Operations Officer Knowledge Management & Learning Champion

The Upstream and Advisory Secretariat Central Unit (CUACS) was created in 2023 to support IFC's Upstream and Advisory operations to effectively contribute to IFC's 3.0 strategy and 2030 commitments. The unit's staff are based across multiple regions and provide operational support for all industries and functions. Responsibilities include: Project portfolio coverage of 750+ projects; providing corporate oversight, developing policies, procedures, and systems, and knowledge management & learning for Upstream and Advisory units; developing financial planning and analysis of the Upstream and Advisory apparatus, including advocating on budgeting and financial sustainability; and representing Upstream and Advisory at Corporate fora and the IFC Board.
IFC is seeking an Operations Officer to join the Upstream and Advisory Central Unit (CUACS) with expertise knowledge & learning, including the following areas: leading/supporting operational projects (eg. Global KPDs), leading large-scale knowledge & learning programs, process management, training, and internal Upstream/Advisory communication.
Under the supervision of the Senior Manager, the selected candidate will lead knowledge and learning efforts, support Upstream & Advisory training, and internal communications. S/he will also support other interventions across the World Bank Group to prioritize various initiatives and to maximize the impact of Upstream & Advisory efforts and knowledge sharing.

Duties and Accountabilities:

Provide effective Knowledge and Learning (K&L) Solutions:

Lead the K&L response tailored to the specific needs of staff across Upstream-Advisory and IFC, including:
  • Developing, and socializing an Upstream-Advisory Knowledge and Learning plan, coordinating with sector and regional leads, as well as cross-sectoral leads for ongoing feedback, and implementation.
  • Manage the Upstream-Advisory Secretariat learning curricula and coordinate the delivery of onboarding/learning activities, including design of new face-to-face and online learning events and training (including self-paced online learning, short videos, job-aids, resources, etc.).
  • Lead execution of multi-modal and/or multi-location Upstream-Advisory knowledge sharing events (showcase events and masterclasses) to facilitate the understanding of Upstream-Advisory concepts and related content, share findings, lessons learned, etc., through formats such as sector days, Upstream-Advisory Knowledge Forum/retreats, BBLs, workshops, clinics, webinars, and conferences. Work in close collaboration with subject matter experts, Strategic Initiatives, Analytics & KM team (CSIAK), KM officers in other Industry Groups to deliver successful learning sessions.
  • Work with Upstream-Advisory teams to define and capture relevant lessons from processes and experiences and provide advice on creation, dissemination of knowledge products (including reports), project best practices, lessons learned, learning events, guidance documents, etc. and leverage opportunities to showcase knowledge created through a variety of channels. 
  • Support dissemination of Upstream-Advisory knowledge, through the production of internal newsletters, publications, and online help tools.
  • Lead Upstream Awards process coordinating with Human Resources and raters for each program. 
  • Oversee maintenance of the function’s intranet and extranet sites, and work in coordination with corporate communications to update/maintain sites and messaging as needed.
  • Effectively managing vendors, staff and consultants working on Upstream-Advisory knowledge platforms including managing procurement and payment of vendors/STC’s.
  • Supervising the K&L Team (STC’s) with responsibilities ranging from writing/editing of high-quality knowledge products, such as but not limited to, publications, guidance notes, and checklists; newsletter design and production; maintenance of the department’s intranet and working libraries (including archival of information and evolution of WBG taxonomies); coordination delivery of just-in-time learning interventions; results measurement around knowledge & learning; graphic design, and change management/communications.
  • Work program management to foster empowerment of team members in their areas of expertise.
  • Mentor team members and provide constructive feedback.
  • Promote team cohesion and effective and clear communication.
  • Assess challenges and opportunities for team members and teamwork program and partner with team members to develop creative, client-focused solutions.
  • Support the scale up of communications on Upstream-Advisory 
  • Monitor regional Upstream-Advisory internal and external communications activities developing analytics by region and industry and working with regional communications teams to identify common themes, successful communications approaches, and   
  • Work with the CCSVPU and IFC HQ-based Communications teams to develop an approach to external communications for Upstream-Advisory linking to broader IFC communications goals and approaches.
  • Develop a high-level internal communications strategy for the Secretariat and monitor progress against it. Solicit and collect feedback from diverse sources and update the communications strategy as needed.
  • Draft/edit high quality communications materials for various internal communications platforms, including but not limited to: emails; staff newsletters; meeting agendas; key messages, talking points and FAQs; intranet articles and stories; PowerPoint presentations, and other materials.
  • Maintain and manage the internal communications editorial calendar to provide a regular cadence of content throughout the year and ensure the timely delivery of planned communications that are linked to K&L duties and responsibilities above, in close coordination with colleagues from across the Secretariat.
  • Liaise with a wide range of teams and individuals from across the Secretariat and Upstream-Advisory units to support communications around key issues, events and organizational priorities.
  • Identify and manage consultants to deliver discrete pieces of work to support communications and knowledge and learning activities. 
  • Other tasks as agreed.
Selection Criteria:
The candidate should be a professional with in-depth expertise in knowledge management and learning as well as IFC project management experience. He/she will have a demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects under tight time constraints, to develop innovative approaches, and integrate work of other professional staff. S/he can interact with confidence with internal and external teams and stakeholders at senior levels, as well as manage a team of consultants.
  • Master's degree or equivalent professional qualification in Business, Finance, Economics, International Relations, Science, Engineering, or other relevant fields. Academic background in the Knowledge and Learning fields would be ideal.
  • At least 10 years of relevant experience in the field of knowledge management and learning with demonstrated ability to engage on a range of issues in developing countries including advice on both program and project development.
  • Experience in program management, including executing against implementation plans and/or business development objectives is a plus.
  • Understanding of IFC’s strategic priorities, Upstream-Advisory and changing business model against the backdrop of IFC 3.0.
  • Capacity to innovate and challenge the status quo and experience in new idea generation, and creating projects/programs from scratch is desirable. 
  • Ability to effectively manage vendors, staff and consultants working on knowledge and learning platforms.
  • Proven ability to conduct analysis from surveys, focus groups, and interviews.
  • Proven experience in design and delivery of learning activities using different means and tools to reach audiences with specific needs and level of engagement.
  • Experience tracking, recording, producing and/or managing knowledge and communication products such as short notes, job-aids, videos, publications, newsletters, organizing focus groups, etc.
  • Experience in results measurement of knowledge and learning strategy in the WBG.
  • Excellent oral, written, and analytical skills, including the ability to represent and synthesize ideas in a clear and concise format, both written and verbally.
  • Outstanding communication skills both oral and written English, and mastery of Microsoft Tools.
  • Attention to detail and ability to prioritize and deliver assignments on schedule.
  • Strong interpersonal and influencing skills, with the ability to interact effectively with clients and colleagues, at all levels. 
  • Outstanding organizational, analytical, and critical thinking skills.
  • Practices CORE World Bank values of Impact, Integrity, Respect, Teamwork and Innovation.