Programme Communication Specialist

Plan International

Jakarta, Indonesia

Programme Communication Specialist will develop communication work plan for 3 thematic programs and relevant projects under Humanitarian Resilience Program (HRP) and lead the implementation under supervision of Media and Communication Manager. The job holder will have a consulting and coordinating function with HRP team to ensure the plan is in line with programme objectives as well as Plan Indonesia’s communication guideline. During Emergency Response, the job holder will be part of Emergency Response team to play a leading role in coordinating communications function for emergency.

The job holder also works closely with the program staff at the national and local level to ensure effective implementation of communication activities including to document and produce communication materials, support public event, produce stories, articles and photos that showcase program achievement and disseminate them effectively to targeted audience. She/he needs to understand YPII brand guideline and be responsible to ensure all programme’s communication materials and events are in line with YPII brand guideline. Job holder will also contribute to program and communications report.

As part of national communication team, job holder will also play a significant role to contribute to the development of national communication annual plan ensuring HRP communications work plan is aligned with it. The person will work together with other communication staff to develop effective social media and mass media campaign to help increase YPII brand visibility and disseminate communications products to public and key stakeholders.

Last but not least, job holder will participate meaningfully in flagship campaign at the national level, such as Girls Get Equal, International Day of the Girls, International Women’s Day, National Children Day, etc, that will be led by national campaign team.

Dimensions of the Role

  • This position reports to Media and Communication Manager.
  • Develop communication work plan for 3 thematic programs and relevant projects under HRP in consultation with Media & Communications Manager and HRP Manager.
  • Coordinate with project manager under HRP to ensure effective implementation of HRP communication work plan.
  • Contribute to national communication plan and report, in terms of target outreach and organisation visibility.
  • Work with HR program / project staff to produce IEC materials, write success stories, press release, support HRP public event, and media partners.
  • Coordinate with external communication team to publish high quality communication products and promote HRP public events in digital media and mass media.
  • Support communication and influencing department in national campaign initiatives (IDG, GGE, national children day, etc) when necessary.
  • As part of emergency response team to play a leading role in managing communications activities for emergency.
  • Ensure all HRP communication products produced by project team and partners comply with YPII brand guideline and communication protocol.


Lead the development and delivery of HRP Communications workplan

  • Develop communications work plan for Humanitarian and Resilience Program (HRP) based on HRP program annual and its projects Detailed Implementation Plan making sure it is in line with the national communication plan and target
  • In collaboration with the programs team to develop agreed communication messages, targeted audience, the strategic communications product and communication channels for dissemination
  • Support public events led by HRP program/project from the communications aspects
  • Contribute to project proposal development to provide inputs for communications aspects (responsibilities, output, budget)
  • Develop communications plan for emergency response, support the emergency communication activities and recruit consultant or temporary staff when necessary
  • Contribute to the program report in the aspect of communication
  • Develop communication report to be submitted to communication manager to highlight contribution to national communication target

Support the effort of increasing YPII visibility as a leading child rights organization in the country:

  • Ensure all communication materials comply with YPII brand guideline and communication protocol.
  • Together with communication team, develop publication that help highlight YPII’s works with children and girls’ rights, i.e. annual report for public, newsletter, website articles, photo stocks, etc
  • Measure and record the result and effectiveness of visibility effort to public and targeted stakeholders
  • Provides training and socialization on YPII brand guideline and communication protocol for the program staff and its partner organizations and ensure the application

Lead the implementation of HRP communication work plan

  • Lead the process of developing communication materials, success stories, campaign events and reaching out to media for HRP, including emergency response (with support from consultant when necessary)
  • Work with communication team to manage and coordinate publication in social media and other platform under the program
  • Organize media/journalist visit to program/project site and maintaining media visit guideline.
  • Put target number of publication, news coverage and in-depth in local and national journalist’s / mass media to be reached annually
  • Establish the program / project profile and success stories that show the unique and best approach compare to other organization.
  • Drafting content (e.g. press release, fact sheet, profile, etc) for mass media or Plan website.
  • Communication protocol and CP issues are well verified before any media visit.

Provide support to organize/arrange advocacy and campaign initiatives (IDG, GGE, IWD, national children day, etc) 

  • Support national campaign initiative to strengthen YPII positioning.
  • To be part of campaign team to support the implementation of campaign initiative and mobilize public support and vibration among young people
  • The program / project staff understand and participate to the national campaign initiative that can be held in CO, PIA or other areas in Indonesia.

Technical expertise, skills and knowledge


  • University degree in Communications or related fields


  • Between 3-5 years of professional experience in communication for NGO or journalist, or editors or copywriters
  • Excellent skilled in popular writing and editing both in Indonesian and English
  • Have good sense of art in graphic design and photography
  • Experience working for NGO / non-profit sector is preferable
  • Experience in the implementation of public event

Digital media experience

Knowledge and Skill:

  • Good interpersonal skill and team work
  • Excellent interpersonal communications and presentations skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Good presentation and strong communication skill
  • Good networking with media / journalists is preferable
  • Understand about human right, child right is a plus
  • Good in English (both speaking and writing)
  • Proven working experience with the community, government, private sector.
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Knowledge of the print production process and supplier negotiations is desirable.