Operations Manager

Partners In Health

Monrovia, Liberia

With guidance from the Director of Operations, the Operations Manager Monrovia ensures that county wide operations are executed effectively and efficiently to help support the organization in achieving its goals. The Operations Manager oversees county level operations functions: Supply Chain including Procurement, Warehouse and Distribution, Maintenance, Staff Operations, Administration and close collaboration with Safety & Security. The Operations Manager works with Operations Leadership and coordinates with colleagues to design, implement and execute operational systems that streamline operating processes, accountability and compliance while responsibly using organizational resources. This position is based in Monrovia and works closely with the Operation Manager in Harper.

Specific Responsibilities:

Governance & Strategy:

  • Works closely with Operation Manager Harper on any shared activities in procurement, warehousing, staff & cargo transport; cross-sharing information as well as standardization of processes towards improvement of systems. 
  • Works closely with the other Operational Departments in Monrovia to ensure harmonized efforts to facilitate programme activities.
  • Make all efforts to reach yearly Operational Goals, effective usage of expenses and continuously analyses systems and procedures to make recommendations for operational decision-making towards accountability, effectiveness and compliance. 
  • Establishing and/or reviewing of Operational Policies & Procedures and monitor the implementation of these.
  • Works with other Operations Team Managers to ensure their guidance is implemented on a day to day basis.

Operational - Management:

  • Oversees the smooth running and trouble-shooting of day-to-day activities in the Operational Scope of Work through the respective Department Heads: Supply Chain department from Procurement, warehouse to distribution, Fleet and Staff Operations 
  • Continuously analyses procedures and systems and make recommendations for improvements. 
  • Continuously collaborate with other Operational Departments such as Transport, Infrastructure, IT, Safety & Security, Pharmacy to allow a comprehensive operational approach.
  • Assist Program Managers/Directors in day-to-day coordination and management of program operational activities to reach organizational goals.
  • Ensure continued implementation, compliance and administration of procedures & policies.
  • General oversight of Clinical Operations Centre (COC) management in collaboration with Department Heads and Pharmacy.
  • Run an effective asset & inventory management system.
  • Ensure tracking of operational data and documentation to be used for compliance purposes, report writing and decision-making.

Safety & Security:

  • Assist the Director of Operations and Safety & Security Department in the implementation of Safety & Security procedures and continuously make risk assessments and recommendations in operational activities.
  • Ensure safekeeping of staff, assets and property. 

Human Resources:

  • Manage Operations Staff on a day-to-day base ensuring regular communication, sharing of information, learning processes and building of individual and departmental capacity. 
  • Ensure all Operations Staff are compliant with organizational standards and procedures and also ensure staff grievances are attended to together with the HR Department.
  • Evaluate current operational performance including staff and provide a strategic plan for improvements.

Financial & Compliance Management:

  • Support the Director of Operations in monitoring expenses of respective budget lines in accordance with rules and regulations.
  • Assist with budget planning activities and forecasting and make recommendations.
  • Ensure accurate data collection and documentation for compliance and reporting as required.

External Communication and Relationships:

  • Closely liaise with relevant partners such as Ministry of Health, County Authorities, Communities, Suppliers and Service Providers.
  • Perform other tasks as may be requested by the overall Operation Department and PIH. 

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree required.
  • Minimum five years’ work experience in operations, logistics, supply chain management.
  • Minimum five years of experience on a management level.
  • Proven ability to manage people and projects.
  • Proactive, clear, and compassionate communicator.
  • Strong ability to understand and manage data and prepare report.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Adaptability to work in a rapidly changing environment and flexibility with schedules.
  • High proficiency with Microsoft Office.
  • A commitment to health equity and social justice.

Source: https://jobs.jobvite.com/pih/job/oE5cmfw1?nl=1&fr=false