Procurement Specialist

UNOPS, Bahrain

Skill Required:, Business Development/ Resource Mobilization
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
10th November, 2019

Job Description

Background Information

The main purpose of this project is the improvement in the quality and transparency of the acquisition processes managed by the entity, through the strengthening of its capabilities.

It is the intention of the Management of the entity to have an accurate diagnosis of the current management situation and identify contractual practices that may be subject to improvements in pursuit of greater efficiency, as well as to evaluate key factors in the hiring processes, in particular:

  • Analyze the supplier market
  • Determine the convenience of centralized purchases for certain biomedical supplies, and in addition identify the most efficient and transparent policies and practices for decentralized purchases of the remaining;
  • Increase the transparency of contract award processes;
  • Promote the reduction of contracting deadlines and final supply costs.

UNOPS will implement for this evaluation its PEAT tool, which has been developed ad hoc for (government) public sector entities, so it is required that UNOPS specialists applying this tool have significant experience in the public service, particularly in the Contracting, Finance, Budget and Management areas.

More information in the attached TDR.

The main objective of this vacancy is to find qualified candidates to work in  multiple countries, mainly Central America and Mexico.
Retainer Contract Modality:
  This type of contract establishes an estimated number of days to work during the period. The supervisor will call the contractor to work only on the days necessary and will be paid only for the days actually worked.

The Procurement Specialist will support the work of the Coordinator and provide operational assistance to the Specialists, both during field visits and at the stages of remote work. These tasks can be identified as:

  • Collection and processing of information on the basis of contracting processes of the entity evaluated;
  • Review of bidding documents and Evaluation Reports;
  • Development of analytical tables of the processes in accordance with the PEAT methodology, determination of performance indicators in hiring;
  • Preparation of graphs and reports on the performance of the entity's contracting;
  • Evaluation of the logistical aspects of the hiring;
  • Written contribution to the PEAT Report in the specific sections;
  • Investigation of witness prices of key inputs of the entity in the local / international market
  • Estimation of potential savings gap.
  • Contribution to the definition of priority areas for improvement and identification of pillars of an Action Plan.

From the organization of work under the PEAT tool, the Procurement Specialist is expected to do the following:

  • Section I:Expenditure Analysis: review previous executed budgets and the current budget of the Entity to evaluate and identify the priority lines of expenditure / investment;
  • Section II:Model Supply Chain Questionnaire: on the priority spending lines already identified, the Specialist will adjust the Model Questionnaire, carry out the necessary field visits and collect all the necessary information to determine the performance of the different supply chains. supply for each expense line;
  • Section III: Contract Performance Indicators: a documentary review of the contracting files (number of cases and period to be defined in the Work Plan for each evaluation) will be carried out and the necessary information will be obtained to feed the Performance Indexes of Processes;
  • Section IV: Participate in Open Interviews with the entity's management staff, to share and discuss the results of the 3 previous Sections;
  • Section V: will identify witness prices / benchmarks for the most critical inputs of the entity and an estimate of potential savings will be prepared, in accordance with the methodology of the PEAT tool.


  • Master or equivalent preference in Business Administration, Public Administration, Civil Engineering, Finance, Economics or careers related to the management of public contracts.
  • A first level university degree in combination with additional required experience may be accepted in lieu of the Master's degree.

Experience:A minimum of 5 years (or more depending on academic degrees) of relevant professional experience at the national or international level in the management of public procurement.

Required Languages

  • Fluency in the Spanish language is required.
  • English language is required at intermediate level.


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