National Project Personnel

Food and Agriculture Organization

Jakarta, Indonesia

Experience: 0 to 3 Years

Skill Required: Media and Communication

Under the overall supervision of the FAO Representative of Indonesia, and following the technical work-plan developed with day-to-day guidance of the UN-REDD Forestry Officer/REDD+ specialist in Jakarta, and in close collaboration with other team members and FAO colleagues within Peatlands team, and any other relevant teams, and in close collaboration with decentralized offices, the Specialist will contribute to the operational success of FAO’s work on forests, including forests, land use and climate change. On finance and administration matters, the incumbent shall check before incurring any payments with the FAO Representation administrative staff in Jakarta to process the paperwork following FAO rule
The Conference of the Parties (COP) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) agreed that countries should collectively aim to slow, halt and reverse forest cover and carbon loss. Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, the sustainable management of forests, and the conservation and enhancement of carbon stocks (REDD+) offer incentives to developing countries to reduce emissions from forestlands, restore forests and invest in low-carbon pathways to sustainable development. A number of countries have reached advanced stages in their REDD+ readiness efforts (phase I). An increasing number of countries, including Indonesia, are moving into REDD+ phase II (implementation), achieving concrete results in emission reductions and accessing result-based payments (phase III). 
FAO delivers its support on REDD+ through the UN-REDD Programme (a joint initiative of FAO, UNDP, UNEP) and collaboration with various other initiatives and donors, for example the Green Climate Fund; World Bank; and bilateral donors. It works to strengthen collaboration with other initiatives, ensuring positive social and environmental impacts, and to promote climate finance and public-private partnerships to scale up investments for REDD+ implementation. 
Through capacity strengthening efforts and deployment of technical expertise, the activities under the UN-REDD work plan for Indonesia aim to support the country to use REDD+ work as a catalyst to deliver on their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) towards climate change mitigation and adaptation in line with UNFCCC commitments. 
Through UN-REDD initiatives and other FAO technical work, identified/ongoing REDD+ technical assistance and exchange in / in support of Indonesia encompass aspects of: 
  • forest monitoring, land cover change and satellite monitoring system, including for mangroves restoration/rehabilitation and bringing in cutting edge tools and methodologies to help identify and prioritise areas for forest restoration planning based on the new SE.PLAN
  • technical exchanges on REDD+/climate finance options,
  • REDD+, NDCs and social forestry, and 
  • Technical improvements to Indonesia's NDC on emission factors and activity data for fires, peatlands and mangroves and develop faster and more accurate methods and systems for monitoring, reporting and ensuring national and jurisdictional results-based payments  
Tasks and responsibilities
The work of the National Forest, Land Use and Climate Change Specialist will focus on, as requested:
  • Liaise on the planning and coordination with MoEF and other GoI agencies to deliver the UN-REDD work supporting Indonesia’s Forest Monitoring Systems, Indonesia’s NDC and FOLU Net-sink plans (and in general terms the yearly planned and approved UN-REDD Technical Assistance).
  • Liaise with GoI agencies to arrange meetings, training workshops, meetings etc. including:
  • Input to workshop planning, Concept Note preparation, participants list and communicate to them with/through MoEF.
  • Organize logistics and venue with suitable facilities (e.g. computers, consultants, translators etc.) in consultation with MoEF;
  •  Liaise with GoI agencies to make arrangements for various technical missions during the year. 
  • Help plan and draft mission agenda with MoEF and other agencies useful to meet (donors etc.).
  • ollate relevant background materials (reports, maps, datasets etc.) in advance, and provide input into mission and technical reports as required.
  • Plan and undertake operational tasks to support the FAO UN-REDD TA 2024, including regular contact with the UN-REDD staff in RAP and HQ on technical matters.
  • Contribute to the development of synergies and joint work between UN-REDD activities and other initiatives in forestry and the environment supported by FAO in Indonesia (e.g. donors and projects, incl. UNDP, UNEP, other donor projects from GIZ, Norway, World Bank, GEF, and NGO activities). 
  •  Develop opportunities for FAO to be involved in expanded REDD+ and related work through discussions with MoEF, FAO HQ, RAP and relevant Indonesian agencies. 
  • Provide technical support on forest and other land uses, such as peatlands and mangroves, following UN-REDD work plan.
  • Provide technical support to the FAO Representation in Indonesia on matters related to REDD+ and broader forests matters if applicable (including attending meetings and writing reports), making sure not to jeopardize the achievement of the UN-REDD TA approved deliverables. 
  •  Travel within Indonesia and occasionally overseas may be required to undertake these duties.
  • Carry out other duties as required.
Candidates Will Be Assessed Against The Following:
Minimum Requirements:
  • Advanced university degree in forestry, environment or other field relevant to the Terms-of-Reference
  • Three years of relevant experience related to forests, land use and climate change with experience in REDD+, climate change related matters
  • Working knowledge of English and Bahasa Indonesian
  • National of Indonesia
Technical/Functional Skills: 
  • Work experience on reducing deforestation, forest management, climate change mitigation and REDD+ experience;  Knowledge, competence and track records of Indonesia related context is required;
  • Relevance and extent of experience in planning and delivery technical support to country counterparts; considered a special asset if on REDD+, halting deforestation and decoupling agriculture from deforestation; 
  • Relevance and extent of experience in working multi-partners projects and multi-disciplinary teams is desirable;
  • Experience in working with international organizations is an advantage;
  • Experience in processing forest inventory and/or remote sensing data for forestry or other land uses;
  • Experience in planning for and running workshops and meetings (including consulting with government agency staff, preparing agendas, drafting and sending invitations); 
  • A high level of proficiency in computer skills (MS Word, Outlook, Excel, at the minimum) essential; ability to set up and analyze datasets desirable;
  • Good English and Bahasa Indonesian writing, speaking, presentation and communication skills;
  • Self-motivated and able to work with minimal supervision.