Project Associate Ministry of Finance and Economic Management

Global Green Growth Institute

Port Vila, Vanuatu

The Associate will support the Project Manager / Officers in maintaining effective program reporting and communication internally and externally with MFEM, Government of Vanuatu, Donors, development partners, civil society, and private sectors in line with GGGI corporate policies, standards, and protocols.  


  • Provide technical support to MFEM to address gaps identified in gap assessments carried out on basic fiduciary standards, ESS, gender criteria
  • Support the development of clear procedures to facilitate disclosure requirements, unified procedure that meets GCF screening requirements including gender policy, gender strategy and gender action plan
  • Help strengthen the MFEM capacity by providing hands-on training to the MFEM and support for policies, processes and guidelines development & improvements as part of MFEM meeting DAE requirements   
  • Support the Project Manager in finalizing the accreditation application and supporting documents for submission to GCF
  • Support organizing and implementing projects activities including policy consultation and validation meetings & workshops, capacity building programs based on yearly/ biannual work program and budget plan. 
  • Assist in preparing annual budget, providing monthly forecasts and monitoring + project expenditures.
  • Administer and monitor procurement plans and requisition procedures in line with project implementation plan and funding agreement. 
  • Support the monitoring of project budgets and track expenditures to ensure that resources are optimally allocated and utilized. 
  • Supports country representative/project manager / officer in monitoring projects/project activities, when necessary, both, substantively and financially.
  • Supports country representative in carrying out communications of activities and results, including donors and annual reporting.
  • Supports country representative and project manager in developing and implementing communication plans. Ensures that it aligns with other GGGI projects communication strategy.
  • Ensures adherence to GGGI policies across procurement, legal, HR and finance. 


  • Actively engage with the Director General of MFEM and Director of Finance, the NDA, the NAB, and other project proponents in assessing, reviewing, and appraising policy and strategic reports including analysis reports pertaining to the fulfillment of the GCF requirements for MFEM DAE to GCF
  • Work in collaboration with MFEM and the NDA/NAB in coordinating the finalization and submission of all the MFEM DAE documents and requirements to GCF.
  • Communicates project needs to service providers/suppliers and ensure that services/products are delivered in line with established agreements. 
  • Work closely with the Government of Vanuatu (focusing on MFEM) and other project partners to process meetings, arrange workshops, and organize & prepare events. 

Delivery :

  • Maintain, in coordination with Project Manager, program filing system and safeguard standards of reporting/documentary quality to support reporting to donors and program stakeholders. 
  • Coordinate and support the logistics for meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, trainings, etc. including but not limited to transport solutions, catering, procurement, and communications. 
  • Coordinate and assist recruitment of project staff and individual consultants. 
  • Ensure that a functional system is in place to keep good control of project inventories. 
  • Support maintenance of a functional system is in place to keep good control of office and IT inventories.
  • Support the operation of the GGGI office in Vanuatu in collaboration with the GGGI Vanuatu Country Officer and GGGI Vanuatu team.
  • Support data collection and analyses to build and maintain country/project specific knowledgebase. 
  • Identify issues and risks that will affect consistent project delivery and report to the Project Manager to advise project staff on remedial measures to maintain integrity of delivery.
  • Anticipates donor requirements and project requirements and ensures alignment of services to meet the needs. Administer HR requests and onboarding procedures based on approved headcounts. 


  • Relevant qualification preferred (minimum qualification of a bachelor's degree in any one of the following development studies, business administration, economics, climate change, management & public administration, political science). 
  • Experience in project management. 
  • Experience of government and stakeholder systems (donor, multilateral, etc) 
  • Experience in organising workshops and logistics, including travel of participants 
  • Fluency in English/Bislama and excellent writing skills are essential.
  • At least three years relevant experience in administrative roles. 
  • Knowledge of green growth and climate change issues, with a focus on energy and water sectors, would be an advantage. 
  • Experience implementing communication plans /strategies (writing press releases, communicating professionally on social media, etc.) would be an advantage.