Program Learning Officer

PPFA, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Email for CV Submission: 
Closing Date for Applications: 
18th June, 2020

Job Description


This is an exciting technical and program position based in West Africa -Burkina Faso. The Program Learning Officer will work with local partner organizations to provide technical expertise monitoring, evaluation and learning initiatives for all the projects .

The Program Learning Officer has primary responsibility for developing approaches and tools based on clear impact pathways, theories of change, outcomes, and indicators of progress. S/he ensures best practices in establishing learning agendas and supporting best in class measurement, monitoring and evaluation is carried out to achieve the outcomes and impact. The position will collaborate with the Burkina Faso staff to ensure that projects at PP Global maintain their strategic vision and that all activities result in the achievement of intended outputs in a cost effective and timely manner. The Program Learning Officer will ensure this by designing and maintaining data collection systems, ensuring that all necessary information, from both routine reporting as well as from ad hoc data collection efforts and special studies and research, are collected, analyzed and used in guiding implementing partner projects and regional program planning, informing funders and collaborating partners about project activities and accomplishments, and dissemination to the wider development audience.

Measurement, Learning and Evaluation (MLE):

  • Serve as the MLE focal point for assigned projects, ensuring the excellence of Monitoring & Evaluation efforts in support of project implementation.
  • Ability to work in English, draft reports, make presentations and lead training sessions.
  • Manage the development and maintenance of the program management information system with data collected on key thematic indicators and ensure accessibility by other staff.
  • Collaborate closely with PP Global staff in strengthening PP Global and partner MLE systems.
  • Plan for and conduct monitoring activities and ensure accurate and timely reporting.
  • In consultation with Africa Regional Office technical teams, review and update project results frameworks and ensure that they logically capture the hierarchy of objectives, outcomes, outputs and indicators for the key thematic areas.
  • Develop project specific monitoring and evaluation plans in consultation with the Program Learning technical team.
  • Work with other program staff to administer Pro-Capacity Indexing tools and track actions plans for strengthening partner financial, programmatic and organizational development.
  • Plan for and conduct data quality audits to rapidly verify project data and assess the adequacy of partners’ data management systems. Plan for and conduct rapid facility assessments to determine the ability of health facilities to continuously provide SRH services.
  • Provide technical assistance to implementing partners on M&E related activities to improve compliance and project performance.
  • Work with partners and program staff to identify and document project best practices and success stories.
  • Disseminate best practices including articles, abstract write ups and publications in English and French.
  • Writes program reports and collaborates with regional and HQ staff on writing proposals in English and French.
  • Assist in the design and execution of baseline surveys and other evaluation studies and participate in operations research and other data manipulation exercises to provide evidence to improve project management.
  • Compile analyze (including the use of complimentary data sets and secondary analysis), and present data for reporting of program progress and impact.
  • Assist in the preparation of routine and ad hoc project reports.
  • Organize and facilitate quarterly, semi-annual and annual project review meetings.
  • Experience working with diverse staff in multicultural environments, including understanding of teamwork.
  • Completes special projects as assigned and any other assigned activities by their supervisors.


R​eg​ul​a​rly int​eracts with ​the Country and ​R​eg​i​o​n​a​l ​staff and co​ll​a​b​orates ​wi​t​h Head Quarters-

  • N​e​w York ​and Washington DC ​office staff, a​s ​a​p​prop​ri​ate ​t​o e​n​s​u​re ​wo​r​k is on ​t​im​e and m​eets ​ p​erfo​rm​a​n​ce goa​l​s​. Supports Burkina Faso divi​s​i​o​n​a​l p​o​li​c​y, work ​p​l​a​n ​and project needs to determ​in​e the ​n​at​u​re a​n​d freq​u​enc​y ​of external ​co​n​tacts​. ​T​h​ese ​i​ncl​ud​e a ​w​e​ll​-​d​efi​n​ed co​n​st​i​t​u​e​n​c​y ​t​h​a​t h​as ​influence ​on regional ​office act​ivi​t​i​es, assig​n​ed pro​j​ects o​r ​o​p​e​r​at​i​o​n​s​. ​Requ​i​res reg​ul​a​r ​co​n​tact ​wi​t​h in​-co​un​try part​n​ers, colleagues, and sister orga​ni​zat​i​ons, in o​r​der t​o ​ad​v​a​n​ce t​h​e ​interests of ​P​P Global.
  • Liaise with colleagues from respective ARO & LARO country programmes-cross learning. Monitor progress of and use dashboards to ensure pipeline monitoring establishment of appropriate performance goals. Perform research, collect data and conduct analysis, produce reports and ensure information accuracy in systems to enable informed decision-making.
  • The Program Learning Officer - is expected to provide input to help ensure knowledge exchange and learning is prioritized to continuously build the capacity of partners and the team. S/he will provide inputs towards development and maintenance of the program management information system.


Responsible for independently carrying out unique duties that require advanced knowledge, training, or experience, but that are directly related to regional program support on Monitoring and Evaluation. Recommends changes to improve work systems or procedures. Responsible for ensuring successful completion of activities that directly relate to divisional and regional goals as well as projects.


The Program Learning Officer must be able to identify the root cause of a problem and be systematic in defining potential solutions. The Supervisor may provide guidance in resolving non-routine problems. Independent thinking and on-site decision making requires the ability to research ideas, background and experience on the issues, and training in specific technical areas such as program monitoring and evaluation, sustainability, clinical and financial issues.


Responsible for ensuring that assigned project resources are utilized efficiently and effectively in collaboration with programs responsible.


  • The job duties require a thorough understanding of the principles, concepts and methodology of Measurement, Learning and Evaluation and the ability to apply such knowledge in program implementation.
  • R​e​quir​es ​in-d​e​p​t​h knowl​e​d​ge of oth​er organizations i​n th​e ​fi​e​ld, curr​e​nt SRHR landscape, and ​a​r​e​a​s ​of int​e​r​es​t.
  • Regularly provide professional advice and guidance of a technical nature to facilitate successful project completion.


  • A minimum of five years of experience in project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and working with programs to identify and address training and technical assistance needs, preferably with a reproductive health and rights focus.
  • Preference will be given to candidates with NGO experience and experience working in multi-sector programs.
  • Strong external liaison and negotiation skills with experience to fostering partnerships between government, donors and other stakeholders to improve health systems performance and build partner capacity**


  • Ability to work independently and as a member of a team, good work ethics and professionalism.
  • Ability to synthesize information and generate persuasive and clear verbal and written communications in English.
  • Strong time management skills.
  • Skills and ability to multitask and meet deadlines with keen attention to detail and follow-through; self-directed; and able to anticipate, prioritize, and manage tasks independently and with high level integrity and good work ethics.
  • High level of interpersonal, technical and analytical skills including a demonstrated ability to interact effectively and collaboratively with a broad range of public and private sector and other key stakeholders.
  • Excellent written and oral English communication skills. Must demonstrate good interpersonal and negotiation skills, in addition to ability to work autonomously, using good decision making and computer skills (word processing, spreadsheet and statistical analysis applications).
  • Analytical problem solving using systematic approaches to analyze and propose solutions is part of everyday activities, and cultural sensitivity is imperative. Knowledge of reproductive health issues.

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