Program Monitor

CTG Global , Libya

Skill Required:, Monitoring and Evaluation
Preferred Experience: 
2 years of relevant work experience
Closing Date for Applications: 
8th December, 2020

Job Description

Overview of position

Monitoring is a key component of UNICEF progrmmme management, as effective monitoring allows the knowledge of whether intended results are being achieved as planned, the corrective action may be needed to ensure delivery of the intended results, and whether initiatives are making positive contributions towards children development. Monitoring is the on-going and systematic collection and analysis of data related to specific indicators.

Furthermore, monitoring is an essential management tool to support the UNICEF commitment to accountability for results, resources entrusted to it, and organizational learning. Finally, due to several accessibility and security related issues faced by the UN in Libya, UNICEF is planning to recruit three programme monitors to cover west, east and south of Libya to ensure programme monitoring, situation analysis and collect the beneficiaries’ feedback. The monitors will be based at the municipalities of Benghazi but would be responsible to cover a wider geographical area going beyond these cities.

Role objectives

Under the supervision of the Programme Associate- Monitoring, the Programme monitors will support the programme monitoring, situation monitoring and beneficiary feedback for UNICEF supported projects within the framework of Country Programme 2019 -2020 and Humanitarian Action for Children.

At the same time the Programme monitors will be facilitating the third-party monitoring visits that are undertake by the donors.

The key duties and responsibilities of Programme monitors are:

  •  To work closely with all programme officers and programme specialist to conduct programme monitoring visits, situation analysis and collect beneficiary feedback using the dedicated tools and forms developed by the programme teams
  •  To submit of quality monitoring reports and other required documents to UNICEF focal points with a copy to programme associate- monitoring and follow up any feedback that has been received from the programme team
  •  To support regular meetings with the key stakeholders involved in the programme implementation and provide feedback to UNICEF on the matters that are of concern for the programme implementation on the ground
  •  To support the programme monitoring on the ground within their respective operational areas undertaken by the donors or their Third-Party monitors.

Payment Schedule and Deliverables

Fees will be paid in four installments every other month, with the last (4th payment to will be paid after the end of the contract). Each payment will be accounted the 25% of the overall financial proposal that has been approved by UNICEF and reflected in the contract. 2

With each payment, the following deliverables will be submitted having a number of annexes outlined below:

  • Summary report that summaries all the documents and annexes
  •  Quarterly plan for the programme monitoring developed in consultation with Programme Associate- Monitoring and programme sections – Education, Child Survival and Development, Child Protection and Emergency (20%)
  •  At least weekly-up update to the Programme Associate - Monitoring on the progress of implementation of the monitoring plan (15%).
  •  Meetings minutes with key counterparts and UNICEF partners (15%)
  •  Programme monitoring reports using the templates provided by the programme sections (20%)
  •  Situation analysis base on the template provided by the Programme Associate- Monitoring (15%)
  •  Report describing the feedback from the beneficiaries’ selected in consultation with the programme section (15%)

On the monthly basis the quarterly plan will be revised/defined to ensure that the consultant is clear with the tasks at hand

Project reporting

  • This role works under the supervision of the Program Associate - Monitoring.

Key competencies

Working Modalities:

  • The Programme monitor will be based in Benghazi and will be recruited on the average of 88 working hours per month.
  • The Programme monitor must be available to travel within operational area and other Locations, as required by Programme Associate - Monitoring.

Academic Qualifications, Work Experience, Skills and Competencies:

Academic qualifications:

  • University degree in social sciences, law, public administration, engineering or related discipline.

Work experience

  •  Minimum of 3 years relevant work experience (education, child protection, youth empowerment, health, engineering, livelihoods, programme /project management)
  •  Experience of coordination and/or institutional strengthening of governance and civil society organizations,
  •  Excellent knowledge of current affairs in Libya and networks within the regions to be able to access all the locations within the operational area

Language experience

  • Fluency in English and Arabic (verbal and written) is required
  • The qualified candidates may be required to take a written test and/or sit for an interview as a part of the selection process.


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