Programme Officer

International Union for Conservation of Nature

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Experience: 0 to 3 Years

Skill Required: Media and Communication

IUCN in Bangladesh has been involved in the conservation and management of Bangladesh’s marine and Marine Protected Areas for over a decade.
Currently, IUCN has a portfolio of several projects and programmes focused on the marine sector of Bangladesh, including management and protection of Marine Protected Area (MPAs) especially Nijhum Dwip MPA and updating the biodiversity of the Swatch of No Ground (SoNG) MPA for knowledge-based decision making, implementation of the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem Project (BOBLME II), capacity-building of key stakeholders in the IUCN Green List and establishing marine OECMs, as well as SEA Success project, aimed at the management and governance of MPAs through developing knowledge.
Under the overall guidance from the Country Representative of IUCN Bangladesh, and under the direct supervision of the Programme Manager, Species and Habitats, the Programme Officer will assist and support project manager and the project team as per project contract in successfully conducting the project activities as well as assist the project manager in other managerial duties, making sure that the project deliverables are submitted timely and correctly.
Under the direct supervision of Programme Manager, Species and Habitat, of IUCN Bangladesh, the Programme Officer will undertake following specific responsibilities:
Project Management:
  • Supports the strategic planning, coordination and implementation coastal and marine projects in Bangladesh
  • Support the coordination of the Bay of Bengal Programme (BOBLME II) in Bangladesh working closely with the national government appointed National Coordinator and BOBLME II partners (BOBP-IGO and FAO).
  • Facilitate national level stakeholder consultation and coordination meetings (National Coordinating Body meetings) that support the smooth implementation of the BOBLME II Project ensuring good knowledge exchange and promoting synergies with coastal projects and initiatives on going in the country.
  • Organize specific training and consultation meetings as required including national workshops on MPAs and the Green List to help define the strategy for Bangladesh on Marine Managed Areas and the focus for the BOBLME II Project.
  • Assist in proper coordination and implementation of project activities regarding Nijhum Dwip, SoNG and Saint Martin’s MPA under the marine cluster of IUCN Bangladesh.
  • Assist in identifying and developing protocol for marine OECM in context of marine seascapes in Bangladesh
  • Support the work to develop/ revise a National Plan of Action for Sharks for Bangladesh.
  • Assist in proper coordination and implementation of the SEA Success project activities as per project plan.
  • Organize and conduct training, meetings, workshops, and fieldwork as per the project plans under the marine cluster of IUCN Bangladesh.
  • Support the project manager, team, and consultants in writing marine-related project reports, technical reports, and project briefs.
  • Conduct data collection and analysis for the proper implementation of all project activities.
  • Provide support in mapping, planning, survey design, data management, presentation, and data visualization.
  • Additionally, assist in ensuring that all project reports and committed deliverables are produced, submitted, and accepted by the donor in a timely manner as per the Agreement.
  • Assist programme manager to maintain communication with donor and all other relevant stakeholders.
  • Ensure and assist that IUCN’s and donor’s policies and mandates as outlined in the agreement are duly complied by the project team.
  • Undertake any other tasks that may be assigned by the Country Representative and the Programme Manager, Species and Habitats, of IUCN Bangladesh from time to time.
Project/programme Development:
  • Contribute actively to the growth of the IUCN by designing and implementing projects under thematic areas, particularly on Specie and Habitat Unit and natural resource governance, marine, OECM, IUCN Green List, MPA, Protected and Conserved Area (PCA) and in the light of Nature 2030 IUCN Programme.
  • Provide technical inputs into IUCN Bangladesh integrated programme planning and other thematic programmes through technical inputs into project proposals, project implementation and monitoring, workshops, publications and papers, ete
  • Cross programme learning on integrating environment, disaster management, food security, climate change, and sustainable livelihoods approaches along with mainstreaming of gender issues.
  • Effectively contribute to implementing IUCN's 'One Programme' approach.
  • Support the institutionalization of relationships with members, partners and other organizations of IUCNB’s constituency.
  • Ensure IUCN's brand and image are properly presented and maintained in all activities, forums and areas while developing and managing the country programme.
  • Develop and manage networks, and attend meetings and workshops related to the Country Programme.
  • Ensure that relevant information is communicated laterally, vertically and externally as appropriate.
  • Undertake any other tasks that may be assigned by the Country Representative and the Programme Manager, Species and Habitats, of IUCN Bangladesh, from time to time.
  • MSc in Marine Science/Oceanography/ Zoology/ Fisheries/Earth and Ocean Science. Experience in the Marine Protected Area
  • 5 years' professional experience, of which at least 3 years are in the managerial position and relevant to the terms of reference.
  • Excellent presentation, writing and spoken communication skills in English are essential.