Programme Coordinator

International Labour Organization

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is a United Nations (UN) specialized agency devoted to advancing opportunities for women and men to obtain decent and productive work in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity. Its main aims are to promote rights at work, encourage decent employment opportunities, enhance social protection and strengthen dialogue in handling work-related issues. 

Within the UN system, the ILO has a unique tripartite structure with workers and employers participating as equal partners with governments in the work of its governing organs. The ILO collaborates, in addition to its tripartite constituencies (governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations), with different development partners, including various UN agencies, bilateral donors at central and local levels, multilateral organizations, private sector institutions and foundations, thinktanks, civil society organizations and others.

In Malaysia, as a non-resident country, the ILO has its Joint Project Office in Kuala Lumpur which operates 9 Development Cooperation Projects with geographical coverage of entire Malaysia.  The ILO work in Malaysia is governed by its Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) which is a country-level plan endorsed by the Government, Workers’ and Employers’ Organizations in 2019.

To increase its efficiency in delivering its outcomes following the DWCP and services to constituents, the ILO Joint Project Office in Kuala Lumpur is recruiting a National Programme Coordinator to support the ILO work in Malaysia.

Reporting lines: 

The National Programme Coordinator (NPC) will work under the direct supervision of the Regional Programming Services Unit (RPS) Chief of the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP). The incumbent will receive overall guidance with regards to liaising with the tripartite constituents (mainly the Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR), the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF), and the Malaysian Trade Unions Congress (MTUC)). He/she will be the ILO focal point for the ILO implementation of UNCT work in Malaysia based in Kuala Lumpur. The NPC will receive overall programmatic guidance on the day-to-day operations from and will work in close coordination with the Senior Programme and Partnership Officer (ROAP) based in Bangkok. The NPC will work in coordination with the ILO staff of other related programmes/projects in Malaysia, as required. The position will be based in the ILO Joint Project Office in Kuala Lumpur.

Main Duties

The NPC will provide overall coordination support   with tripartite constituents to all the DC projects in a timely manner with particular role in facilitating the ILO day to day support to tripartite constituents, in line with ILO policies and project strategies, and in accordance with ILO programming guidelines in particular the DWCP 2021-2025 and relevant Country Programme Outcome (CPO), and administrative and financial procedures of the ILO.  Tasks include supporting the finalisation of DWCP 2021-2025, preparing the ILO internal workplan supporting DWCP implementation, monitoring results and preparing DWCP status report to the DWCP National Steering Committee, and updating DWCP document as required.  In line with DWCP, the NPC will work with the SPO in finalising the CPOs, identifying CPO targets and monitoring CPO results for reporting.  The NPC will work in close coordination with ILO international and national professional colleagues in DC projects in Kuala Lumpur.  The NPC will coordinate ILO participation in the UNCT Results Group and reporting on results.

With guidance and support from the Senior Programme and Partnership Officer (SPO) and Partnering Development (PARDEV) in ILO headquarters, the NPC will develop a resources mobilisation strategy for an expanded partnership portfolio, exploring opportunities for domestic public funds, private sector and CSR funds, UN joint fund and other SDG funding opportunities in addition to multilateral donors. S/He will implement the strategy including proposal/concept note development and follow-up for successful outcomes for the Office. S/He will apply and play a key role in promoting the principles of results-based management (RBM) by monitoring DWCP results for corporate reporting and resource mobilisation purposes.  The NPC will also work in collaboration with relevant DWT-Bangkok Specialists and relevant technical departments in ILO headquarters.

External contacts are primarily with government offices, employers’ and workers’ organizations, UN agencies and other international organizations to identify synergies, build partnerships and agree on project initiatives. The NPC will work with various prospective donors, funding agencies and private partnerships under Public Private Partnership.

The NPC, in collaboration with relevant ILO colleagues, will contribute to the ILO’s role on labour marketpolicies in Malaysia through technical assistance, knowledge development, partnerships, advocacy and resource mobilisation.


  • Promote ILO policies, fundamental rights at work and the relevant International Labour Standards through effective coordination with a range of relevant national policies and the strategies of various DC projects, including those being undertaken by other agencies or in complementary fields of activity to the national tripartite constituents and stakeholders, the international development arena, and the public in Malaysia;
  • Provide necessary advice and support, and take coordination role in the day-to-day operations with national tripartite constituents, stakeholders and donors of the DC projects when required to ensure the well-managed relationships and smooth implementation in coordination with ILO DC projects’ colleagues. Liaise with the SPO to alert when there are issues of concern with regards to relationships and collaboration;
  • Ensure effective monitoring of DWCP outcomes by providing guidance to ILO DC projects’ colleagues in collecting results in line with DC project strategies and and in accordance with the DWCP 2021-2025 and relevant CPOs for ILO corporate reporting and donor reporting purposes;
  • Develop a detailed Partnership and Resource Mobilisation Strategy for Malaysia aligned with the DWCP, with guidance from the Senior Programme and Partnership Officer and in consultation with relevant DWT-Bangkok Specialists, and provide advice to the ILO DRD and relevant units;
  • Review and analyse development plans and priorities, socioeconomic data, reports and other relevant information; identify potential development cooperation project areas and provide written analysis on the findings to ILO Deputy Regional Director;
  • Develop and maintain excellent relations with development partners. Define major focus areas for each partnership programme, based on partner's policies and priorities and the ILO's own programme of work;
  • Develop a database of potential funding partners with their detailed profile.  Research, conduct the donor mapping including donors for domestic funding, and analyse donors call for funding applications including expressions of interest and requests for proposals and provide advice in development and submission of applications and proposals;
  • Lead in mobilising funding opportunities for joint programmes developed in partnership with other UN agencies through UNCT and its Results Group and lead in development of joint proposals;
  • Coordinate ILO participation in the UNCT Results Group and ILO reporting on results;
  • Provide a briefing to the new national professional staff on the ILO programming and monitoring (DWCP, CPOs, UNCT Results Group);
  • Undertake missions in relation to the work as required;
  • Perform other relevant duties as assigned by the DRD and RPS Chief.

Minimum Requirements


  • University degree in social sciences, economics, labour economics, development studies or related fields with demonstrated expertise or equivalent experience.  


  • Minimum of three years of professional work experience in the national and/or international level development sector or related sectors. Experience in programme/project management and implementation, and technical expertise on labour-related issues for example international labour standards, legislation, employability, labour market policies, skills development, rights at work and social protection, labour migration, are desirable.


  • Excellent command of English, ability to draft reports in English. Good knowledge of the local language.