Network relations manager

MDM, France

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
30th September, 2020

Job Description


Under the authority of the Director General MdM France, you will support the development and implementation of the Doctors of the World France strategy in the network, so as to allow greater efficiency and a greater impact of MdM projects as that network. You will supervise a team in the MdM France network, currently composed of 2 people: 1 network financial coordinator, 1 network operations coordinator for Turkey / Syria.

Your main missions are:

  • Develop and support the implementation of the strategy between MdM France and the other members of the network
  • Ensuring the Interface between the members of the network and the different departments of the head office of MdM France
  • In conjunction with the various MdMs, define the bilateral strategy between MdM France and the network
  • Translate this strategy at the financial level: development of the investment budget, and monitoring of payments linked to this budget
  • Support the implementation of this strategy and regularly evaluate the results
  • Ensure the translation of these strategies into Memoranda of Understanding
  • Define MdM France's strategy in the International Network
  • Ensure the communication of these strategies to the various departments of MdM France as well as to its board of directors
  • Coordinate the monitoring of MdM France partnership agreements with the rest of the network
  • Supervise and contribute to the support work of the various departments in the drafting of the various contracts which link them to the network
  • Supervise and contribute to the archiving work of these contracts in a database and analysis of the different financial flows, between network members, linked to these contracts

Ensure compliance with network rules and in particular the rules for sharing administrative costs and head office costs in these contracts

  • Supervise and contribute to coordination linked to donor contracts signed by MdM France in consortium with other members of the network
  • Supervise and contribute to the exchange of information between the different MdMs in connection with the contract
  • Oversee the development of proposals and various reports related to the contract
  • Supervise the conditions linked to the sharing of administrative costs and headquarters costs between the different MdMs involved

Ensure internal communication within MdM France around the life of the network and around the various projects carried out by the network

  • Organize regular discussion and information times around network news
  • Feed the various communication media on network news

Coordinate certain network projects in which MdM France participates

  • Coordinate the fundraising strategy in connection with the network (notably DFID, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs with MdM UK, MdM NL, MdM Spain and MdM France)
  • Coordinate the resource pooling strategy with other MdM members of the network
  • Support the change in network governance, in connection with the various brand license agreements binding MdM France with the other members of the network


  • Master in international relations, political science required
  • Experience of at least 15 years in development or humanitarian work in steering positions for program strategies or services required
  • Field experience in NGOs required
  • Excellent knowledge of the challenges of the sector
  • Previous experience with Médecins du Monde, and / or a knowledge of its internal functioning would be appreciated
  • Excellent skills in terms of interpersonal relations, communication (oral and written) and presentation
  • Discretion, diplomacy and ability to evolve in an intercultural environment
  • Ability to work effectively with several stakeholders in a complex organization
  • Languages: fluent in French and English, both written and spoken, essential. Fluency in Spanish is a plus.
  • Committed, you adhere to the values ​​of MdM and are motivated by its associative model.


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