one-site Monitoring & Post Distribution Monitoring

Oxfam GB, Jordan

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Closing Date for Applications: 
29th October, 2020

Job Description


Project background

This project targets Syrian refugee and vulnerable Jordanian households in 2 municipalities in Mafraq Governorate (Um Aljmal Municipality and Za’atari Municipality – these can be adjusted to other Oxfam operational areas nearby in coordination with WASH Working Group).
The project is based on Oxfam’s Rapid Needs Assessment (May 2020) in these two municipalities, which indicated a need for hygiene and cleaning items.

The project’s overall Objective is to: Prevent the transmission of Covid-19 in 2 host communities in Mafraq Governorate which have been impacted by the Syria crisis.

The project has one main component:

  • Result: Households have access to essential hygiene items to meet their basic needs and prevent the transmission of Covid-19.
  • The project aims to distribute hygiene kits targeted towards the most vulnerable households, which will be selected based on vulnerability criteria. Hygiene kits will be distributed house-to-house to prevent the protection risks associated with distributions and prevent heavy and bulky items needing to be transported by beneficiaries.
  • The project compliments Oxfam’s funded Covid-19 response in these two municipalities which targets the population with Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) for Covid-19.
  • Oxfam has an existing relationship with 2 local CBOs, the relevant Municipalities and communities in the two project locations, easing access and selection of beneficiaries.
  • What this PDM is about and why this issue matters to Oxfam in Jordan

Post-distribution Monitoring

  • Post distribution monitoring (PDM) will be conducted after the distribution of hygiene kits using representative sample, through a household questioner, and complimented by facilitators observations.
  • The PDM will cover the utilization of the hygiene kits, the quality and adequacy of items, the targeting process, changes in practice, and the use of complaint and feedback and accountability mechanism by the beneficiaries. Data collection and analysis of the PDM will be done using SurveyCTO.
  • The PDM will also be used as one of source material for the learning and review which will be done by end of the project
  • PDM questions
  • The exact PDM questions is defined based on the objectives and project’s logical framework, and in close cooperation with the project teams (MEAL and WASH).

PDM process and Plan of mobilization for volunteers

  •  Volunteers will be responsible for data collection through digital tool
  •  Volunteers will do the data collection through F2F individual interviews and phone calls (when required)
  •  Volunteers will reach out beneficiaries through the project team and the two CBOs (Oxfam’ partners in Al-Mafraq)
  •  Volunteers will use a safe, confidential and private space to conduct interviews using CBOs offices
  •  It may require some field travel.
  •  Advanced coordination with Oxfam partners will take place to coordinate the interviews.
  •  Throughout the period, the Volunteers will share their experience and receive feedback from Oxfam’s project team and MEAL.

Brief volunteers will receive by Oxfam and partner

Brief required to be conducted

  •  Volunteers will receive an induction of Oxfam values, COC and volunteer’s policy.
  •  Volunteers will receive and full brief on the project, so they are able to communicate with beneficiaries with a proper background of the project.
  •  Volunteers will receive a training session on how to use the digital tool (SurveyCTO is the data collection tool)


Specific or possible ethical issues

  •  PDM volunteers will commit to abide by Oxfam’s ethical standards or provide evidence of equivalent institutional standard where the successful applicant is a research institute with its own established standards.
  •  Volunteers policy and COC will be briefed and then signed by volunteers to ensure the proper understanding
  •  Specific ethical standards apply regarding PDM on SGBV protection and potentially with survivors. In particular, ensuring confidentiality will be paramount. Informed consent will be systematically required for any interview and data maintained with all safeguarding measures appropriate.

 Key sources and people to be consulted

  •  Oxfam volunteers’ policy
  •  Oxfam COC
  •  Oxfam’s relevant documentation on SGBV protection
  •  Staff of Oxfam in Jordan (Project team, MEAL, HR) and possibly other Oxfam staff recommended by the team in Jordan


  •  21st of October- End of December

Volunteers management

  • MEAL Team with support from WASH Project team in Al-Mafraq.

Qualifications and desirables

  •  Specialisation in social work and/or protection, gender and women’s issues especially in Jordan.
  •  Case management experience is a good asset.
  •  Knowledge on dealing with culture diversity.
  •  Good knowledge in survivor-centered approach and humanitarian standards.


  •  Motivation to volunteer in the context of social work, protection, gender and women’s issues especially in Jordan.
  •  Commitment and understanding of the values of women’s empowerment and gender equality in general.
  •  Good knowledge in survivor-centered approach and humanitarian standards.
  •  Excellent communication skills – written and verbal.
  •  Clear understanding of the role of volunteers and their impact within an organization.


  •  Knowledge and good experience in capturing and recording observations.
  •  Good knowledge about referral mechanisms in Jordan.
  •  PDM knowledge is an asset.
  •  English language is an asset.


  •  Practical experience in monitoring activities that includes item distribution in the filed
  •  Experience in multiple methods of data collection through (Face to Face interviews, PDM and observations)
  •  Demonstrated experience working in a collaborative work environment and promoting teamwork.


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