National Technical Specialist/ Programme Manager Younth Empowerment

UNDP - United Nations Development Programme, Islamabad, Pakistan

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
7 to 10 Year
Closing Date for Applications: 
6th December, 2018

Job Description


Job Purpose and Organizational Context:

Leveraging the current ‘youth bulge’ in Pakistan, where 31% of the population is considered part of the youth segment 15-29, is certainly one of the more formidable and complex challenges facing the country right now. Understanding the needs, the challenges, the opportunities, and the aspirations of Pakistani youth and finding channels to catalyse youth capacities and potential is essential if Pakistan is to succeed in its efforts to promote a sustainable, inclusive development process and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals as outlined in the Government of Pakistan’s Vision 2025 Roadmap. In line with the youth centric development initiated by the Government of Pakistan in recent years (the provincial youth policies, the Prime Minister Youth Programme, and the general inclusion of youth in the political process) all point to the active role of young people in the future development trajectory of Pakistan.

As part of our work in more 170 countries, UNDP partners with young people, youth organizations and actors from civil society and private sector to governments, and members of the UN family to promote youth-focused and youth-led development. With the Sustainable Development Goals: 2030 Agenda as a guiding thread, we work to advance young people’s participation in civic and political life, their economic empowerment and their role as resilience-builders.

In Pakistan, UNDP has been at the forefront of promoting youth-focused development programming. In the preparation of the UNDP National Human Development Report (NHDR), UNDP carried out consultations with youth and key stakeholders across Pakistan to identify the challenges youth are facing in the areas of engagement, civic participation, education and employment and consequently designed a set of policy recommendations to address these challenges. The extensive consultation and analysis have informed the design of the Youth Empowerment Programme, Kamyab Jawan (successful youth) which supports the Government of Pakistan in the implementation of the NHDR’s recommendations as well as the national and provincial priorities related to youth empowerment and employment.

The Youth Empowerment Programme promotes civic and social engagement of youth for effective and inclusive policy-making and implementation, support specific target groups of youth in public and religious educational establishments to acquire the critical life skills necessary to succeed in an inclusive and progressive society and lastly to promote economic empowerment of youth through employment and entrepreneurship. Excluded youth and particularly excluded young women are the key target group for this programme. Geographically, the project has a policy focus at the national/ federal level, whereas implementation is initially focused in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Sindh.

This five-year programme is an integral component of the UNDP Pakistan Country Programme Document 2018-22. The programme is funded by multiple donors, including the provincial government partners, and includes outputs on youth engagement, employment and private sector development.

UNDP is seeking the services of a senior and experienced National Technical Specialist / Programme Manager with experience of youth empowerment programmes, including strategies to create employment and improve engagement of youth. The person will lead the programme’s management and provide quality technical assistance to national and provincial partners. The person will engage with senior national counterparts and international development partners, foster new partnerships with government entities, civil society organizations, private sector companies/associations, and expand existing partnerships to scale up project activities, mobilize additional resources, encourage public private partnerships, produce knowledge products, manage team members and project funds in accordance with the UNDP’s policies and procedures.

Duties and Responsibilities

Summary of Key Functions:

  • Policy Advisory services
  • Effective programme management and coordination
  • Research and advocacy
  • Partnerships and stakeholder relationships management
  • Reporting, knowledge management and strategic communications


  • Provide periodic situational analysis on youth empowerment issues with a gendered and rights-based lens.
  • Identify and leverage opportunities for UNDP’s upstream engagement on youth empowerment issues
  • Lead UNDP’s support to the Government of Pakistan at the federal and provincial levels on youth empowerment issues with evidence-based, gender disaggregated recommendations
  • Provide technical assistance and advice for the roll-out of youth related policies and programmes (including the prevention of violent extremism, youth engagement and youth employment)


  • Lead the planning and implementation of activities in line with the signed annual work plan
  • Review and provide inputs to all necessary documentation for implementation of activities (ToR, Request for proposals, etc.)
  • Supervise the procurement process for sub granting of work in line with the UNDP corporate policies
  • Regularly liaise and coordinate with partners to appraise and consult them for feedback on project activities
  • Review/verify payment requests from project implementing partners and consultants
  • Ensure implementation of activities and the corresponding payments and inform the Country Office in a timely manner for any delay in disbursement and/or project implementation
  • Review progress reports to ensure they are of acceptable quality and submit in a timely manner to the Country Office for onward sharing with development partners
  • Ensure that the M&E plan is appropriately implemented (and that gender disaggregated data is readily available) and any follow up actions identified during monitoring are appropriately implemented
  • Ensure periodic stocktaking, lessons learned and course correction
  • Supervise project staff and promote a positive environment for teamwork
  • Promote inclusion of innovative approaches to development challenges across the programme implementation strategy


