Principal Research Economist

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

London, United Kingdom

The Research Economist conducts and publishes high-quality and policy-relevant economic research and provides intellectual leadership on her or his area of expertise to EBRD management and other departments. She or he also contributes to the preparation of EBRD flagship publications such as the annual Transition Report and may be involved in the management of a large-scale firm or household survey. She or he manages an independent research agenda, presents research at relevant conferences, publishes in well-ranked academic journals, and actively engages in dialogue with academia. The Research Economist also fulfils a mentoring role vis-à-vis analysts and interns and reports directly to the Director of Research.


OCE consists of a team of 17 research economists and analysts. It contributes to the operational, policy and strategy work of the Bank and provides intellectual leadership on the economic and structural transformation of the countries in which the EBRD invests. OCE is responsible for research on critical issues relevant to economic development, macroeconomic analysis in support of the Bank’s country work, and relations with academia. It also leads the design and implementation of large-scale surveys (such as the Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey, BEEPS; the Banking Environment and Performance Survey, BEPS; and the Life in Transition Survey, LiTS); rigorous impact studies; and the production of major external publications, including the annual Transition Report.
  • The Research Economist is a Principal Economist with a specific applied micro area of expertise. She or he works on multiple projects individually or as part of teams that typically consist of 1-2 economists and an analyst or intern from Research (OCE).
  • The Research Economist has no formal reports.
  • The Research Economist independently interfaces with a strong network of outside academics (e.g., as a co-author) and cooperates well with EBRD staff in OCE and other departments, such as the Gender and Inclusion Team, the Legal Transition Team, and the Impact Evaluation Department.
Accountabilities & Responsibilities:
  • Undertake, present, and publish high-quality academic research.
  • Provide intellectual leadership both inside and outside the Bank on relevant research issues, including through the organisation of and attendance at seminars, lectures, and conferences.
  • Provide guidance and leadership to analysts and interns as needed.
  • Establish and maintain strong links with outside academics and policy makers.
  • Contribute to, and if necessary, take the main responsibility, for the generation of key research outputs, such as chapters in the Transition Report.
Knowledge, Skills, Experience & Qualifications:
  • Ph.D. or Ph.D. candidate in Economics or Finance from a leading university.
  • A track record of research in fields relevant to EBRD, in the form of a very strong thesis, draft thesis chapters, and/or academic publications in areas such as applied micro, development economics, finance, industrial organisation, economic growth, labour economics, international trade, environmental economics, or corporate finance.
  • Proven ability to independently undertake empirical analysis. In-depth experience with Stata, R, Python or similar programs or programming languages.
  • An ability to relate research to policy issues and operational issues pertinent to the Bank.
  • Excellent communication skills in English, both verbal and written, at the standard required for professional publication, official documents, and official representation.