Program Management & Partnership Specialist

World Health Organization, Washington DC, United States

Skill Required:, Monitoring and EvaluationProject/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
23rd February, 2019

Job Description


This requisition is for employment at the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO)

The Communicable Diseases and Environmental Determinants of Health Department (CDE) promotes, coordinates, and implements technical cooperation activities directed toward the surveillance, prevention, control, elimination and/or reduction of communicable diseases, zoonoses and environmental threats to health that are technically sound and appropriate for the political and sociocultural context in which they are implemented. It strives to achieve a sustainable impact on health by providing normative guidance, furthering the implementation of evidence-based interventions, fostering alliances that strengthen country capacity, improving the effectiveness of inter-country collaboration, and facilitating policy and decision-making processes.


Under the general guidance of the Directors, Planning and Budget (PBU), and External Relations, Resource Mobilization and Partnerships (ERP), and the direct supervision of the Unit Chief, Neglected, Tropical, and Vector-Borne Diseases (CDE/VT), the incumbent is responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Engage in corporate efforts for strategic and operational planning, programming, budgeting and resource coordination and mobilization to enable the entity’s technical cooperation;
  • Participate actively in the Program Management and Partnership Specialist Network (PMN) led by PBU; and in the Resources Mobilization Network (RMN) led by ERP;
  • Support the Unit Chief, Project Coordinators, and the Unit personnel in the design, negotiation and implementation of technical cooperation projects, including resource coordination, performance monitoring and assessment, and use of evaluation tools to support the sound management of regular and extra-budgetary funds; provide strategic support and inputs to develop new program initiatives to support the program of work;
  • Ensure that projects managed by the Unit are executed according to action plans and within established dates; ensure timely submission of financial and progress reports in accordance with donor agreements;
  • Support the programmatic impact and ensure a high level of quality, accuracy of methods used to verify progress and the results;
  • Review and analyze progress on technical matters, elaboration and implementation of inter-programmatic and inter-sectoral activities in the context of the PMN and the RMN;
  • Provide strategic support to develop and strengthen partnerships to synchronize and harmonize development initiatives with governments, development partners, private sector and civil society organizations within the context of the RMN;
  • Maintain effective partnerships with all project stakeholders to exchange critical and technical information and resolve program/project implementation issues to ensure results are achieved as planned;
  • Provide support to technical staff in the team in program management issues including the coordination of the Unit’s work plan in PMIS, specifically with issues related to the results-based management framework;
  • Oversee the process for implementation of Letters of Agreement (LOAs) of the Unit;
  • Coordinate the implementation of the Unit’s Biennial Work Plan (BWP) and the Semester Work plans (PTS); ensure that the responsible project coordinators provide required planning data and information to adequately assess and report on implementation of projects’ expected results, products/services, milestones achievement, etc.;
  • Support the Unit Chief in leading the coordination of the performance monitoring and assessment of the Project’s BWP and the PTS, including the preparation of reports; advising on setting realistic targets and milestones and ensuring up-to-date information to monitor progress on BWP and PTS implementation;
  • Assist in the review and analysis of issues and trends relating to the Project’s technical matters in which he/she can add value. Support the preparation of various written outputs, e.g., draft background papers, analysis, sections of reports and studies and other inputs to technical publications. Provide assistance for the preparation of technical documents for Governing Bodies meetings;
  • Assist in technical activities related to information and knowledge management (web sites and presentations) in support of the Project program of work;
  • Support the Unit Chief in the analysis of the staffing needs of the Team, particularly with respect to the competencies needed to execute the program of work. Provide input in this regard to the Senior Advisor, technical staff and Administrative Officer for the preparation and periodic review of the Human Resources (HR) Plan;
  • Work in close coordination and interaction with the Department’s Administrative Team;
  • Perform other related duties, as assigned.



Essential: A bachelor’s degree in a health or social science from a recognized university.


Essential: Five years of combined national and international experience in the fields of health planning, project management, monitoring and evaluation, including experience in strategy formulation and strategic resource allocation.


PAHO Competencies:

  • Intrainstitutional Action: Operates in a fair, consistent and equitable manner, and displays such behavior by example. Ensures that the mission and the values of the Organization as well as the setting in which projects will be carried out are the drivers in one's technical work. Understands the results required and performs to that standard. Behaves consistently in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Organization.
  • Analysis, Synthesis, and Forecasting: Takes or organizes individual and collective action after analyzing situations on the basis of the available evidence and knowledge. Continuously analyzes the evolution of situations in an area of work and makes suggestions to adjust or confirm the decisions necessary to implement required actions. Is capable of anticipating the implications of an analyzed situation between six months to one year ahead.
  • Teamwork: Promotes team work and leads one's area to finish tasks and accept responsibility. Creates a positive environment within the area of work. Makes everyone feel like they are part of the team as well as welcomes and appreciates everyone's ideas and suggestions. Able to see the positive aspects of working as a team, shares the team's enthusiasm for achieving mutual goals.
  • Accountability: Identifies, in conjunction with management, specific activities, processes jobs that require defined accountability, linking them to accountability strategies and objectives. Revises periodically progress made in the established work plan with his/her supervisor. Constantly reaches their objectives.
  • Thinking, planning and the strategic management of technical cooperation interventions: Proposes priority ideas for executing interventions after anticipating their critical points, eventual risks and solutions. Evaluates proposals for interventions before making decisions to execute them. Lays the technical foundations for executing technical cooperation interventions following the Organization’s strategy in order to generate the expected results.
  • Evaluation of technical cooperation interventions: Proposes criteria for evaluating interventions at the process, management, and outcome level, in addition to plans for evaluating technical cooperation, in keeping with the PAHO's strategic direction.
  • Resource Mobilization: Establishes partnerships and alliances with a variety of institutions and organizations as well as internal partnerships to obtain financial and non-financial resources. Is able to relate with all types of people and at all levels in order to obtain resources that are needed. Is able to present and disseminate information in a clear manner. Executes resources according to the agreements previously established with partnerships.

Technical Expertise:

  • Practical knowledge of results-based management concepts and tools and their applications; especially related to outcome formulation and indicator development.
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of international technical cooperation, with emphasis on the negotiation and management of international cooperation programs and projects.
  • Mature judgment, strong technical, analytical and conceptual skills; demonstrated ability to assess, analyze, synthesize and provide recommendation on key technical issue.
  • Ability to integrate managerial and technical inputs into recommendations for decision-making process; ability to manage multiple issues and tasks in a complex organizational environment.
  • Ability to create and advocate innovative approaches to facilitate and enhance project management capacity, as well as monitoring of these processes.
  • Excellent organizational and analytic skills combined with strong professional oral and writing skills including the development of reports, oral presentations, and technical/persuasive documents for consideration at the highest levels of the Organization.

Languages: Very good knowledge of Spanish or English with a working knowledge of the other language. Knowledge of French and/or Portuguese would be an asset.

IT Skills: Demonstrated ability to effectively use a computer and utilize software programs such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Outlook. Other IT skills and knowledge of other software programs such as Visio and Project would be an asset.


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