Remain informed of, track and internally share new research, programmatic and advocacy initiatives in the field of youth empowerment and share programmatic implications of it with the programme team on a regular basis

  • Identify priority areas for programme research and advocacy and develop terms of reference and methodologies
  • Supervise the implementation of research assignments and ensure coordination with relevant stakeholders, quality assurance of the methodology and dissemination of the results
  • Explore the gendered and rights-based lens of social inclusion and manage new research initiatives to document and advocate this challenge
  • Ensure consistent incorporation, dissemination and elaboration of key messages on issues related to youth empowerment internally within UNDP, within the UN system and with external stakeholders, particularly government stakeholders

Ensure oversight of the programme communications and advocacy strategy to ensure constant and effective advocacy, public communications and campaigning on key programme issues


  • Conduct regular meetings with key stakeholders (eg. Government departments, civil society, media etc) and partners to ensure maximum topicality, relevance, coordination and coherence in project strategies
  • Track key stakeholder responses and activities to identify emerging programming and partnership opportunities
  • Represent UNDP in inter-agency forums related to Youth Empowerment (economic development and prevention of violent extremism) and encourage joint programming efforts where required
  • Represent UNDP in development partner forums related to Youth Empowerment to ensure that UNDP programming is well coordinated with similar initiatives and promote synergies where required
  • Promote engagement with new actors on the development landscape (start-ups/incubators/accelerators/social enterprises/impact investors/private sector) and encourage synergies
  • Preparation of resource mobilization proposals to enhance the programme’s scope and outreach


  • Synthesize and document lessons learnt and best practices
  • Prepare and quality assure various project progress and financial reports
  • Ensure dissemination of results and lessons learned among UNDP colleagues and other target audiences.
  • Coordinate and establish an informal forum comprising individuals from the relevant sectors to ensure information/ knowledge sharing and dissemination
  • Develop content for UNDP website, knowledge networks and communities of practice in the form of knowledge articles, and concept papers


  • Ensure gender aspects are integrated in all existing and new project proposals
  • Ensure equal opportunities for female staff members of the project
  • Contribute towards corporate efforts for gender parity by aligning project activities and plans accordingly.


Description of Competency at Level Required:

In this section list all 5 core competencies as well as the most relevant technical/function competencies the role will require along with the appropriate level. Primary competencies are those integral to the position and are the criteria by which a hiring decision would be made. Secondary competencies are necessary but are not critical to the role.


  • Innovation: Ability to make new and useful ideas work: Level 4: Originate (Peer Regarded Lead Expert)
  • Leadership: Ability to persuade others to follow: Level 5: Integrate & Empower (Strategic Advisor)
  • People Management: Ability to improve performance and satisfaction: Level 4: Originate (Peer Regarded Lead Expert)
  • Communication: Ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform: Level 4: Originate (Peer Regarded Lead Expert)
  • Delivery: Ability to get things done: Level 5: Integrate & Empower (Strategic Advisor)


  • Policy analysis and advisory skills: Level 4: Originate (Peer Regarded Lead Expert)
  • Programme management, monitoring and evaluation: Level 4: Originate (Peer Regarded Lead Expert)
  • Knowledge management and strategic communications : Level 4: Originate (Peer Regarded Lead Expert)
  • Partnership building: Level 4: Originate (Peer Regarded Lead Expert)

Required Skills and Experience

Education: Master’s Degree or equivalent in International Development, International Relations, Politics, Sociology or a related field.


  • 07 years of experience at the national and/or international level in providing management and policy advisory services in the development sector
  • At least 5 years demonstrated capacity to manage large, complex and multi-dimensional projects
  • Extensive knowledge of Pakistan’s youth bulge and related challenges and opportunities – especially related to youth engagement and employment
  • Experience of innovative programming approaches involving youth
  • Experience of policy advisory services to the federal and provincial governments
  • Experience in the field of development approaches to prevent violent extremism
  • Previous experience with the UN System /UNDP would be an asset.

Language Requirements: Fluency in English and Urdu.


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