Project Associate Breeding

International Rice Research Institute

New Delhi, India

Experience: 3 to 5 Years

Skill Required: Accounts and Finance

International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) with the support of the Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture, and Farmers’
Welfare has established IRRI-South Asia Regional Centre (ISARC) in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. It is a regional facility that supports research collaboration, training, and service provision to institutions, scientists, farmers, and other stakeholders from India and other South Asian and African nations. Recently the government of India has accorded approval for ISARC phase 2 through MOU with IRRI to implement next phase activities up to 2027. It has three verticals: Centre of Excellence in Rice Value Addition (CERVA), Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture (CESA), and Centre of Education, Innovation, and Research for Development (CEIRD).
This position requires Project Associate -I for conducting field and glasshouse related experiments for crossing/backcrossing of lines for traits associated with biotitic/abiotic stress, grain quality and nutritional traits. Involves and monitor preparation of seed nursery, transplanting, field maintenance, harvesting, and seed processing of molecular breeding samples. Conduct GWAS study, foreground and background selection of breeding lines. Generation advancement of developed lines, phenotypic evaluation and multi-location testing at ISARC, Varanasi, India.
This position will be based out of the IRRI South Asia Regional Centre (ISARC) at Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh and will only be filled by permanent citizens of India.
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Conduct field/glasshouse experiment, crossing and advancement of breeding lines
  • GWAS for targeted biotic, abiotic, grain quality and nutritional traits
  • Foreground and background selection developed breeding lines
  • Contribute to the preparation of reports, publications, and presentations by summarizing research findings
  • Collaborate with partners to obtain progress report as well as keep participating institutes as well as DBT updated on research progress
  • Supervise the work of lab/field staff and/or contract workers, contribute to the professional development of field staff and assist students and trainees
  • Assist in the maintenance and organization of molecular lab to ensure order and cleanliness as required by the protocols of the Institute including storage and preparation of samples, genotyping and other activity
  • Maintain supply inventory and ensure the availability of research materials for lab
  • Assist in organizing field visit and filed demonstration
  • Assist in supervising daily-wage-labors for day-to-day activities
  • Record, compile and encode data for reporting and analysis
  • Handling post-harvest activity and seed preparation
  • Genotyping and phenotyping of germplasm/breeding lines.
  • Participate/contribute to visits, meetings, workshops, farmers' fairs, and any such events at ISARC and outside.
  • Any other tasks as assigned by ISARC Director / Head CESA/ Unit Leads/ Coordinator.
  • M. Sc. (Ag) Genetics and plant breeding/ Plat Biotechnology/ Plant Science with 0-1 year relevant work experience
Skills Required:
  • Hybridization / crossing techniques in rice
  • Should be able to handle basic molecular techniques /genotyping/ Tools
  • Stock solution, chemical ,  gel and media  preparation
  • Safe use of equipment
  • Handling of breeding experiment