) and capture issues and concerns;

Collect and analyse data on ecological and socioeconomical conditions of the study area:

  • Catalog and review the number and type of pollution-related complaints from relavent Prashedhiya Sabhas received by CEA/ Local Authorities and Divisional Secretary;
  • Provide a listing, of the type of industry and the chemical pollutants being used/disposed;
  • Describe chemical disposal methods and their impacts on ecosystems and the surrounding community, focusing on at least 3 case studies providing details of environmental, social and health impacts to the community from water pollution (visible downstream impacts of water pollution, where possible documenting photographic evidence of degradation or helath impacts);
  • Identify environmental and social mitigation measures to address the impacts identified; Establish CBO network to promote champions to address, followup mitigation measures with other stakeholders;
  • Give recommendations of strategies to adopt to move towards minimising industrial pollution levels of Kelani river;
  • Create a database with baseline data on study statistics for knowlege sharing and future references and handover to Ministry of Enviornment.

Expected Deliverables:

  • Report on industrial water pollution of Kelani river with emphasis on chemical pollutants, that  provides recommendations on  pollution control;
  • Increased awareness, consenses and ownership of stakeholders towards mitigatory actions and  network of CBOs  is established to champion protecting the Kalani river;
  • Electronic database is created on baseline data of the industrial pollutants.


  • Basic Degree or equivalent in natural sciences, environmental management, law or related fields.


  • Minimum of 10 years of demonstrable experience and knowledge in the field of environment litigation, applied reasearch and ecology;
  • The prospective consultant should have solid experience on applied research on environmental rights of the people & environment and ecological sustainability;
  • Expierience on public debate on environmental good governance, Promoting ecologically sustainable development and environmentally responsible neighbourhoods, Safeguard nature and people from environmentally & socially irresponsible activities and human rights violations, database creation and  chemical analysis;
  • Computer proficiency, especially related to professional office software packages (Microsoft Office).


  • Excellent English language skills, particularly in the preparation of written documents.


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