Programme Design Specialist

World Vision, Asia & Pacific, Nepal

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
3rd June, 2019

Job Description

Position Purpose:

The purpose of this position is to provide leadership, technical advice and coordination across WVIN on programme design processes and to ensure Area Programme (AP) designs/redesigns are conducted most effectively in line with WVIN’s Country Strategy and WVI’s Development Programme Approach (DPA) and Learning through Evaluation with Accountability and Planning (LEAP) process.

The position is responsible for coordinating across divisions for effective development of the Community Engagement and Sponsorship Plan (CESP) and Technical Programme and Projects (TPs) design, providing technical support to ensure the CESP/TPs are implemented to a high technical standard. The role involves developing the guidelines, materials and overarching plans, as well as field support, to ensure AP designs are conducted effectively.

This position is based in WVIN’s National Office, but will be required to travel regularly to WVIN’s projects in various parts of the country.

Specific responsibilties of the role has been outlined below:

Develop/ and or prepare tailored guidelines, templates, business processes, terms of references and protocols, as necessary, to conduct coordinated, harmonized, effective and efficient AP assessment and design processes for new APs:

  • Prepare an overall plan for Assessment and Design for each Financial Years including information on Support Offices, details of locations, background information on the AP districts and municipalities, presence of stakeholders, timeline, etc.
  • Collect relevant information on possible locations of APs and communicate with corresponding Support Offices (SO) to enable SOs in making recommendations and decisions on the locations.
  • Communicate with SOs on the business processes including on the terms of reference for Assessment and Design of the APs and communication materials required to be used during the assessment and design
  • Coordinate with relevant teams within WV such as MEALS, sponsorship, programme and operations and finance to prepare budget and other relevant documents (DIP) for Assessment and Design phase of the APs/ Assessment and Design projects and get the budget/DIP approved from SLT and Support Offices
  • Work with MEALS team to ensure that AP and Assessment and Design project related information is analyzed and used to acquire AP and Assessment and Design Project numbers in Horizon and share this information to SOs as well as WVIN internal stakeholders
  • Ensure the AP assessment and design business processes integrate World Vision and global protocols (Development Programme Approach-DPA and Learning through Evaluation with Accountability and Planning-LEAP) and best practice approaches ensuring that such processes are participatory, child-centered and empowering stakeholders and targeted beneficiaries

Lead overall coordination and operationalization of AP assessment and design processes and outputs including assessment reports, programme and technical project/CESP design documents:

  • Work with MEALS team on the operational aspect of assessment to ensure that assessment process in the field is standardized, contextualized when needed and ensure that information collected and analyzed assists in design/programmatic decisions
  • Provide technical assistance to develop, consult, finalize and coordinate the use of harmonized criteria and processes for the recommendations of technical programmes/projects portfolios by through and critical analysis of AP assessment reports
  • Facilitate design workshops with programme and operation team/sponsorship team and finance to draft, share the draft to SOs and WVIN relevant stakeholders and to finalize AP programme design documents and technical projects/CESP in line with the assessment findings and design consultations workshops
  • Ensure WVIN programme/project design processes mainstream crosscutting themes – inclusion, disabilities, environment, gender and protection.
  • Lead on changes and adjustments required in the AP /TPs in line with the new country strategy and TP cycle in coordination with Programmes and Operations team and finance as well as with clear communication to SOs
  • Provide recommendations to GAM team to identify areas of work needed but not covered by technical projects but with potentiality of developing projects through PNS or grants projects

Facilitate processes and procedures for learning, sharing, improving design process, effective transition of APs and appropriate documentation of the AP assessment and design procedures;

  • Coordinate across divisions to facilitate learning and continuous improvement in the design and implementation of the APs/TPs/CESPs
  • Review the efficiency and effectiveness of WVIN design processes, and lead on continuous improvements to design processes,
  • Engage in regional and global WVIN LEAP3 programme learning and other forums, showcasing WVINs programmes; ensure WVIN programmes comply with global requirements
  • Set targets and regularly report to SMT on progress and implementation of the AP transitions and designs.
  • Coordinate technical support to field teams to implement the APs/TPs/CESPs at a high technical standard.
  • Work with Field Offices, MEALS and Programme and Operations team to support implementation of transition timelines and plans
  • Maintain records, track and reports for SLT on the key design characteristics and deadlines for each Area Programme (such as start/end dates, current phase, design dates, TP portfolio etc.)
  • Collect evidences from TPs working with MEALS and PE teams
  • Coordinate with Operations, MEAL and Finance divisions to ensure quality AP/TP/CESP results are measured effectively and to produce and deliver required reporting.

Carry out professional and personal development initiatives:

  • Increasingly demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to World Vision’s Core Values in the approach to work and relationships.
  • Complete performance plans and reviews and work to achieve professional development goals.
  • Help coordinate programme design processes for any emergency relief response or as a member of the National Disaster Management Team, if requested.


  • Bachelor Desgree in Development studies, International Relations, sociology or related field is essential
  • Master degree in science and development related discipline is preferred


  • Knowledge on the latest development thinking on programme design processes
  • Team building, collaboration, facilitation and leadership skills
  • Understanding of programme design that takes an empowerment approach including community-led activities and advocacy
  • At least 3 years field experience in programme design or Monitoring and Evaluation or the equivalent in the headquarters of a major NGO (5-10 years preferred)
  • Strong understanding program cycle including project planning, design, monitoring, evaluation processes and best practicDemonstrated high level networking, partnership and coordination ability
  • Excellent analytical/problem-solving skills
  • Excellent English writing skills required to develop design documents or reports capturing results, evidence, good practice and learning

Minimum Experience Required:

  • Experience in developing winning project proposal
  • At least 3 years of leadership experience
  • Proven experience in operations management
  • Strong skills in excel, budgeting, data analysis, research work and community based programming
  • Experience working in a rural or remote district of Nepal
  • Experience in preparing and leading training workshops
  • Work experience with an INGO/NGO
  • Experience developing and implementing programme strategies and workplans; proven experience in achieving programming targets.
  • Experience of engaging international donors and Government staff on GESI advocacy is preferred
  • Understanding and experience working with international government donors or corporate for funding of projects will be preferred


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