National Expert And Team Coordinator

Global Green Growth Institute - GGGI

Bangkok, Thailand

Experience: 3 to 5 Years

Skill Required: Media and Communication

Thailand Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Climate Change and Environment (CCE, formerly ONEP) is the political partner in Thailand. Technical work for SPAR6C is developed in partnership with the Climate Change Management and Coordination Division Director. The Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO) and other relevant government agencies will assist to implement activities. CCE and TGO will also supervise the alignment of the project with national priorities and its integration in national policy frameworks. They will also provide a feedback loop to international climate negotiations.
SPAR6C is seeking an individual consultant for the role of Thailand Article 6 and Carbon Markets Expert. This consultant will be responsible for providing technical expertise to the SPAR6C team in Thailand and for coordinating in-country activities and local team experts to ensure the project's successful implementation in Thailand.
The primary objective of this assignment is twofold. First, it aims to provide consistent technical expertise and support to the SPAR6C project, emphasizing the smooth coordination of personnel and the effective execution of project activities. Second, the assignment underscores the need for technical harmony between international and local perspectives. Achieving this congruence involves close collaboration with the international team, particularly with KPC, and with the guidance of GGGI.
The Consultant will be engaged on a daily-rate basis to undertake the following activities:
Serve as primary government focal point for SPAR6C technical assistance and capacity building activities. Tasks include:
  • Provide technical advisory to government counterparts as needed regarding Article 6 and its implementation in Thailand, especially in the areas of GHG emissions planning, carbon market governance and mitigation activity development.
  • Provide written materials to government counterparts, including informational papers, talking points, and other materials related Article 6.
  • Regularly engage with national authorities and key stakeholders in the Thai carbon market and climate change sector, ensuring that their perspectives and inputs are integrated into the project's strategy and execution.
  • Stay informed about the latest developments in the Thai carbon market and climate change sector, providing the team with timely and actionable insights and guidance to ensure the project remains relevant and impactful.
  • Identify capacity-building needs among local stakeholders and supporting the team in organizing training sessions or workshops to address these needs, in line with the project's objectives.
  • Speak at external events and workshops on different topics related to A6 and its implementation with support of the KPC team
  • Representing SPAR6C locally in events and relevant meetings when the international team is not available
  • Supporting effective local SPAR6C team management by
  • Providing guidance to local staff, ensuring that they stay aligned with the project's objectives.
  • Assisting the international team with organizational and logistical aspects, ensuring that all project activities are executed seamlessly.
  • Collaborating with the communication team and project partners to produce and refine technical content and communication resources as and when necessary.
Support the project’s international team with project management tasks, including:
  • Developing technical assistance concept notes
  • Developing terms of references for local procurement
  • Preparing drafts of the annual budget for local expenses and related procurement planning
  • Developing monthly report to global program manager
Supervising local consultancy firms/individuals to ensure their work is delivered on time and of high quality. Tasks include:
  • Coordinating meetings with local consultants related to the project in coordination with the international team
  • Providing technical expert input and feedback on consultant deliverables
  • Conducting research to further refine and improve the project's deliverables and outputs
Reporting Requirements:
  • Under the overarching supervision of KPC and with the guidance of GGGI, the Consultant will assume the role of the National Article 6 National Expert and Team Coordinator. In this capacity, the Consultant will collaborate closely with KPC, facilitating the successful coordination and subsequent implementation of SPAR6C within Thailand
  • The Consultant shall report directly to the SPAR6C Work Package Lead for Thailand (KPC), based in Vienna, Austria. He/she will also work closely with the GGGI global team in Seoul, South Korea.
  • The Consultant shall submit timesheets showing their daily use of time for the assignment (reported in days or half-days) throughout the duration of the contract. A timesheet shall accompany any invoice submitted and it shall be approved KPC/GGGI for payment.
  • All outputs must be delivered in English. The Consultant may be requested to submit some outputs in Thai where needed and possible.
  • The Consultant shall consider and plan for comments and revisions on all deliverables. Consistent and strong coordination and proactive communication is required for this assignment.
  • The Consultant shall use the SPAR6C OneDrive shared folder for file sharing. Where relevant, the consultant shall also provide sets of raw data, research materials, and meeting notes related to the contractual objective.
Expertise Required:
  • A minimum of a master’s degree in engineering, science, environment, or another relevant field.
  • A minimum of 10 years of expertise related to climate change.
  • Sound knowledge of climate change issues in Thailand, including NDC, National GHG Inventory, and Carbon Market.
  • Experience in project management or project coordination with international organizations.
  • Established relationships with national authorities in the field of climate change and carbon markets, including CCE and TGO.
  • Experience in supervising and managing external consultants to ensure the quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness of their deliverables.
  • Strong command of both spoken and written English and Thai.
  • Availability for limited international travel.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).
  • Organizational skills with excellent time management and attention to detail.
  • Robust and mature interpersonal skills with a proven track record of working with international teams.
  • Ability to work efficiently under pressure and demonstrate flexibility in task execution.