Office Communicator

Food and Agriculture Organization

Brasilia, Brazil

Experience: 3 to 5 Years

Skill Required: Media and Communication

The general objective of the Office Communicator is to contribute to the dissemination of the activities and results of the FAO Technical Cooperation Program in the country, positioning it as a dynamic and renewed organization in the eradication of hunger and rural poverty; in the promotion of agriculture, fisheries and livestock, as well as the sustainable management of the environment and natural resources, for the benefit of the neediest communities and rural dwellers. 

The Communicator will be under the direct supervision of the Representative and the Program Officer and will work closely with the FAO Regional Communications Office, through which he/she will coordinate with the Corporate Communications Office in Rome, and with the Network of Communicators in the region


  • Lead the process in the Office and design a communication strategy for FAO in the country, which takes into account local particularities for the determination of key messages through different dissemination channels (audiovisual, written), as well as FAO's communication guidelines at the global and regional levels.
  • On the basis of the strategy, prepare an annual operational plan, including all planned communication actions.
  • Implement the communication strategy in agreement with the technical team and the Project Communicators and ensure that it meets the requirements. Coordinate all the communication actions of the Office, including those of the projects, supervising the technical work of the Project Communicators. 
  • Produce and manage graphic and audiovisual communication pieces with content that contributes to FAO's objectives in the country.
  • Identify success stories and develop dissemination material about them for FAO media (local, national, regional and international) and other dissemination channels that reflect the results of FAO's work in the country through its projects. 
  • Manage at least 5 (five) in-depth reports per year in print or audiovisual media on topics of interest to FAO. This can be done in coordination with other countries and/or with the Regional Office. 
  • Support the promotion of public communication activities generated and/or in which FAO participates through the development of talking points, speeches, photo coverage, sending of press releases through press contacts, interview management and website updates. To do this, you will need to maintain an up-to-date and consolidated network of press contacts.
  • Attend the events that require it, including the call to the media and the dissemination of their results.
  • Support the promotion of FAO's corporate image as an open/accessible, multidisciplinary and rapid response institution in dialogue and action. This includes supporting and accompanying the Representative and officials of the Representation in the preparation of presentations, interviews, programmes and documents of FAO.
  • Coordinate the adaptation of the image of FAO country offices, according to themes, formats, corporate images of FAO's current global management. 
  • Ensure that all materials are prepared to support FAO's positioning as a central actor in national public opinion, developing a close relationship with the media, through its editors, journalists, columnists, among others.
  • Develop close and ongoing collaboration with the FAO Regional Office to ensure that the country's activities and projects have national, and where possible, regional and global visibility, along with supporting FAO's regional and global communication activities.
  • Disseminate Press releases and/or reports sent by the Regional Office through the network of communicators and adapt FAO's regional and global news to include national information that attracts media interest.
  • Monitor FAO's media appearances and submit a weekly summary to the Regional Office, in accordance with the criteria and format established by the Regional Office.
  • Design, prepare and disseminate information of general interest aimed at educating and disseminating the results of the programmes, projects and actions being carried out by FAO for the benefit of the country's development. This includes responding to requests from the media, arranging interviews or providing information of interest to them.
  • Prepare inputs for the communication of FAO's work in the country to its key audiences: government authorities, parliamentarians, strategic partners, donors, academia, civil society and other international organizations in the country.
  • Maintain an active and up-to-date presence on social networks (X, Flickr) and generate content for the Representation's website, the regional page and, if possible, the global page.
  • Accompany all programs and projects during their development and offer dissemination and communication proposals to those responsible for implementing them at the local level.
  • Support the publication of local project reports in PWS (Publication Workflow System).
  • Keep the FAO Brazil website updated and with relevant information. 
  • Strengthen internal communication in the National Representation.

Candidates Will Be Assessed Against The Following:

Minimum Requirements:    

  • University degree in Journalism, Communication Sciences, Social Communication, Public Relations with related postgraduate studies. 
  • Minimum five years of experience in institutional communication in public or international organizations, NGOs or private companies in the development of strategies and/or management of dissemination and digital communication campaigns: website and social networks.
  • Basic knowledge of graphic and audiovisual design tools.
  • Working knowledge of Portuguese and English (level C), and limited knowledge of Spanish (level B).
  • Brazilian Nationality or other legally authorized to work in Brazil

Technical/Functional Skills :

  • Relevance of experience in teamwork and networking with different actors that enhance the Organization's communication impact.
  • Experience in the use of communication tools and design programs (graphic and audiovisual).
  • Ability to work for the timely fulfilment of goals.
  • Flexibility to perform field missions.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills.